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Rotor Engine

The World’s First 4-Rotor Engine

YouTuber Rob Dahm is building a unique Four-Rotor Wankel Engine. The four-rotor is an engine layout that has never been produced. Cars like the Mazda RX-8 are powered by a two-roto...


Double Clutching Explained [Video]

A lot of people often ask why it is necessary to double clutch. Before we begin, it’s important to understand what double clutching means. Double clutching is also called double ...

Luxury cars Featured

5 Best Luxury Cars [Video]

Luxury cars are equipped with features that give the driver a sense of luxury and comfort. These cars are built with high quality materials, they perform better, provide more comfo...

7G-Tronic transmission

Mercedes Benz’s 7G-Transmisson

The Mercedes Benz’s trademark seven-speed automatic transmission is called the 7G-Tronic transmission. It is the 5th generation transmission system and it has been in production ...