8 Car Accessories You Can Buy Online In Pakistan

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The trend of online shopping is rising in Pakistan, as many automotive enthusiasts and car owners in Pakistan are already buying basic car accessories like foot mats, air fresheners, and water repellents online.

Following are the most bought items on the PakWheels Car Accessories in Pakistan:

Jump Starter AND Power Bank

Jump Starter Power Bank

This is a must have accessory, especially for the winters. It is recommended for every car owner to have this amazing gadget in their car all the time. Its main feature is its 52800Ah Power Bank, which has enough power to start a dead car (as long as the battery is more than 20%). This device can also be used to charge laptops and phones. It comes with an LED flashlight and adapters for 8 different types of laptops. You could get this accessory for around PKR 4,800. 

Double Cylinders Air Compressor

double cylinders air compressor extra power


An air compressor is a must have accessory. It comes with a standard pressure gauge, operates from the car’s power outlet socket and has a storage bag for storing attachments and the compressor. This accessory is ideal for all your tyre inflating needs. This must have accessory costs about PKR 3,000.

Atmosphere Light Multi Colours

atmosphere light multi colors

This accessory is used to decorate the interior of a car with multi-colour lighting. It comes with a remote and is best fitted in the interior of the car, or along the bumpers of the car. There are 4 pieces of strips that are 12 inches in length. You can order these online at PakWheels Online Accessory store for PKR 1500. 

Brembo Brake Cover

Brake Cover

Brake covers are ideal if you want to give the brake system of your car a high end look. This accessory, is commonly made up of plastic. They are made to look like brakes manufactured from performance companies like Brembo. To fit them, you can use silicone and glue it to the car’s calliper. They improve the aesthetics of the car, especially if you have got funky alloy rims.  This accessory costs about PKR 500.

Rain-X Glass Water Repellent 473ML

Water Repellent

This Car accessory is ideal for rainy season especially because it makes water bead off from the windshield of cars. It also helps removing frost/sleet and ice from windshields and glasses of the car. This product cost about PKR 750.

Floor Mat Sparco

 Floor Mat

Floor mats are one of the most bought car accessory on PakWheel.com Online Accessory Store. SPARCO rubber mats are ideal if you want to give your car a sporty look. They are designed to prevent curling. It protects the car’s carpets as well. These car mats cost about PKR 2,400.

Meguiar’s Air Freshener New Car 2.5oz

Air Freshner

Air fresheners are found in almost all cars. They eliminate bad odour from the car. Simple pop open the spray can, step out of the car and close the doors for 10-15 minutes. Open all doors to air out the spray, and you will immediately feel the change. This air freshener costs about PKR 1,000.

Front Grill Complete

Front Grill Complete Toyota Prado

Front grills are also one of the most sought after car accessories. Most buyers’ online search for Toyota Prado front grills. The cost of a complete front grill of a Prado costs about PKR 20,000.

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    Interesting. Why do most buyers search for Prado grill?

    People need to buy grills because they spend less on brake pads.

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