The New Toyota C-HR Can Be A Potential Honda Vezel Killer

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In last decade or so, the crossover segment is getting increasingly popular. Every car brand is bringing their version of crossover. In Pakistan, the prime example is in the shape of Vezel. Technically, crossovers are based on passenger cars or hatchback platforms but with increased road clearance, bigger wheels and somehow gives a look of a compact SUV. Many people confuse crossovers with SUV while in actual both are altogether different vehicle segments. In recent years even in Pakistan, the crossover vehicles are getting attention. Honda Vezel became so successful that Honda Pakistan decided to launch Honda HR-V in Pakistan in response to the increasing Vezel imports.

Besides Honda, Nissan Juke, another crossover, can also be seen on our roads.

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Toyota has been working on one such crossover for the last couple of years after Honda Vezel/HR-V received some major spotlight in Japanese domestic market as well as in Europe and the United States. Toyota released some concept images for their version to compete in the form of Toyota C-HR last year. And personally, I think the concept looked hideous.

Toyota C-HR Can Be A Potential Honda Vezel Killer

Toyota C-HR Can Be A Potential Honda Vezel Killer

Today Toyota has released the first official pictures of the production version of C-HR, and it looks much better than the concept. The actual crossover looks much sleeker and stylish. The C-HR will be based on Toyota’s New Global Architecture (TNGA) which is also currently in use by the new Prius. The images show the Hybrid badge which means that the C-HR will be available with the petrol-hybrid power train.

Toyota didn’t release any other technical specifications, but it is expected to get 1.8-liter four cylinder petrol engine+hybrid electric motor mated to eCVT gearbox that is also available in the Prius. For now, it looks like Honda Vezel has a tough competitor on charts in near future. I am sure Honda and Toyota fan will be quick to defend their respective brands and point out faults in their competitors. Also, I am sure many Honda fans with sharp eyes will notice the similarity between the rear lights of this new Toyota crossover and the 10th Generation Honda Civic.

We will know more about it in less than a week time. Please stay tuned!

2017-Toyota C-HR Can Be A Potential Honda Vezel Killer

2017-Toyota C-HR Can Be A Potential Honda Vezel Killer

2017-Toyota C-HR Can Be A Potential Honda Vezel Killer

2017-Toyota C-HR Can Be A Potential Honda Vezel Killer

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  1. Mkhalidkhan says

    It’s a big knockout punch on the face of Vezel

  2. Tahir Usman says

    Some Toyota designers need to be shot dead!!!

  3. Habib says

    It’s in no way Honda Vezel Killer (atleast incase of Pakistan)

    Honda Vezel is 1500cc, it cost PKR 3350 to import zero meter 2015.

    While Importing this Toyota C HR its 1800cc, therefore cost of import of this vehicle in brand new will be very high compare to Vezel, something around or atleast 40lac, (New prius shape zero meter cost 42lac)

    Therefore, C HR will be in competition against Vezel after 2 year , when dealer will import used C HR.

  4. M.Saeed says

    Important feature to note is about the engine of Vezel Hybrid 1.5 i-VTEC, which is not a better option than the expected engine of Prius 1.8 Hybrid in Toyota C-HR. There would be a big difference in the fuel consumption of the two as well. While 1.5 Vezel 1.5 i-VTEC claims a 20 km per liter and 113 gms per km carbon footprint, the tried and tested Toyota 1.8 Hybrid engine from Prius gives 27 km per liter with carbon emission of 92 gms per km, The difference is very clear.

  5. Umair Tariq says

    So agree with u…their designs are hideous

  6. Zaeem Akhtar says

    We get it that people like the latest corolla’s front but don’t try to imitate it on every new production.

  7. Fazal Wahab says

    details are out. Its available as 1.2L Turbo as well.

  8. Abdul Muqeet Khan says

    1.2L hybrid main hai kia ?

  9. Guest says

    Who are you? A monarch or something?
    Nobody needs to be shot dead. The only thing needed is for you to learn to express your disagreement in a less violent manner.

  10. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    that civic’s rear light though.

  11. Usman Burki says

    damn if that is soo i want one 🙂

  12. Junaid Abbas says

    Toyota Rocks, Honda Sucks. And this CH-R aerodynamics are Superb.

  13. Iqbal says

    Rear visibility would be an issue in this car.
    Small rear door windows and thick pillars.

  14. Iqbal says

    They can import Hyundai tucson and kia sportage at much less price.
    Both very good small crossovers with turbo options.

  15. Iqbal says

    Stuck between Toyota and Honda

  16. Sultan Golden says

    Hold your horses Chachoo….Sounds like you are a owner of ChingChi 🙂

  17. Richard says

    what is the cost for one?

  18. Yasir Mansoor says

    their engines are too big for our Duty structure to handle, the duty doubles as you go beyond 1.8 plus if you buy from UK first you won’t get Petrol engine 2ndly they hardly prefer Automatic tranny and Japan doesn’t have new Model KIA Sportage or Tucson, these two beauties are not really an option for us.

    P.S The only cars now most of us order are Hybrid lol

  19. Yasir Mansoor says

    did you forget the 1.2 Hybrid Turbo, there won’t be any duty on it.. )))

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