Toyota Yaris 1.3 GLi Vs. Yaris ATIV – A brief comparison!

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With the launch of the new Yaris sedan, people are wondering what are the main differences between different Yaris variants. And so we have brought a comparison video of Yaris 1.3 GLi and Yaris ATIV as well as first drive review of Yaris GLi.

Yaris recently replaced the 1300cc variants of Corolla in Pakistan. It is a sub-compact category car that now competes with Honda City. People are also comparing Yaris with outgoing 1.3L variants of Corolla, which were very popular for years in Pakistan.

Yaris comes in two engine options and a total of six different variants.


As far as exterior dimensions are concerned, Yaris is around 30mm longer and wider than Honda City. Compared to the outgoing 1300cc Corolla variants, Yaris is around 195mm shorter and 45mm narrower.

The ATIV model comes with fog lamps which are not present in the GLi MT model. The front grille in GLi MT is in black while the one in ATIV has chrome elements. The ATIV model comes with 15-inch alloy wheels as standard, whereas the GLi model has steel wheels with wheel caps.

The size of the tires and the brand are the same in both models. Yaris comes with 4-beam halogen headlamps. Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) are only present in the 1500cc models.

There are sharp and crisp body lines that give a premium and high-end look to the car. Both the ATIV and the GLi variants have body-colored side mirrors and door handles. The taillamps have a wide LED light strip that gives a wide look to the car. The design of the bumper gives a sporty look to the car.

The suspension of the car is smooth, and ground clearance is ample for Pakistani roads. Even if you seat five adults in the car, the ground clearance is still a lot to tackle different road conditions.


The interior of Yaris GLi is two-toned that adds to the premium look of the car. The two shades used here are black and ivory. Door handles on the inside are made out of plastic and match the interior color in GLi. In ATIV, they come in the silver paint finish.

All models of Yaris come with power windows and power mirrors. In the GLi variant, there are no steering controls, whereas the ATIV variant has steering-mounted controls for the driver. These controls are for audio and Bluetooth functions. The ATIV variant comes with an Optitron meter, which looks better than the analog one in the GLi.

The in-dash audio unit for both variants is the same. Simultaneously, you can connect two phones with this audio unit through Bluetooth. For music streaming, five phones can be connected. This audio system supports CD, MP3, AUX, and USB functions. The GLi has two speakers, whereas the ATIV has four speakers. A tilt power steering is available as standard across all variants of the Yaris. Two 12V power outlets are given for the rear passengers.

Other interior features include footrest, floor mats, central door locking, sun visor, front, and room lamps and vanity mirrors.

The seat material is fabric in both variants; however, the ATIV variant has a stitched design. Some minor cosmetic changes between the two variants include chrome rings around AC dials, silver finish in the dashboard, and piano black plating on the gear lever, which is present in the ATIV variant only.

The boot of the new Yaris is spacious compared to the competition and the outgoing 1300cc models of Corolla. This boot has a capacity of 476 liters compared to 470 liters of space in Corolla. The opening is wide, and it can fit two big suitcases with significant ease. Yaris also comes with a spare wheel in the boot.


This model of Yaris comes with a 1329cc dual-VVTi engine that produces 98bhp and123Nm of torque. This is a 1NR-FE engine that was previously available only in Altis variants of Corolla.

The model under review comes with 5-speed manual transmission. The new engine technology helps in smooth and responsive acceleration.

Gear shifting is generally smooth in the manual variants. If you want even smoother gear changes, then CVT variants are recommended for you. The new Yaris returns around 15 to 17 km/l in the city, which is a good fuel average for this segment.

The Yaris comes with front disc brakes and rear drum brakes. Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Brake Assist (BA) are given to improve braking performance.

Comfort and Handling 

Storage space is ample in this car with two cupholders at the front and bottle holders in the doors that can hold up to a one-liter bottle at the front and 500ml bottle at the rear. The dashboard is significant in size and is divided into two compartments.

Previously Corolla variants did not have a hill-start assist control, which is present in the new Yaris. This feature helps on inclined slopes like those in the hilly areas. This feature controls the rolling back of the car on slopes.

The sound insulation has been improved in Yaris. There are many ways in which this car is insulated from outside noise. These include padding in the roof, interior floor, and the boot floor. Seat comfort is optimal, and seats provide good seating posture and support to the back.

The legroom and headroom for the front and rear passengers is also optimal. Three average-sized adults can sit comfortably at the back. The rear floor is also flat at the back that increases seating comfort.

The electronic power steering is smooth at lower speeds to improve handling in urban areas and tight spaces. The performance of the air conditioning unit is optimal and adds to the comfort of the car.


There are two airbags in Yaris and an immobilizer to prevent car theft. A Key reminder warning is also provided in Yaris. To enhance the stability of the car, Toyota has provided Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and traction control. These controls help in keeping the car stable on slippery and wet surfaces.

This car also will not start without pushing the clutch in the manual variants. The steering gets stiffer with an increase in speed to enhance the safety of the car. Seat belts are provided for all five occupants of the car, and a fuel auto cut feature is also provided.

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