DFSK Glory 580 Owner’s Review: Price, Specs & Features

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Keeping up the tradition of bringing exclusive content for our readers, this time too, we have brought an owner’s review of DFSK Glory 580. Have a look.


DFSK Glory 580 is an SUV which was launched by Road Prince in Pakistan. The vehicle under review is the 2019 model. The car comes with 3 years or 60,000 km warranty. It was launched at PKR 3,650,000. The vehicle is also large in size and has a significant presence on the road. The owner of this vehicle had a budget of PKR 3 to 4 million. He considered Honda BR-V, Toyota Altis Grande, Honda Vezel, and Honda Civic besides DFSK Glory 580. It has all the features that a luxury vehicle offers. This vehicle is a CBU imported from Indonesia. It is being offered in black and white colors in Pakistan. 


The LED headlights have Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) and the side mirrors are retractable. The overall look of the DFSK Glory 580 is elegant and captivating. The front bumper of the vehicle has fog lamps integrated. There is also a sunroof provided in the Glory 580 which further enhances the look of the exterior. Roof rails are also provided in the Glory 580 to enhance the luggage capacity. With the help of these roof rails, you can carry heavy and large items like bicycles or luggage. There is also a roof-mounted spoiler in the rear. The spoiler has an integrated brake lamp. The windscreen also has a DVR sensor to record video. 

The rear bumper also has parking sensors which help in parking in tight spaces in the city. The vehicle also comes with 17-inch dual-tone alloy rims that give the tire a premium look. It also comes with a spare wheel which is a good option for Pakistan. The Glory 580 comes with a chrome-plated front grille and door handles. Both front and rear windscreen wipes are bracket-less. There is a trip-plate for engine protection and the engine hood is hydraulically operated. 


The DFSK Glory 580 is a 7-seater vehicle with an ample amount of interior space. The headroom and legroom for the second-row passengers are optimal even for longer journies. Mounted in the center console, is an electronic brake along with the gear shifter of the automatic transmission. There are carbon fiber colored trim accents on the dashboard and all four doors. This gives a sporty and performance-oriented appeal to the Glory 580. There are also leather seats as standard in the vehicle which gives it a premium look and feel. Manual height adjustment is provided for the driver’s seat. The Glory 580 also comes with a push-button start feature and dual-zone analog air conditioning with controls in the rear as well. Other features include a tire pressure monitoring system, GPS navigation, reverse camera, child lock, and immobilizer. 

The multifunction telescopic adjustable steering wheel has steering mounted controls. On the right side, there are controls for cruise control and on the left, there are controls for audio and media. The center-mounted infotainment screen is large in size and has a phone mirroring feature as it is an Android unit. You can also find a 12V socket to charge your electronic devices, anti-dazzling rearview mirror, power windows, power mirrors and power steering in Glory 580. Climate control vents are also provided for the second and third-row passengers as well. 


The DFSK Glory 580 comes with a 1500cc turbocharged engine which is paired with a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). This engine can produce up to 110bhp. There is a manual shifter and sports mode to provide the extra thrust you need to accelerate faster. The DFSK Glory 580 comes with a 6-speed automatic transmission and manual transmission. The 1500cc engine may seem to be underpowered to people, however, the turbocharger makes up for the smaller engine displacement.

There is turbo lag in this vehicle which can make it sluggish for a while. With air conditioning, the Glory 580 provides 11 km per liter in the city and 12 km per liter on the highway. A single oil and filter change can cost you around PKR 8,000 for this vehicle. You can also purchase a 1.8L naturally-aspirated non-turbo Glory 580 as well. Both the 1.5L and 1.8L engines have been tested for Euro V emission standards. 

Comfort and Handling: 

Due to soft suspension and adjustable power steering, it is easy to handle the Glory 580 in the city and on the highway. The leather seats are comfortable even for longer journeys. The air conditioning vents are provided for every passenger in the car which is especially comforting in the winters. Both front and rear brakes are disc brakes which results in efficient and effective braking. There is a leather-covered central armrest for both the driver and the front passenger. There is also leather on the armrests provided in the doors. The seat belts are pre-tensioner with height adjustment. The second-row seats are split 40/60 to enhance cargo-carrying flexibility. Storage spaces are also ample in the interior. The storage inside the central console box and the door pockets are ample. Sunshades have a mirror and a lamp to make things visible at night. 


The Glory 580 has a total of four airbags to enhance the safety of the vehicle. The Glory 580 also comes with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution) and EBA (Emergency Brake Assist). The shell body of the Glory 580 is reinforced for collision protection. There are also child locks on both of the rear doors. There is a camera at the front and the rear of the Glory 580 for navigating through tight spaces. 

Off-Road Experience: 

Due to a substantial amount of ground clearance and roof rails attached, Glory 580 can be used for mild offroading e.g. going out for camping, etc. This vehicle is not built for hardcore proper offroading. 


According to the owner, there is no issue of knocking of the engine and he has been using premium high-octane fuel in this vehicle. There are 3S dealerships for Glory 580 from where you can purchase its spare parts at affordable rates. Ground clearance is not an issue in this vehicle and it can be taken to uneven roads. The suspension of Glory 580 is also smooth over bumps. Overall the exterior looks of the Glory 580 are appealing and stylish and it comes with a score of features that makes it a strong competitor in the market. There are certain aspects of the Glory 580 that can be improved like the quality of the dashboard especially the area that houses the passenger airbag. The resale of this vehicle will be a problem as it has not yet established a strong base in Pakistan.

DFSK Glory 580 Owner’s Review Video: 

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  1. Khizer says

    You really need to improve your car reviews via video. Nobody’s going to watch a 20 min video.

  2. Ahmed says

    Price is too high for a chinese junk. Hard sell in our market. That’s a harsh fact.

  3. M Shariq Ahmed says

    No fun in giving a review by a person who has bought the SUV just 20days before.

  4. M Shariq Ahmed says

    But price is very cheap considering the features and size of the vehicle

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