10 Interesting Facts You Might Not Know About BMW X1

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I hope that the regular readers of PakWheels Blog are now well aware of the availability of BMW X1 in Pakistan. If you are not, let me tell you that the Dewan Motors, aka BMW Pakistan, has introduced the new entry-level compact luxury crossover SUV in Pakistan named BMW X1 sDrive18i. This version has been built on the platform shared with the BMW Active Tourer 2 and the MINI Countryman. Here are the ten most interesting facts many might not know about BMW X1:

1: BMW introduced the first generation of X1 in October 2009 which lasts till 2015. The second generation of BMW X1 was unveiled in early 2015 at the International Frankfurt Motor Show followed by the introduction at the Auto Expo 2016 this year.

2: In the first generation, all BMW X1 sDrive models were rear-wheel drive (RWD), while in the second generation, BMW offering X1 sDrive with front-wheel-drive (FWD) only.

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bmw x1 2010
BMW X1 First Generation

3: By 2014, BMW sold more than 700,000 X1 models worldwide since its launch. The recent statistics show that 94,156 BMW X1 have been sold in first half of 2016. That is an increase of 61.7 percent from the same period of previous year.

4: With the redesigned front and crash prevention system, BMW X1 scored “Good” in all five crashworthiness tests, to earn the highest possible rating from Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) in May 2016.

5: Newly announced BMW X1 sDrive18i for Pakistan has 1499cc 3-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine, which produces 134 BHP @4400RPM and 220NM @1250RPM.

6: BMW X1 in Pakistan has been introduced with 6-speed manual transmission and optional upgrade to 8-speed automatic streptrionic transmission at an additional cost of 461,000 PKR.

7: With 4439mm length, 1821mm width, 1598mm height and 1540kg Kerb Weight, BMW X1 can achieve 0-100 km/h in 9.7 seconds, while its max speed is 200km/h.

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bmw x1 2016
Second Generation BMW X1

8: Euro 6 compliant engine can give fuel consumption average between 16-23km/l, proving its three-cylinder engine far more economical than the four-cylinder petrol engine.

9: Being cheap in price and compact in size, this car is often known as BMW’s baby SUV. Still, it offers 505-litre boot space, which can be extended to 1550-litres by folding the rear seat bench.

10: BMW Brilliance Automotive, a joint venture of German and Chinese auto-makers, also launched plug-in hybrid version of X1 during Chengdu Auto Show 2016 last week. This BMW X1 xDrive25Le iPerformance will be only available in China for now.

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bmw x1 china
BMW X1 Plugin Hybrid for China

Do you know any more interesting things about BMW X1? Share with us!


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  1. Guest says

    The interesting thing I know about BMW X1 is that Euro 6 emission standards also needs compatible fuel.

  2. Fazal Wahab says

    Well let me add some more fun facts.

    First generation of X1 was based on E91 3 series and was RWD.

    Second generation which is the current and new generation X1 share platform with Mini countryman and BMW active tourer MPV and technically first BMW with front wheel drive.
    It’s available with X drive which is BMW all wheel drive technology.. which means it’s a FWD but send torque to rear wheel on demand.

  3. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    Author has mentioned it for our knowledge but as if it will run brilliantly with the kind of fuel we get in Pak :p
    Not even our high octane matches these standards, right?

  4. Guest again says

    Emissions standards are more related to emissions. And the octane number is totally different. The same octane number can be Euro 0 through Euro 6.

    The engine components (metallurgy) is slightly different, the oil specified is also slightly different.
    The emissions control system (catalytic converter, etc.) is made for a certain expected amount of emissions which it has to deal with. If the fuel is incompatible, it does not mean the car won’t run. It just means it would ask for more frequent repairs. And it is a BMW, not a Suzuki, so you can think of the spare parts and labour charges.

  5. Sarosh says

    10 facts about Pakistani launched x1

    1 it will be a failure in Pakistan

    2 it looks ugly

    3 it is manual in 2016

    4 it has no back camera

    5 it requires fuel which is not here ao after almost after a 100ks you will be spending a fortune

    6 BMW is very unreliable.

    7 a check light sooner or later is inevitable will empty your pocket

    8 dewaan motors think everyone buying one of these shit vehicles are smugglers

    9 baray ho kr prado banu gi factor to it

    10 a dumbass would buy one

  6. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    Cars which have a catalytic converter such as Corolla also choke theirs due to bad fuel. It is a common problem

  7. Waleed Ahmed says

    Well those who are bragging about Euro 6 may not know that 1000s of Vezels & Many other Japanese cars are also of Euro 6 Standard & they’re Running fine,

  8. Waleed Ahmed says

    If someones finds it ugly then its his problem, Nobody stopped you to buy Cow-Rolla Dude! ;P

    or says it would be a failure, Just roam the roads of Lahore for some time & see how People Bought Audi A3, Which tells that how much they’ve appreciated a German Luxury in this Price tag

    BMW is Very Un-Reliable? Who are you? Chief editor at Motor trend?

  9. Waleed Ahmed says

    For those who are bragging about Euro 6 may not know that 1000s of Vezels & Many other Japanese cars are also of Euro 6 Standard & they’re Running fine,

  10. Waleed Ahmed says

    I don’t know why people don’t like changes or improvements & If someone Mistakenly does it, It’s this and that Bla Blaa!! I was soo Glad about that step from Deewan motors, At least some body got a lesson from Audi to bring down the prices & provide a German luxury at a Good price tag, Why don’t you people look at the Bright Side??? Or May be you people are soo much stuck to the Old Indus, Atlas & PS Junk!!

    OK Fine! Buy a Fortuner, Because it’s a “WAdii GAdiii” which Vibrates when it reaches at a mere speed of 100km/hr :/

  11. Sarosh says

    Fortuner is all wheel drive. More reliable and durable. Has a navigation and a back cam.

    And BTW I am lucky to have one and it doesn’t vibrate at all. It is way better then the crappy X1 atleast it is built to last. X1 would have ignition coil problem after 50 ks go do som research.

  12. saad says

    why does Pakistanis always relate the fuel consumption with with Euro emission standards, either your car is euro 2 or euro 6 it has nothing to do with fuel consumption.

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