Dewan Motors Launches BMW X1 – Prices Starting from 3.99 Million

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BMW X1 Announcement Advert.

In the last decade or so, the crossover segment is getting increasingly popular. Every auto-mobile brand is trying to bring their own version in this market. In US alone, the first half of the 2016 saw an 8% (Overall) increase in the sales of crossovers as compared to the -6% sales of the sedans. Furthermore, we have the prime example of Honda Vezel in this category in Pakistan. Technically, crossovers are based on passenger cars or hatchback platforms but with increased ground clearance, bigger wheels and give the look of compact SUVs. In the recent years, the crossover market has been flourishing in Pakistan. Honda Vezel is the country’s most favourite crossover. But let’s not forget the Nissan Juke and the Honda HR-V.

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In a very surprising move, earlier this week Dewan Motors has introduced the second generation of BMW X1 in Pakistan. This vehicle is based on the Mini Countryman platform. Apparently, the BMW X1 starts from 3.99 Million Rupees and has a lot of extra features, which can be bought for an extra cost.

BMW 1.5L TurboCharged DOHCBut the highlight of this car is its award-winning 1.5 L Turbocharged DOHC 3-cylinder engine. This engine offers the same features as higher-end BMW engines on much more expensive vehicles, such as the latest -generation gasoline direct -injection system and Valvetronic variable valve control. This plucky little engine manages to produce 136 BHP @ 4500-6000 RPM and gives out 220 NM of torque. But more importantly, this engine falls under the latest EU-6 emission standard.

I had a chat with a company-official earlier this weekend and he was kind enough to share some of his thoughts with me

“We have received an overwhelming response, when we launched this car at our Karachi Showroom and we are now planning to have these cars delivered at our other showrooms.”

In the past, BMW’s in Pakistan have been associated with a ‘very expensive to maintain and purchase’ mentality, but it seems that the company is finally realizing the potential of introducing intermediate level cars in Pakistan, which I might add, also reaps the benefits from the new Auto-Policy.


The BMW X1 comes with a lot of options to choose from, as it is expected from the BMW brand. It should also be noted that these cars are CBU’s so they do have a hefty duty on them, which is why this car is starting from 3.99 Million PKR. The car’s length is 4439 mm, its width is 1821 mm, its height is 1612 mm and its wheelbase is 2670 mm. The car has a ground clearance of 183 mm. Moreover, the BMW X1 is expected to have only a FWD variant in Pakistan, which is mainly due to its lower engine capacity and the high excise duty on vehicle with 1500+ cc engine capacity.

These pictures are from X1’s international variant. The options may vary in the local BMW X1.

Furthermore, the BMW X1 is a Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV); and is designed to deliver the best of driving experience. The basic unit is available in selective colors and standard equipment, which costs around 3.99 Million PKR. But there are different packages available, which encapsulate different Hi-Tech features and can be bought for an additional price. But let’s not forget, the car comes with an Intelligent Chassis, which features Dynamic Traction Control (DTC), Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) and high grade steel and aluminium body. And then there is the impressive and increased cargo space of 58.7 cubic feet, with seats folded down.

BMW X1 is a lightweight machine, which is evident by its light in weight yet high grade manufacturing materials. With prices starting from 3.99 Million PKR, I believe this car will definitely present some serious options for Pakistanis.

Following is the list of vehicle’s features [Standard and Extras]


Let us know what you think of this new strategy by Dewan Motors?


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  1. Abdur Razak says

    wow….wow……and wow…………….much better then Atlas Honda HRV and only 3 lacs more expensive……awesome…..

  2. Waqar Ahmed Khan says

    It’s like Toyota XLi? Just the basic. Even the rear view camera is not included (Rs.196,000 can you imagine).
    A descent comparable (to Vezel?) comes out to Rs 4,755,999.
    The latest trend from Pakwheels is to just throw away any garbage on the net as an article.

  3. Aneef Izhar says

    Marketing gimmick by Dewan Motors. Kept the price low mainly to attract audience by marketing the most basic possible trim. Most of the people would say k “Wah BMW SUV/SAV under 4 million mein”. Even their FB page kept advertising the 2.0 Litre BMW X1 for the last couple of days as the new one to arrive in Pakistan. Anyways, comes above 5.0 million if most of the standard features of modern vehicles are opted as options for this vehicle.

  4. ahmed says

    waqar sab have u ever vist dewan motor u are comparing this car with a trash vezel is a shit man i have bmw 7 series limited edition and its a amazing car and i am sure this cars i also the same sorry to say khud tuni mehran raki hai ur batin bmw ki ker raha hai so just shut up if u dont know anything

  5. Guest says

    Yes it is a basic variant but you forgot one thing it is a news piece, not an opinion article by the author. And PW’s always breaks the news and then follows it with a review of the car, which I might sheds a lot of light on the matters.
    p.s: No hard feelings dude but BMW does have superior build quality then a lot of cars in our market.

  6. Guest says

    Garbage on the net? Not at all.

    Reality on the roads. With showroom sample, pricelist and local photographs of car on the winch.

    Though I agree that some other articles are – a چربہ of the garbage on the net. But not this one.

  7. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    Did u even read it properly? He’s not comparing it with Vezel.

  8. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    Bhai ab author ki kya galti agar Dewan itni mehngi gadi bech raha hai tou :p btw BMW aur Honda me zameen asman ka farq hai kabhi beth ke dekho, features apni jagah quality ka comparison hi nahi hosakta even thora purana model bhi latest Honda se superior hoga

  9. MJ says

    In US the X1 comes with a 2.0 Turbo engine producing 228 HP and 258 lb-ft torque. The engine being offered in Pakistan is going to have to work really hard to pull all that mass.

  10. Sarosh says

    Omg what is wrong with all you people. Seriously. BMW and Honda mini suvs are just cars with larger wheels and springs. They are under power and can not cross any sort of hurdle. Hilux vigo, fortuner even a gx prado is a better option. Better drive durable and reliable plus any mechanic can fix if they somehow breakdown. Parts available everywhere. Toyota is the largest automaker driver and tested everywhere. The UN loves it. Why do people spend money on anything except Toyota. They wanna look cool but actually they are loosers. X1 is shit. Articles on launches such as these shouldn’t be discussed at all.

  11. Sarosh says

    For me a car is not how fast it goes or how flashy it looks. It’s about reliability and durability. And Toyota is only brand which offers this even though they look good. Pakistan is hostile if you travel outside lahore and Toyota is the only brand which will bring you home safely without any trouble. Just imagine if you are in skardu and a stupid sensor of a honda or a BMW malfunctions. You are ruined. But a Toyota any model has a chance that a local mechanic might fix it. Ive been through all this. The outback of Australia, Africa all have been proving grounds for Toyota but failure for others. So any day any Toyota is better then these shit vehicles you guys discuss. Plz come with better articles.

  12. Shahab Nasir says

    better drive on a Vigo and fortuner? seriously. They are great off roads no doubt. comfort is not what they are meant for.

    And a brand new prado cost 4 times this money. unless you are refering to buying one of those used japanese imports which will still cost twice as an x1.

    the only logical comparison would be a Q3 or just may be a honda vezel

  13. Sultan Kiani says

    Any “chenny hathora” (چھینی ہتھوڑا) mechanic can fix Toyota but repairing a BMW or Merc is a real pain for illiterate mechanics. That’s the point but that doesn’t stop car lovers from buying Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Porsche.

  14. Sarosh says

    Drive is a relevant term. I like fortuner better cuz its high you have a better view. I sit upright cuz of back problems. Spending money on a vigo or fortuner gets you more stuff. On an X1 you will think twice going to swat or kumrat. But a fortuner will get you anywhere and bring you back.

    Bro there is a saying in Africa of you want to go to a safari take a land rover but if you want to make it back home take a Toyota.

    A rav4 or the Toyota CHR are better options then X1 and vezel. Fortuner is anyway BMW x5 or x3 comparison

  15. Sultan Kiani says

    It competes with Honda Vezel, not Toyota Fortuner!

  16. Sultan Kiani says

    Car engines are always BIGGER in USA. Just Google and see which engine is offered in North American Corolla

  17. Sarosh says

    This is because Toyota has the largest number of vehicles in the world. And illiterate people who drive mehrans plz don’t comment. A literate person would understand what I mean. The three factors reliability durability and utility is what I am focusing. People buy other brands just to be different deep down they know Toyota is the leading car manufacturer. In the north America corolla and camry are the best sellers. Toyota sells two dozen hiluxs a day. The Australian police the UN Pak army rely on Toyota why because they always bring you back. This is what a vehicle is.

  18. Sultan Kiani says

    One of my friends live in UK where you’ll find Ford, LandRover, Jaguar, Nissan, VW, Mazda, Toyota, Honda, Peugeot and what not! Once he (my UK friend) asks a breakdown lorry (tow-truck) guy which car breaks down less and which one is notorious for breaking down very often?

    He said, “Out of 100, only 5-6 are Hondas, 3-4 are Toyotas. I rarely find any call for recovering Toyota”. Now would you like to know which car (brand) breaks down very often?
    It’s Volkswagen!

  19. Spyrogyra says

    Audi Q3 is a worthy alternative.

  20. PTI zindabad says

    BMW is all worth… Much better than TOYOTA … BMW is soft for passengers and harsh for environment. Toyota is harsh for passengers as well… NO level of comfort in Toyota…. This car will rock among low end politicians who cannot afford land cruisers……

  21. Shahab Nasir says

    Well the choices are indeed relevant. Depends on what you need. Crossovers arent really about off roading. fortuner is a great off roader but has a bumpy ride on highways/motorways. But again that is what it is meant for.
    X5, Q7, GLS are actually way more comfortable then any of the SUVs toyota has ever offered. And they are great offroaders too. But may be they arent as rugged.
    Perhaps its a perception too, i wont bother about a dent or two on a defender/prado. But a scratch on an audi sounds painful.

  22. Shahab Nasir says

    In general i am glad dewan came up with some options in range of 4-5 million pkr. More options to the consumer are always welcome.

  23. sibzz says

    what i gather from your comment is that you are talking about 4×4 vehicles for offroading and driving on rough trails. In Pakistani market people usually want cars for commute to work and may be a trip to a nearby city. For those people your analysis is total crap.
    For people in Skardu and Outback you have a point. I see people driving Range Rovers, Nissan Patrol, Toyota Land Cruisers etc to pick kids from school and find it totally stupid. these cars were not built to be driven on metaled roads.

  24. sibzz says

    he just wanted us to know he drives a 7 series 😛 *im so impressed*

  25. sibzz says

    As per my knowledge, German manufacturers earn by “options”. Meaning that you get the car for a base price, and the more options you get after base price; the more additional price you have to pay.

  26. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    7 series limited edition* bro! 😀

  27. BILAL BAJWA says

    Please don’t fight,

    And Suggest X-1 is this suitable to purchase 1.5Liter i think was mentioned.

  28. BILAL BAJWA says

    Currently using Toyota X 2.5L

  29. Saad says

    1. This is an informative article. It’s not a research/infotainment article. It is breaking the news about BMW and BMW launching a vehicle in Pakistan; is news regardless of the fact if it is a shit car or a Rolls Royce. So if your point is that the articles on Pakwheels are not up to the mark, please understand that this article is not supposed to be engaging or otherwise entertaining. If you dont like the news you dont say that the newspaper is shitty, now do you? (Duh!)

    2. As far as other points of view are concerned, BMW vs Toyota. For apples to apples comparison, compare same standard of cars. Forget Africa and the Australian outbacks and UN etc etc. Compare SAV of Toyota to an SAV of BMW.

    3. Purpose of the SAV is not off-roading. Purpose of SAV is to provide safety on road by increasing passenger height. E.g. for children (dropping them to school etc) or old people etc.

    4. All modern cars, be they from Japan (Toyota, Honda etc) or Europe/Germany (BMW, Volkswagen), have increasing amounts of sensors. My 2013 model GLi has roughly the same sensors as this X1 (X1 might have 10-15% more) I am searching for a list of sensors for both cars so that they can be compared too!

    5. Please please please refrain from sweeping general statements!

    Problem in our mindset:
    We think that there should be 1 car that should be the perfect car! Just one model that everyone should like and love and afford and drive. What a piece of low IQ and EQ thinking we have! Cars are designed for specific people or specific reasons. Some are made to be flashy so that you can show off (Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini etc) Some are made to be economic (Nano, Smart) Some are made to be work horses (Corolla, City, Escort, Cosworth etc)

    **Pick a car that suits your lifestyle. Just because you are practical minded doesnt make a Lamborghini a bad car and just because you are flashy doesnt mean that Vitz or Yaris or even Mehran are stupid cars.**

  30. Soccer Guy says

    LOL! Mechanics for every car are always the same, only thing that matters is with new cars how much he understands the electrical part and availability of spare parts if it gets busted at some remote place. Toyota for that matter may have an edge over BMW in terms of parts availability in Pakistan.

  31. Soccer Guy says

    You gauge literacy by the car people drive? or with their approach and actions? i pity u dude.

  32. Azeem Haider Shaikh says

    Manual Transmission????????????????/

  33. Azeem Haider Shaikh says

    Just waiting for the new Fortuner and then screw all the imported cars

  34. asim ateeq says

    I m just amazed by the comments on article. I dont kno about the loyality for toyota goes tht extreme that ppl buying toyota for going skardu. Its a very informative article, and we always welcome new entry in Pakistan automarket. Dear toyota lovers there is something called drive quality and status. New toyotas has got same comlicated sysytems wch cannot be sorted by roadside mechanic, and trust me any car u buy new it wont give sensor problem or any other problems for years if u take care of them, and on practical note its not necessary tht u have to go to skurdu everyday, ppl like me usually stay in city for years and years and once need to go out we usually rent or borrow suvs for outside city. Plz open ur eyes and mind and come out of this toyota mentality and use proper driving machines made for pleasure styles and yes toyotas r lovely vehicles too but not only vehicles

  35. Sarbland Malik says

    I second you. A frog in the well knows nothing in the great ocean.

  36. Sarosh says

    If you want to stay in the city buy a Toyota and lexus which is comfortable and not a offroader. But you shouldn’t buy a BMW X1 which is afailure. Just check out the stats for X1. It is a low budget vehicle it offers nothing especially in Pakistan. Corolla is the top seller of the world. Camry top seller of North America. Hilux the best seller pick up of the world. Land cruisers known for their ruggedness and everlastingness. Let’s cut it simple you can depend on a Toyota but not in abmw. I will drive in a vehicle which will never turn it’s back on me cuz i keep it for long. Contact me I’ll show you the toyotas I have. Honda BMW merc land rover are for people who have money to waste and have a bling bling side to them. A Toyota is a practical work horse. And BTW there is some bling to a Toyota as well. People who keep toyotas know what I mean. Dewan only plans to rip people off that’s it. I am helping my brothers. Just buy a Toyota it will never breakdown on you. Buy anything from a vitzs corolla to a cruiser or a lexus.

  37. Israr says

    Totally agree with asim ateeq

  38. Naeem says

    I wonder when would Toyota launch its SUV C-HR in Pakistan???

  39. Salman ahmed says

    You are the biggest loser i have seen in my life . Education cant make donkeys like you humans .period

  40. talal says

    a person driving BMW 7 series limited edition is a jahil who even dont know how to write a sentence. A moment of silence for BMW. Period

  41. MJ says

    In India the engines are bigger as well. X1 is also sold in India with the diesel option. That engine is the best in the lineup. I wish they did the same in Pakistan.

  42. Guest says

    If sales volume was the only metric deciding the appeal of the vehicle, then Mehran wins hands down. And Rolls Royce would be in the bottom of the pit.

  43. Aaakh thooo says

    “Pakistan is hostile if you travel outside lahore”

    See the choice of words of this Mrs. She could have written that the roads are hostile towards the car, but she instead wrote that the whole country is hostile.

    This crap-tastic behavior is the cause of all the other provinces and even junubi punjab having separatist movements.

    Convert lahore into a bunker and spend your life there. Don’t come out. The hostile savages are waiting to pounce on you.

  44. Guest again says

    He is limited to outside of the car. Not allowed to enter the door.
    Guess that’s the limit BMW imposed when they offered the limited edition.

  45. Sarosh says

    Uffff whoever you are. What you said lame. Mehran is just Pakistan. And Toyota is all over. BTW corolla has more sale then Mehran.

  46. Sarosh says

    I’ve seen the ocean that’s why I say Toyota is everywhere. It’s reliable durable and lasts forever. People who are commenting are so lame.

  47. Sarosh says

    I meant roads terrain. I am typing from a phone. Uffff.

  48. Sarosh says

    I feel sad for you. You don’t know anything about cars and are commenting. Please go have a life. And research drive different cars you will know what I mean

  49. Khurram says

    You live in a city! Then how come you do not know this simple fact that Toyota is the best selling car across the globe? True that they are becoming complicated day by day. But, they still are tough and unlike your precious Honda or BMW could take failure / delayed maintenance well enough. Try to run a stupid Honda or BMW on same spark plugs for 7,000 km without changing or cleaning them on regular basis and see what happens. Of course many people are waiting for a crossover type car from Toyota in Pakistan as well.
    And for your information Toyota’s brand loyalty can be found outside Pakistan too.

  50. Khurram says

    You do not get the point do you? Read his comment and you shall be clear on the fact that BMW Honda Mercedes Land Rover Rolls Royce are for people who have money to waste on a simple varnish and for your knowledge Rolls Royce can not be repaired by people other than company’s.It is in their contract.

  51. Khurram says

    Speak for yourself and just move your fingers across your smartphone to know that, whether Toyota is only found in Pakistan or world over?

  52. Khurram says

    The most sane comment I have ever read.

  53. Khurram says

    Instead of pouncing on the words and heaping scorn on the others, one should try and concentrate on the message. These mistakes can be done by any one.

  54. Khurram says

    The only sour loser I find is you, who cannot even stop to froth at a simple comment. Just google read the figures and decide for your self.

  55. asim ateeq says

    For all those toyota lovers just chill coz u dont kno the drive and style of beamers. U carry on with ur pak made corolla wch is already sub standard and rip off as compare to foriegn models of toyota and we would like to put out hands on cars like beamers or audi wen they available in pak market.

  56. Sultan Kiani says

    I also like diesels but the problem is our bad quality fuel can’t run EU standard diesel well. Even their petrol engines give trouble thanks to poor quality “kachara” petrol

  57. Khan says

    Just sad ! Come on people drive what you like and your pocket can allow you even if that’s Mehran.
    When will we stop looking down at other. Live your life and love eachother.

  58. Sarbland Malik says

    haha, do you guys have share in Toyota to promote their business? It’s not about love of brand you own. When you say Toyota in Pakistan what do you actually meant? XLI, GLI, Altis or what?

  59. Salam nawaz says

    Outclass cars are Audi,bmw,Benz top in comfort,safety,power,design love them,not those japs you see in every coner of Pakistan tons of the same type and Color(white) Next year I have 1crore to spend gone buy great car here in pk,like to roll smooth gangster style,

  60. Muhammad Yasir says

    welll .. seems fair pricing to me

    too bad im broke af to buy this

  61. hamza says

    agree with u my uncle had honda vezel its quality and drive sucks its seems like a toy car this bmw is amazing little expensive but amazing car good in shape seems a car not a toy car like vezel

  62. Salam nawaz says

    Pk needs more car firms to have a good car market here some brands i cant gett here are volvo,lancia,renault,citroen,seat,volkwagen,opel,fiat look at india more fun on the roads there,tax on cars must go down in pk to gett huge clients in to buy good for expansion of the car market in pk

  63. Ahmed Saad says

    awesome news! finally we have options without having to spend too much.. German over Japanese any day of the week!!!

  64. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    Vezel is very good in its own right. Its just that German and Italian cars are superior in every aspect. They put so much effort in ensuring 110% quality delivery, from engines to stitching in its leather

  65. Guest again says

    If you are old enough, you may know that “these careless mistakes” contributed a lot to Dhaka fall.

  66. Guest says

    I agree about the waste of money. By the way the point was more about reliability and dependability.

    But the way it is put, the arguments, are not correct.

    Toyota was good enough since decades. Yet they were not the top seller of the world. In fact when they became the top seller, their quality actually went down and they had the unintended acceleration + other problems.

    Then the other argument about Dewan being a rip off. As if Indus isn’t ripping off at all.
    While in fact BMW has become much cheaper in Pakistan. If you compare 1995 Toyota vs BMW and 2016 Toyota vs BMW.

    Your point about repair of Rolls Royce is irrelevant. First we are not even talking about maintenance contract and then it is supposed to be so good it will only have scheduled maintenance, it will never break down. Which is kind of true as Rolls Royce is basically an aircraft engine company where breakdown is not a reality. Despite this reliability and dependability, Rolls Royce is not a best seller.

    PM Nawaz Sharif’s company cars are 2x BMW 760Li. When they were ordered it was in the news on PW Blog. What does that say about dependability of BMW?
    Another moot point, right?

  67. Guest again says

    Whoever you are, you are new, while Guest has been on PW before PW Blog started.

    It used to be called pagalwheels in those days. Welcome to the party

  68. Sarosh says

    So true, I totally agree to you. Some people just don’t understand. Toyota and lexus are the most reliable vehicles and have the best value for money. People just don’t agree to the fact just to he different this is what I conclude.

  69. Sarosh says

    People don’t understand. And lets not waste time on them. Actually if it weren’t for people like these how would bling bling companies run. Audi needed a transporter movie. Astin Martin needed a bond Honda needed the fast and the furious just to impress people like these. But a Toyota needs nothing it speakers for itself.

  70. Sarosh says

    Come on how aren’t they correct. You are saying a BMW is more reliable and offers more value of money. Please guest go research. I feel sorry for you. Go email the UN to use bmws in Somalia Africa Libya Syria. Go tell the Australians what you just wrote. And you know what. If you have a chance take a Toyota and rolls Royce throught the African safari. I am pretty sure you will be coming back with rolls Royce tyres above your head.

  71. dante says

    Honda is almost on par with Toyota in reliability. Japanese cars are more reliable than German cars overall.

  72. dante says

    Yes, you buy cars which top the reliability rankings and can go to Skardu. Good for you. Most of the people are not like you. They have their own choice. Toyota is better in reliability doesn’t makes Honda or BMW shit… By your logic same can be said about Toyota, as Honda and BMW are better in handling so Toyota is shit? So please be mature and respectful 🙂

  73. dante says

    There is nothing stupid in picking kids from school in a SUV.

  74. dante says

    Any literate person (having common sense, not necessarily any degree) can see the pathetic comment of yours which shows your ignorance and your feeling of superiority towards other people driving Mehrans, by calling them illiterate… Wow!

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