General Tyres explains the tyre making process

The tyre is the only part of the vehicle that comes into contact with the road, thus not only facing the air friction but also facing the road beat. That’s why extra care is taken in the making of a tyre so that it performs well even in harsh conditions.

We have written many blogs about tyre maintenance, tips to enhance the longevity of tyres, how to choose a tyre for your car and what is the right time to change car’s tyres. With the same commitment of awaring our readers, this time too, we will be telling how tyres are made, as explained in the video below produced by General Tyres.

The tyre manufacturing is done through various stages and it is made up of using different things. The manufacturing of the tyres begins with a fully automatic mixing process in which high-quality materials are mixed together in a balanced quantity to make a base compound, which is then further used in making of different tyre parts.

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After the mixing, the base compound is then turned into sheets. The coating of the compound is done on Nylon and Polyester material, which is called calendaring.

In the extrusion process, using state-of-the-art technology, different kinds of compounds and materials are mixed together and are processed through a precise dye to make a base compound, which is used in the making process of tyre’s tread and sidewalls.   

Steel wires are cut to make a steel belt, this process is called steel belt calendaring. It gives tyres a great strength and saves them from punctures. Moreover, the bead building process is a process of making a foundation of the tyre, this is that part of the tyre which seats at the rim.

Furthermore, in the tyre building process, different parts of tyres are fixed with the help of high-tech technology, it is a raw tyre, which is also called green tyre.

This green tyre is then automatically placed into high-tech multi-segmented moulds for curing from where it comes out as a newly manufactured tyre. After that these tyres go through a rigorous checking process, which is done with the help of high-end machines. See the video of the whole process below.

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  1. A great article. My car has General Tyre, and it seems to be noiseless.

    Any product made by Pakistan be it Tyre, clothes, or others brings a smile to my face. We need more Pakistani companies like GT in other industries, particularly car making, and electronic manufacturing, (speakers, DVD).

    We should have more Made in Pakistan products instead of Made in China or Thailand third quality products.

  2. Should have been titled “general tyres explains the gripless, noisy abomination making process”

  3. bhai kitnay paisay miltay hain is non sense kay?

  4. I have General Tyre in my car since the past several months. It's performance is rugged and far better than the previous Thai made tire.

    You guys have eggs in your brains. Slaves of the west with super inferiority complex. Pakistan makes better goods. It's fish brained guys like you and in this comment section that think that everything that Pakistan makes is bad.

  5. my car had an accident because brand new general xp 2000 tires wouldn't grip.

    as an engineer, i physically inspect tires with my hands before i buy,

    general tires never have manufacturing date punched on them. the tires are hard.

    internationally every single tire company punches manufacturing date on their tires, so you can be sure you are buying a fresh tire.

    general wants to sell expired shit. hence no date stamp.

    i got michelin thailand tyres, soft as butter. used for 3 years without any problem. then switched to bridgestone japanese tyres, much better than bridgestone indonesian tyre.

    coudnt fine michelin authorized dealer, otherwise they are excellent tyres.

    i have 2.5 years working in the auto sector. under paid, monopolistic, piece of **** sector.

    since the new auto policy and new entrance, old players ki **** kay haath main agai hai.

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