Honda S660 Turbo 2015 Owner’s Review: Price, Specs & Features

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This is a sporty two-seater car that is included in the Kei car category. This category includes the smallest cars that are legalized in Japan to be on the roads. This small car provides fuel efficiency since it has a small engine and driving pleasure as it is a convertible car. The Honda S660 and Diahatsu Copen are two cars that are similar in design and shape. Moreover, if you are looking into enjoying a sporty convertible ride with a high fuel economy, then these two cars can be viable options to explore. This S660 was imported back in December 2018; however, it is a 2015 model. It cost the owner PKR 23,74,000 at that time. Previously, the owner also had Diahatsu Copen for two years. The registration of this car was around PKR 40,000 to 45,000. 


The Honda S660 is a soft-top convertible, and the roof is manual compared to the automatic one that you get in Diahatsu Copen. This is good for long-term durability as you can face calibration issues in the automatic roof of Copen. There are 16-inch wheels at the rear and 15-inch wheels at the front. The headlamps are xenon and are stylish looking. These headlamps also enhance the sporty nature of this car. The design and styling features are reminiscent of the Honda Beat. The S660 also shares its platform with the Honda N-One. The exterior design language also resembles that of the Honda CR-Z and Honda NSX. LED fog lamps are integrated into the bumpers. The front grille is black and wide. Similarly, the headlights are wide and narrow, oozing sportiness. Alloy rims are standard in this car, and there is a single and wide exhaust pipe at the rear. This exhaust pipe is positioned at the center. 


There are power steering, power windows, power mirrors, and air conditioning in the S660. This car comes with a push-start button and cruise control that can be operated from the steering. Paddle shifters are also provided with the steering wheel to make this car performance-oriented. The climate control provided in this car is not digital. The driver’s instruments cluster is modern-looking with most of the things like speed and fuel average showed digitally. The S660 has AUX, Bluetooth, and USB connectivity. 

To enhance the sporty nature of this car, it comes with a flat-bottom steering wheel. The interior can also be ordered in the two-tone color scheme for the dashboard, seats, and doors. There are carbon-fiber trim pieces all around the cabin, especially around the digital instruments cluster. The legroom in the car is ample, and you sit lower to the ground in this car. When the roof is up, the headroom can be a bit tight for tall people. There are bucket seats in this car that hold you in your place when you are going through corners aggressively. 

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The S660 comes with a 660cc turbocharged engine that provides sufficient power to propel this small car. The owner does not feel that this engine is sluggish or underpowered. This is also due to the low body weight of this car. This is a rear-wheel-drive car, which is rare in this category of cars. The fuel average in the city with air conditioning is 15 km/l. The performance remains stable even on normal fuel; however, the owner prefers Hi-Octane fuel. There is a sports mode in this car that keeps the rpm high and makes some visual changes in the instruments cluster, like turning it red. The owner gets an oil change every 5000 km, and it costs him around PKR 3500. The S660 comes with a 6-speed automatic transmission. 

Comfort and Handling 

The handling and stability of this car are good, given its small size. Compared to Copen, the S660 is relatively more stable. The traction control feature makes this car more stable and aids in handling. This car’s suspension is stiff over bumps that can adversely affect the comfortability of this car. The ground clearance is relatively low; however, it can easily go over speed breakers. Since the Honda S660 is a mid-engine car, stability, and handling get enhanced naturally. The seating position and the seating comfort are both optimal for traveling in the city and on the highway. 


The S660 comes with four airbags to enhance the safety of passengers. Two airbags are at the front, and two are integrated into the seats. The car also has four-wheel disc brakes and Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS). These two features enhance the braking power of this car to a great extent. The body frame is rigid, which enhances stability and safety on the road for this small car. 


Compared to Copen, this car and its spare parts are more expensive; therefore, the Copen can be seen more often on the roads. The spare parts are also difficult to find compared to Copen, and the resale market is also not very active. The boot space in this car is minimal and can only fit the roof or a small travel bag. This lowers its practicality compared to Diahatsu Copen, which has a spacious boot. 

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