4 Best Cars Presented in the Chengdu Auto Show 2016

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The 10-Day, Chengdu Auto Show says its farewell. The show started from 2nd September and lasted till 11th of September. This year, more than 110 Chinese and international auto-manufacturers participated including Toyota, General Motors, BMW, Hyundai and BMW. There were lots of new cars introduced at this auto-show, but we will be having a look at the four best cars of this Chengdu Auto Show 2016.

Honda Gienia

This car is a product of a joint venture between Dong Feng Motor Corporation and Honda Corporation Japan. It is developed on the platform of Honda Griez (knows as Honda City in Pakistan) by keeping the local market’s demands in view. Honda Genia features a 1.5-liter, 4 cylinder, Naturally Aspirated Petrol Engine, which produces 131 BHP. The car also comes with a 5-Speed manual or CVT gear box options. Honda Genia’s length is 4517 mm, its width is 1705 mm, its height is 1477 mm and its wheelbase measures 2600 mm. Apparently, Honda Genia is to be sold in the last quarter of 2016 and will (approx.) be priced at 75,000 to 1,10,000 Yuan (Approximately 1,174,218 to 1,722,136 PKR).

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Hyundai Verna

This car is a product of a joint venture between Beijing Automotive Group and South Korean auto-manufacturer Hyundai Motor Company. This car will be offered with two engines, 1.4-liter and 1.6-liter. Furthermore, the 1.4-liter engine produces 100 BHP and the bigger 1.6-liter engine produces 123 BHP. Surprisingly this car has an option of a 6-speed manual and an old 4-speed automatic transmission. Hyundai Verna’s length is 4380 mm, its width is 1728 mm, its height is 1460 mm and its wheelbase is 2600 mm. This newer variant of Hyundai Verna is 28 mm wider and its wheelbase has been increased by 30 mm as compared to previous models of this car. Hyundai Verna is planned to be sold in Chinese market later this year and it will be introduced globally in the next year. The new Hyundai Verna’s models cost could be from 60,000 to 90,000 Yuan (Approximately 9,38,980 To 1,408,470 PKR)

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Chevrolet Cavalier

This car is a product of a joint venture between SIAC Motor Corporation and General Motors. Moreover, this car is developed on the platform of Chevrolet Cruze (Last Generation). This FWD car features a 4-cylinder, 1.5-liter engine which can produce a 113 BHP. Furthermore, an option between a 5-Speed manual or automatic gear-box is also available. Chevrolet Cavalier’s length is 4544 mm, its width is 1779 mm, height is 1467 mm and its wheelbase is 2600 mm. This car is expected to be launched in late September of this year. And its variants are expected to be priced from 79,000 to 109,900 Yuan (Approximately 1,251,018 to 1,720,738 PKR)

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Peugeot 308 Sedan

Both the Chinese (Dong Feng Motors) and French (Peugeot) displayed Peugeot 308 Sedan in the Chengdu Auto Show. This striking car comes with an option to choose from two different engines. Its 1.2-liter Turbo engine can produce 136 BHP, where as its 1.6-liter engine manages to produce 117 BHP. 308 Sedan’s 1.2-liter Turbo variant will be available with a 5-Speed Manual and 6-Speed Automatic transmission. But, this car’s 1600 1.6-liter variant will only come with a 6-Speed automatic variant. Peugeot 308 Sedan’s length is 4590 mm, its width is 1820 mm, its height is 1488 mm and its wheelbase is 2675 mm. This car will be introduced in late September in the Chinese Market. Its price is expected from 108,000 to 160,000 Yuan (Approximately 1,685,501 to 2,497,544 PKR)

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Pak-China relationship is very strong, as obvious by various projects being completed in Pakistan from China to bolster the economics of this region. So far, only one Chinese automobile company (FAW) is doing its business in Pakistan. However, further growth and more business competitors can be expected after the completion of Pak-China Economic Corridor. It should also be mentioned that China is world’s fastest growing economic power and Pakistan has the prime opportunity to tap into this progress and try to improve its own economic conditions.


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  1. Guest says

    “Pak-China relationship is very strong”

    Initially it was strong only for military projects.
    Now the scope has increased to infrastructure projects.

    There is a lot of time remaining before the scope increases to commercial projects too.

    China is wary of countries which do not have consistent policies. The biggest example of inconsistent policy is recurring martial law.
    Chinese business culture is good despite many problems. At least there is no bhatta-culture.
    Whereas bhatta-culture is there in Karachi, Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York, New Jersey. And as soon as you go out of he big cities, you have to pay bhatta to land owners too.

  2. Smokingaces says

    That Peugeot 308 Sedan is way too costly for its features, especially when u compare it to the other 3 cars.

  3. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    I could only think of the following justification for the price
    1. it is genuine Peugeot product not a Chinese spin off of an existing model.(like faw v2 a cheap quality copy of vitz)
    2. it sports a premium design and offers newer tech for instance 6 speed auto transmission.

  4. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    Aren’t we moving onto CVT?

  5. Smokingaces says

    1. So were the cars from Honda, Hyundai and Chevrolet? Are Honda and Chevrolet cheap Chinese knock offs? Sorry, I didn’t know that.

  6. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    these are local redesigned versions that only use badge and platform of existing models but not sold anywhere else. 308 looks more premium in its category.

  7. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    there aren’t many 6 speed autos in this category, yes the world is moving onto cvt but 8-11 speeds autos are also making their place.

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