Honda Atlas Launches 2016 Honda HR-V At An Exclusive Event In Lahore

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HR-V stands for Hi-rider Revolutionary Vehicle

We reported last year that Honda Atlas is planning to launch HR-V in Pakistan. It was an effort to not only counter the influx of similar vehicle from Japan in the form of Vezel but also to broaden their portfolio as a company and increase their market share. Honda Atlas has seen a decline in the sales of their flagship brand Civic in the second half of the last fiscal year and was planning to come up with a car that could strike a chord with Pakistani auto consumers.

Today on 11th of January 2016, Honda Atlas has officially launched Honda HRV at an exclusive launch ceremony in Lahore, Pakistan. HR-V stands for Hi-rider Revolutionary Vehicle and it is a mini-SUV by the Japanese automaker. HR-V is related to its Japanese cousin Vezel, and there are minor cosmetic changes. This is the second generation of the international version of HR-V but first one in Pakistan. HR-V platform is based on the popular third-generation Honda Fit.

The all-new Honda HR-V is launched with a 1.5L i-VTEC engine mated to Honda’s CVT. The mini-SUV comes with paddle shifters. The car is equipped with a bunch of modern techs. Some of them are:

  • Push Start
  • Climate Control
  • Cruise Control
  • Keyless Entry
  • Electronic Parking Brake
  • 7-inch Touch Infotainment System



Honda HR-V comes with 17-inch alloys and a spare wheel that is not available in Japanese Vezel. As far safety is concerned, HR-V is equipped with:

  • VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist)
  • ABS
  • Dual SRS Airbags
  • Rear Parking Sensors

2016-honda-hrv-launch-1 Small


Honda Atlas will be offering eight colors in their new car. They are as follows:

Pearl Colors

  • White Orchid Pearl
  • Crystal Black Pearl
  • Carnelian Red Pearl
  • Morpho Blue Pearl

Solid Colors

  • Ruse Black
  • Tafetta White

Metallic Colors

  • Modern Steel Metallic
  • Alabaster Silver Metallic

Honda Atlas has priced the new car at PKR 3,619,000 and is backed by the 2-year Honda Atlas warranty. For extra PKR 24000, you can upgrade to its accessories package.

It’s a step that should be appreciated but how successful it would be in comparison to a hybrid vehicle like Honda Vezel, that has to be seen.



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  1. OJ says

    Atlas is not offering a hybrid???
    What is the Bhp of the engine being offered by Atlas?
    I am guessing it would be the same vezel engine without the batteries

  2. Usman says

    Good news although price point is high but is not insane. This looks like a low spec version as it don’t have the LED, s.

  3. Abdullah says

    What an addition ….awesome………..
    its price is quite reasonable……..
    with all those features……
    IT IS 1000 Times better then Honda Civic, CR-Z and Altis Grande…..
    Those who have the money should go for it……..

  4. Jamshaid says

    Wow……what a start to 2016……..Shabash Honda……this would be a game changer for you….

  5. Jamshaid says

    It is much better then vezel because:-

    (a) It has a CVT Transmission
    (b) Parts availability from Honda and Warranty of 2 years
    (c) 1.5 Litre engine and it has less weight than Civic and Vezel so it would surely give better mileage…..
    (d) No DHOKA from importers who fake documents to Grade a car 5A which is instead a grade 4 car

    Over all it is a win win situation for the buyer and the Honda

  6. Robert says

    Honda Atlas should do a marketing campaign on television ……. this would surely increase the sales…..

  7. Sarmad says

    My advice to Honda is to remove all the features and bring down the price to 2.8 / 2.9 Million…….people in Pakistan are so crazy after NEW SHAPE …..(example of XLI……..COFFIN on WHEELS)……that they would surely just buy it for its new looks and the ride height……..

  8. Fareed says


  9. Hamza says

    Pakistani HRV Exterior Pics

  10. Junaid says

    Pakistani HRV Interior Pics

  11. Shams says

    Local HRV Specs

  12. Death to Grande & Civic says

    Atlas Honda Offered following HRV Colors:-

  13. Waleed Ahmed says

    Do I sense some Marketing people of HONDA Atlas here, As all the comments are in Favor & Targeted to accept this High Priced SOHC Engine, It’s not even latest Earth Dreams with DOHC Technology.

    Their is a Veryyy Long list of the Features that are missing in it & like other models Most probably they’re making a quite Handsome Profit from this Low spec model

    I appreciate honda’s effort to a bit, But I wonder what kind of people are their in HONDA Atlas Marketing Department, who firstly launched CR-Z & had the idea people would love it, But they failed!
    & Now they got the idea of Launching a Low Spec Model of Vezel after the huge success of Vezel by the local dealers.
    Also If we would take a look at the auto market of India they’re providing their customer with a deep variety of CUV & SUV at HIGHLY AFFORDABLE prices, Because they don’t have a CARTEL of BIG 3 & They Welcome the New entrants in the Market with Favorable Terms not like Pakistan’s Big 3 Driven Conditions.

  14. Bil says

    Price should be slashed down to compete with the imported Vezel which is a Hybrid version and costs around 32-33lakh.
    The local buyer would stil go for the japaani & the hybrid tag, i dnt see Honda Atlas succeeding with their Hrv with this price tag.

  15. Huzaifa Haroon says

    You’ve mentioned the drawbacks not the positive points.

    Honda Vezel is equipped wiith the iDCD which is a much better transmission compared to CVT. It has been torque transferring ability and basically its Manual transmission with faster shifting yet automatic. Its even better then manual transmissions.

    Japanese Honda Vezel also has 1.5 Ltr engine which produces 132Bhp compared to HR-V which produces just 120Hp. The combined HP of Honda Vezel is 162 which means vezel has better Power to weight ratio.Honda Vezel does 0-100 in 7.8secs where as HR-V does in 10Secs.

    Vezel is equipped with many more features such as 6 airbags and LED projection Headlamps.

    And coming to the milage, Honda Vezel is a hybrid with City avg ranging from 18-20km/l whereas the maximum average one will be able to achieve from HR-V would be 16km/l under the best possible condition and by using hypermilling techniques.

  16. Bil says

    Both of them have a 1.5L mated to a cvt transmission. Its the L15B engine i reckon .The Vezel has an added advantage of being a Hybrid.

  17. Bil says

    iDCT or iDCD?

  18. Nomi says

    (a)What about the warranty….no tension for 2 years???
    (b)What about the fake documents of Vezel which are forged at Karachi professionally and a grade 4 vehicle is made grade 5A
    (c) What about the batteries……which are changed at arrival at Karachi port and used batteries are put in the vehicle……
    (d) What about all the hassle for getting your car cleared from customs???

  19. Goli says

    Seen 2 HRV in Peshawar 2day…

  20. Waleed Ahmed says

    & I feel really Sorry for the Mis-direction of Choice less Pakistani Customers by your BIG lying Pictires that you’ve Pasted in your On-line Brochures, Saying it has EARTH DREAMS Engine, As the the it’s DOHC not SOHC that you’re Actually Providing.

  21. Sadia says

    Good luck Honda…..nice addition…..waiting for Civic and City Now…..

  22. Bil says

    Wel said

  23. Taimoor Achakzai says

    Okie i was thinking of Vezel but i am buy this now……thank u Honda…..

  24. Bil says

    People of Pakistan have the option of Vezel here with loads of extra features and latest technology as wel. That too with a discounted price

  25. Saidq says

    Is it available now in Pakistan?

  26. Honda Fan says

    Better then Land Cruiser and CR-V and half the price

  27. 3 IDIOTS FAN says

    A great start to 2016………Please launch following:-

    Honda Civic
    Honda City
    Suzuki Celerio
    Toyota Vitz

    Good Luck 3 IDIOTS (Toyota, Honda & Suzuki)

  28. Pakistani says

    Nayee kee tou apni baat hai Bil Bhai……japani used ka kiya karna yar……NEW IS NEW…..and that too Pakistani touch…..

  29. Navaid says

    Marketing required aggressively…..

  30. Aafreen says

    Well said….

  31. Nasir says

    Sahee kaha yar Vezel kai tou parts bhee naheen miltay….fazool gari hai……hum tou local gari par khush hain….parts tou milain gai……

  32. Rameez says

    HRV Vezel sai bahtar hai…….Vezel mein tou customs waloun ko RISHWAT bhee deni parti hai……HRV mein tou naheen deni paray gee…….Allah sab ko samghay ameen…

  33. Naimat says

    Yes aur multimedia system bhee Vezel ka naheen chalta aur Japenese mein sab likha aata hai…….HRV is better then Vezel….

  34. Waleed Ahmed says

    It’s just a HIGHLY PRICED LOW SPEC Vezel with 0-Meter & 2 Years of Local Honda Mechanic Warranty Bearing the OPPORTUNITY COST of A LONG LIST of SUPER ADVANCED FUNCTIONS.

  35. blueazure says

    ( a) bought a new suzuki swift DLX for 12 lacs, 2 months later, one power window motor went kaput, the 3s people said warranty ” excludes ” electrical parts, lo and behold . a friend bought the same model, his ECU chip fried after 8 months, again, no warranty claim, ( to sum it up , local warranty is a joke )

    (b) there are some some ( id say very few ) sellers who do offer auction sheets that can be genuinely verified, but yes, 98 percent dealers cheat you on used JDM car conditions . accidented *** vehicles graded vehicles are sold as 4 grade

    (c) i import vehicles, never happended to me , why would any one change a used battery in the first place ?

    (d) custom clearing agents can get a vehicle cleared in 3,4 working days max

  36. Bil says

    Japanese imported with just a few thousands on the odo with a better engine , 8 airbags,Hybrid etc with 4 lacs less is a better call any day

  37. blueazure says

    vezel is miles better (and cheaper ) than this thai spec crap..

    utter garbage, expect cheap plastics, no refinement and a medieval gas guzzling engine

  38. Naeem says

    Good Job Done Honda…….i do not like used cars and have never bought one………i was waiting for this………would surely buy this AWESOME SUV soon………

  39. Naeem says

    2nd Hand Vezel and this awesome brand new HRV has no comparison…………my friend’s Vezel is parked with the Mechanic for one month due to non availability of Parts……Mechanic was saying that he has got a KABLI part……but my friend is a true gentleman and would not get a stolen KABLI part installed in his car………..he is thinking of selling VEZEL and buying this HRV….

  40. Shaukat says

    Excellent mini SUV…..well done Honda…..

  41. Waleed Ahmed says

    Thousands of people Roaming in their VEZELs aren’t stupid, They’ve become smart.

  42. Rahatullah Mallick says

    What I dont get is how unrealistic Pakistani auto manufacturers are acting. Toyota introduced Fortuner and Honda has introduced this HR-V when in reality what Pakistan really needs right now are well speced, well assembled, small hatchbacks like Vitz and Honda Fit. A very small segment of the market will be interested in cars like these whereas the reaction to well made, competitively priced small car would be different. Still hoping VW starts production in Pakistan and introduces Polo and Golf.

  43. Rahatullah Mallick says

    So no projector headlights for Pakistani market ??? Way to go Honda

  44. Waleed Ahmed says

    Dear Probable HONDA Employee, Please learn some English before posting.

  45. Rahatullah Mallick says

    You forgot Toyota Vios 🙂

  46. Xaviar says

    My multimedia of Vezel is also not working and LEDs are also burned out……what is the solution??????

  47. Rahatullah Mallick says

    And if I know Pakistani auto industry, launch of this HR-V means a further delay in the launch of City 😀

  48. HRV Fan says

    Sir nayee car ke tou apni baat hai naa………i never buy used cars….it’s a INSULT…..Pakistani economy suffers because of IMPORTED cars and I LOVE MY COUNTRY….i would buy HRV instead of VEZEL……thanks for suggestion…

  49. Waleed Ahmed says

    The Truth is People are Pretty much Fed up with Only 3 Choices in Local, Either it’s Purchasing or the Dissatisfied with Functions you’re offering,
    That they’re buying Used vehicles & are ready to bear the Opportunity cost of all these mentioned things. The Profits are more important to you than the customer, We have Loved HONDA for Many Years, But Now that’s ENOUGH. You people are just taking the Advantage of Less choice Offered to Us, & Blocking the way of New Entrants Because you don’t want to give your Market share to others.

  50. Obaid says

    HRV Wins………the 2016 race……Good luck Atlas Honda….

  51. Naimat says

    Waleed i think ur a VEZEL owner……my sympathies are with you after the HRV launch……

  52. Obaid says

    i dont know why are people against HRV…….vezel owners are advised to let the other auto enthusiasts in Pakistan enjoy this newly launched vehicle…….and stop boasting about their SECOND HAND VEZELs….

  53. Waleed Ahmed says

    Bhai Jee, DESI Gas Walay Bulb Di Gal e Kuj Hor Aey! 😀 Hahaha Kyu K:

  54. Abdur Razzak says

    looks like Atlas dropped an ATOMIC BOMB on the Honda Vezel’s users like Waleed….lol….Well done Honda great going……

  55. Waleed Ahmed says

    Hats Off to the Marketing & Planning Department of ATLAS Group. 😉 Who have Deep Insights of the customers even the customers don’t know by themselves! 😀

  56. Nasir says

    Lol he must have meant that they are not working…..poor guy

  57. Aref Ali says

    Better than Grande, Civic and second hand imported cars for sure…..

  58. Waleed Ahmed says

    Dear Mr.Naive Raz! Please tell Altas to know the real needs of the customer what they really want & Do an Extensive research & have Knowledge, then Talk to me.

    Before Doing that Please Do visit the Auto Websites of India & Please Tell HONDA not to Lie in their Brochure about Earth Dreams Engine.

  59. Abdur Razzak says

    Sir i have respect for your VEZEL…..:-) it is a awesome car….sorry for hurting your feelings…..

  60. Abbas Khan says

    Seems like Honda is acting in true Pakistani fashion, hiring afew people to distroy this public forum. Having launched an inferior model with years old technology, its representatives are trying to hide behind warranty & parts. This edge is only because of influencial position of Japanese companies, either in form of commission to corrupt politicians and bureaucrats or the Japanese ambassador threatening the govt. to withdraw their aid projects if a consumer friendly policy is adopted.& last but not the least jahil awam, who only deserve xli, mehran & Cg 125. Wait afew days & honda shall lauch the new shape of civic with older engine instead of turbo charged one & shall still sell like hot cakes!!!

  61. Abbas Khan says

    Honda employee!

  62. Abbas Khan says

    Honda employees

  63. Muhammad Rafi says

    Bad choice without hybrid system

  64. Ashraf says

    Cool looks

  65. Maadi Khawaja says

    People are utterly uninformed here. Vezel is available in latest model and zero meter for around 33.5 lacs. Who says they are used ? I myself got zero meter Vezel.

  66. Maadi Khawaja says

    To bhai Vezel is also available in zero meter

  67. Maadi Khawaja says

    Spot on

  68. Maadi Khawaja says
  69. Arafat says

    Considering the price and technology I must say that better to spend this money on AudiA3 with German technology and good features

  70. Mehran Mamonai says

    Not better then Vezel, in terms of efficeincy and power with quality make

  71. Mehran Mamonai says

    A genuine comment and same thoughts like me

  72. Arman Ahmad says

    ok people….35 lac for brand new zero meter honda vezel(hrv hybrid) or 36 lac honda’s launched hrv…….i think the non-hybrid version of hrv is going to fail as you can get same hybrid version of this car in 35 lacs……………………….pta ni kya soch ky 36 lac price di hai……….

  73. Arman Ahmad says

    you can get brand new hrv hybrid (vezel) for 35 lacs……..not used….brand new….

  74. Mehran Mamonai says

    Spot on !!

  75. Rahim Amir says

    I for one actually think that the grande is better value for money if not a better car by far altogether.

  76. Athif says

    Poor decision by a poorly organised n dumb company
    They are launching inferior model to vezel with even higher price n that too one year late, don’t understand why one opt for hrv when vezel brand new is available for lot less
    And sorry for poor Pakistanis who think honda doing something miracle n fabulous, aankhein kholo bhaio, hrv with these specs must not cost above 2.6 to 2.8 million

  77. Bil says

    Honda Atlas agent spotted

  78. Jennesse Niazi says

    Honda thinks that Pakistanis are blind, deaf and dumb and we will be trapped by the outlook/ launch ceremony. One key feature is Spare Tyre “Wah” What a technology !!!!!!!
    A SUV in 2015, with only two airbags, no Hybrid Tech, No Nav System, No Fog assist system, No Heated Seats, YET costlier than VEZEL.
    Sorry you are mistaken, we can’t be befooled further
    HR-V Better Pack up and Go

  79. Bil says

    Brand new? I am sure Honda Atlas will greet you on a red carpet with open arms when you take your Brand new HRV to them for a Warranty claim ! Bol

  80. Bil says

    Dont forget the Engine
    HRV: Honda city based 1.5 SOHC
    Vezel : Honda Earthdreams DOHC

  81. Jennesse Niazi says

    What a launch… Spare tyre also, never heard of ! Would sweep the market with such a “Spare Tyre” technology. Seriously

  82. Jennesse Niazi says

    You have hit the Bull sir. Good Luck to Honda if they manage to befool us with HR-V

  83. Jennesse Niazi says

    So that means lower engine efficiency as well

  84. Hearty boy says

    The most dumb decision ever by Honda atlas!If they could have invested and assemble this suv here and able to deliver it in 24k dollars(the international price of hr-v),then it could have been a bid deal for them.But now what they have done it gonna benefit the vezel owners.i.e more availability of spare parts and services. Haha they thought of getting there share of market from this suv,but turns out in favour of vezel owners.

  85. Jennesse Niazi says

    Sadly Honda Atlas removed all this from international HR-V
    1. Tire Pressure Monitoring System.
    2. Seat Heating System
    3. Heated Side Mirrors (For Fog, Anti Blur)
    4. Roof Rails.
    5. Daytime Running Lights.
    6. Honda Lane Watch (For Lane Changing Assist)
    7. Auto Dimming Mirror
    Let’s see how Honda Marketing Reply to this

  86. Aetesam Nazir says

    Laughed my ass of on this comment – “My friend is a true gentleman and would not get a stolen Kabli part”

    Hahaa… well I guess this gentleman of a friend went to KABUL once 😉 “Kabhi Aao na surma laga kay”

  87. Aetesam Nazir says

    Honda employees – or Bots or whatever, they write with a lot of “………” either 7 or nines ;). But still easier is how they support HRV.

    PS: and wow what a looser i am, tracking honda bots 😉

  88. Ahsan Zafar says

    shit from honda

  89. Shahab Nasir says

    I wonder why people have such high expectations from a car maker to experiment and invest in a car market with no auto policy. There will end up selling a few cars by importing CBUs even they must be expecting so. Its not like they are making 3.6 million over each vehicle. Half of this is probably going in the black box they name taxes. Give them a break.

  90. Shahab Nasir says

    Infact they do. Ofcourse minus the red carpet

  91. Shahab Nasir says

    Yea and u r so sure Since u bought it from honda japan directly and will be flying to tokyo for a warranty claim

  92. Usman says

    Too many comments lol!

  93. Usman says

    I think instead of importing they should start manufacturing HRV here it will be a game changer here. The reason we’ve to choose a cowrola over civic or city is ground clearance and HRV can compete in that area.

  94. Rahatullah Mallick says

    @xaviar, not sure but I would suggest take it to a good mech, replace the multimedia and as for the leds, you can try putting demon eye projectors in them now that your original LEDS’s are busted, they look cool

  95. Dr Usman Nawaz says

    I would be happy if Honda would have introduced 1000cc car instead of this…

  96. Shahid Mehmood says

    is it also Hybrid like Vezel?

  97. Shahid Mehmood says

    It is not a piecce of cake to start car manufacturing it requires billions of investment

  98. Usman says

    We know that It requires money dear but if you want to earn money from a business you have to first invest in it.

  99. Muhammad Irfan Shaukat says

    Just worth around 2500k

  100. Nomi says

    This is all fault of not having a auto policy…………Big 3 would keep doing these kind of blunders…….HRV is not better then Vezel…..price should be brought down to 25 lakhs

  101. Sahir says

    The advantages of HRV which are not in Vezel include:-

    Paddle shifters
    17″ alloys instead of 16″ vezel
    Multimedia system (in english not in japanese)
    Odo meter in english instead of japenese
    spare support
    after sales service

  102. M. Usman says

    In our country we need crossovers also. So it is a very good decision by Honda. Toyota should also launch there RAV4 in Pakistan. These Crossovers are good as they provide road clearance (Our must requirement) and luxury of a car.

  103. M. Usman says

    But they should launch New City, Fit/Jazz and Civic with new and latest engines. Otherwise I do not think Honda will be able to keep there sales numbers steady only on the basis of old shape city, for long.

  104. Abdullah says

    Hrv price is 19000 USD in USA…….this product is highly overpriced….Honda was shown the way of high pricing by stupid importers who are charging 33 lakhs for vezel ……….it should not be over 25 lakhs

  105. Zunair says

    Civic price in USA is 20000 USD and Approx 20 lakhs in Pakistan then why such a huge difference in HRV prices…….it is too costly…..

  106. Salim says

    Cost is too high……..

  107. Mian Muavia says

    What I believe Honda Brought HR-V to increase Vezel Hybrid price only.

  108. Salman says

    Price is unacceptable but there’s limited choice in Pakistan. Honda is just cashing his so called reputation in Pakistan among 4 or 5 brands. However they are getting business so surviving

  109. Masroor Gilani says

    It’s actually 37 lakh plus for a filer including utility package of 25K. Almost 40 lakh after registration. Too much money for a 1.5 lit vehicle

  110. M. Ahmad Motiwala says

    Sir G, Vezel has Paddle Shifters.
    Who told you that vezel does not have paddles.?
    Also If you purchase Vezel Z grade then Alloys are 17″ not 16.
    And in Pakistan most of the Vezels are Z grade.
    Yes Multimedia System is not available in vezel or in which available that is Japanese also ODO meter.

  111. M. Ahmad Motiwala says

    Dear Mr. Obaid,
    In Pakistan most of Vezel are Brand New 0 Meter and not used.
    Also HRV is not hybrid but Vezel is Hybrid.
    And last thing is 0 Meter Vezel price is 33 Lacs not 35.
    I purchased it around 10 days ago

  112. Janbaz says

    No info about power train provided neither about the engine (except 1.5l) and other details that one witnessing the event may have provided. All the words that I already read on wiki etc. Disappointed by the article.

  113. nasir says

    Way too expensive…… bring the price down Atlas Honda……or just keep it parked in your show rooms…….Vezel all the way………Honda ATLAS Thanks for bringing Vezel spares in the market anyway :-)…..because i know all HR-V and Vezel spares are the same except for the engine components…… now i would be able to buy cheap spares for my Vezel……

  114. Kaisar Bhutto says

    I want to know about a honest upright reputable IMPORTER who can import 4 Vezels for me …… Info required please…….thanks

  115. Sagheer says

    It is for 19000 USD meaning cost of 19 lakhs in USA…..why so expensive for us……..bring the price down HONDA ATLAS……..28 lakhs is fine…..

  116. Attique Ahmad says

    It is way over priced. Honda should come up with some reasonable price.

  117. Muhammad Abdullah says

    Its bcuz its a CBU. An import. Not a local assembled car.

  118. Raziq says

    Honda Atlas wants to get a profit of 15 lac rupees from every HR-V they sale here……lol

    The price should not be more then 27 lacs…..

    It is very expensive as compared to Vezel and also has only extra “Spare Wheel” feature…

    I think Honda Atlas has no plans to sell HR-V…….they just wanted to keep in the race that they have launched a new VEHICLE………………………..shame on them for not launching CITY and CIVIC

  119. Junaid says

    ATLAS HONDA rethink your pricing strategy please…….Please don’t cover up for the loss you are facing due to poor sales of vehicles by CHARGING SO MUCH for HR-V

  120. najeeb says

    i dont think they can sell more thn 1000 cars @that price in pakistan.toooooooooo much fr..

  121. kashan says

    Will Honda Launch N One – 660cc here in Pakistan?

  122. Atlas Honda Owner says


  123. Atlas Honda Owner says

    Badua tou na dai yar…

  124. Ex- President of Pakistan says


  125. Laal says

    Great congratullation:
    to Honda Atlas to add new unit we will al ways pray for our country auto industry to be able to compete the existing competitive run in automobiles filed. I don’t say any thing about the price of the new unit that honda altlas added because i think they know the market environment well but they should mention about service they offering and warranty and other thing i want to share here.

    In Pakistan every automaker launching new car but they don’t think how to provide service and they have no proper auto body shop with full equipments and well trained technicians.
    So i think the prospect first will think about the parts and service and the repairing after accident.

  126. farhan qureshi says

    call at this no..

  127. Smokingaces says

    No thanks, way too overpriced.

  128. Abbas Khan says

    Shahab Nasir, Living in this age of Internet, no one needs to travel to Japan to get this information. & mind it the customer base u people r targeting is much different than ones vying for XLI’s, GLI’s & double cabins. & don’t want to elaborate on so called warranty claim.

  129. Abbas Khan says

    Atlas is in need of sympathies after launching this piece of crap in 4 Million, skipping the city new model & ever falling Civic sales, so much so that they can’t be mentioned separately in Annual Reports. I don’t know who is taking these strategic decisions which have F__up excellent opportunity for quality products!!!

  130. Rahatullah Mallick says

    yeh tou lol ho gya

  131. Rahatullah Mallick says

    Btw peeps at Honda say HR-V has a spare tire and that makes me wonder, is it because it does NOT have a run flat tire ???

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