BMW X1: Booking Procedure, Policies and Prices in Pakistan

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Buying a car is always a special moment for everyone. Because it represents the status of freedom to move and explore. And the prospect of buying a world renowned brand, which is associated with looks, durability, performance and most importantly luxury, is a very special moment indeed.

In our country, due to the depreciation value of PKR against Euro and Government’s strict policy on CBU imports, the prices of CBU’s are generally very high. Hence, when Dewan Motors announced the starting price of BMW X1 to be from 3.99 Million, the prospect of owning a German brand became affordable for a lot of Pakistanis.

So, I decided to go on an excursion and put myself in a customer’s shoes to cover “How to book a BMW X1?” and possibly get the details of this radical marketing strategy by Dewan Motors.

The basic model is starting from 3.99 Million PKR and has the following features:

BMW X1 (Basic Model) in Pakistan

And these are the optional features:

BMW X1 (Additional Features)
These prices are calculated based on tentative exchange rate of Euro=PKR115, which is subjected to change

In this excursion, I learnt that BMW X1 is being offered at this price (3.99 Million for Base model) for a very limited amount of time and that the company will be entertaining very few orders on a first-come-first serve basis.

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The payment plan for this vehicle is divided into three parts. The initial booking will cost 20% of the vehicle’s price, and the next two installments will cover 40% each at the time of vehicle production and delivery.

Payment Installments for BMW X1 in Pakistan

But the most important aspect of a vehicle to any customer is its delivery time. I found out that BMW offers a slot to their subsidiaries, which acts as a dedicated production time to meet the customised demands of their worldwide consumers. And Dewan Motors have acquired the production slot for January 2017, which means the limited entertained orders for this BMW X1 will go under production in January (2017) and are expected to be delivered in April 2017.

BMW X1 Expected Delivery Time in Pakistan

Let’s talk about features and extras. In my case, I decided to go with an Automatic transmission feature, which costs around PKR 461,000 individually, but the company does not entertain this individual feature. However, the company has made the Utility Package, which costs around PKR 644,000 and has following features in it.

Optional Extras
These prices are calculated based on tentative exchange rate of Euro=PKR115, which is subjected to change

So if you want automatic transmission, you will have to buy ‘Utility Package’. Moreover, I also included Metallic Colour and Panoramic Sunroof in my order proposal, which further increased the order’s price to PKR 5,064,270 PKR with these features.

Dewan Motors-3.0

Dewan Motors-4.0

In terms of order cancellation, 50% of advance payment will be deducted if the order is cancelled within 1 month of the Booking Confirmation letter issued by Dewan Motors. And 100% advance payment will be forfeited if the order is cancelled after one month of issuance.

Order Cancelation

At this point you might be wondering, ‘If the writer didn’t include Sunroof and Metallic colour, the price would have been less’. I will partially agree with you by stating that, yes the price would come down from PKR 5,064,270 to PKR 4,617,140. But the fact still remains, if anybody decides to buy a BMW X1 then they will think twice about the sunroof and metallic colours.

I have always been a fan of German technology. But the fact is, even with this attractive price on the base model the BMW X1 is still out of reach for a lot of Pakistanis. According to a company official

The Govt. has to cater the needs of all Pakistanis, which prevail the locally assembled and imported vehicles by revisiting the tax policies for auto-industry.

And following is the proposal (Gallery) for the new 2017 BMW X1 sDrive18i Petrol in Pakistan.

This excursion was my personal attempt to live through the process of booking a BMW X1, so hopefully it will shed some important light on this procedure and company’s policies.

Do share your valuable feedback on this.

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  1. lakhani says

    Procedure of Court Marriage is easier than buying this BMW X1. It’s better to buy FAW SIRUS 1.5 and then change it’s logo to TOYOTA AVANZA…..

  2. Guest says

    Gotta love their terminology:

    – Smoker’s package.
    – Sensetic leather.
    – Comfort access system.
    – Light comfort.
    – Headlights with extended contents.

    Does it come without a spare wheel? As the emergency spare wheel is part of the utility package.
    And in other words, front armrest costs 644,000 and other items which you possibly abhor would also be forced upon you along with it.

  3. Guest says

    Court marriage is always very easy.

    What happens after the court marriage is not easy. کارو کاری

  4. Pappu says


  5. Website? says

    But on their website they have stated 2.0L Engine?

  6. Abdul Hanan says

    I asked thrice about 2.0L and company officials told me, that 1.5L engine will be made available in Pakistan (For Now). They might revisit their decision in future on this matter.

  7. Sultan Kiani says

    2.0 L petrol is only for North American markets. They’re giving you what’s available in EU

  8. Sultan Kiani says

    FAW SIRIUS is “Made in China” crap, it competes with Avanza.

  9. Asif says

    Dewan motor faced so many issues in past due to their bad policies. They have to learn some professionalism. 7 month delivery time is too much for 3.99 million car and their payment plan is like someone is buying a plot or a flat something…

  10. Aijaz Khan says

    Will they be here till April 2017,,, or may Land in Bahamas/ Panama…..;;;;;or some where else

  11. Jawad Butt says

    BEWARE !!! BEWARE !!! BEWARE !!!

    BMW Pakistan is selling it’s new addition X1 from the production year of 2016.
    Which means, even though your car will arrive in Mar-Apr 2017, it will bear a Tag of:

    Model Year (MY) : 2017 And
    Manufacturing year : 2016
    (as we say 2016 registered in 2017)

    All your seat belts and other indicators shall have 2016 written on them along with invoice declaring it as produced in 2016.
    This has been confirmed by a senior sales representative of BMW Lahore. So, think twice before making any hasty decisions. It is not a fraud or anything like that. They will explain everything to you once you ask. After which it is your free will to make a decision.
    Good Luck and Take Care

  12. Sufyan Javed says

    This here is clearly a rip-off…! Personally i’d prefer the Audi Q3 over this at 5 mil even if it has all the options and Q3 only has a base model because lets face it at least Q3 looks LOADS better than this car…
    Plus, Audi has got plans of a probable future in our market which its here to stay, i’d feel a lot more secure with my investment in Audi than putting it with just another import…

  13. Zain Pirzada says

    Is this total final price of Rs 50,64000 inclusive of custom duty or not???

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