Should Government of Pakistan Allow Car Imports?

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A few days back, Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) came out with a report that imports should be allowed and age limit should also be increased to work as a disciplinary act to break the monopoly of local car assemblers and also indicating that our government policies are protecting the local automakers, primarily Toyota Indus Motors, Honda Atlas and Pak Suzuki, commonly referred to as the Big Three.

Naturally, Pakistan Automotive Manufactures Association (PAMA ) came out with a statement arguing that CCP’s report is obsolete and CCP should bring it down from their website.

Keeping that in mind, I have prepared a small chart to compare our auto industry with the auto industries of India and USA, so the readers and auto enthusiasts, who are also the stakeholders of auto industry, can decide for themselves that who amongst PAMA and CCP has a stronger argument.


A comparison of Pakistan Auto Industry
NOTE: Only major factors were considered


A price comparison of auto industry Pakistan, India, USA
NOTE: Prices are rounded up to make them easier to comprehend

After looking at these figures, do you think CCP’s demands for opening up car imports are justified?

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  1. M Umair Majeed says

    yes absolutely ……. monopoly of big companies should be abolished and people of Pakistan deserve better cars

  2. Muddassir Saleem says

    Yes we need competetion I don’t like to see my grandchildren drive a mehran

  3. Umar Sheraz says

    great review this monopoly should be broken no

  4. zohaib mushtaq says

    can any one voluntarily start social media compaign against these culprits,,,,plzzz

  5. WALEED KHAN says

    Off course,Government of Pakistan should allow car import and increase the age limit of cars.

  6. WALEED KHAN says

    Lakin yah eisa krta nahi because local car assemblers
    huge amount to the Government .werna yah news kab sa chal rhi hai.

  7. Amer says

    big YES, because our people also deserve to drive cars 🙂

  8. Kinaan Khan Sherwani says

    Nice Idea !! You must take a lead and every1 will follow.

  9. zohaib mushtaq says

    every one is giving his point of views, so what we should do now, my opinion is to start social media compaign against this monoply ??

  10. Jan Alam says

    Aoa guys time is coiming of this monoly….it is going to be over every person will drive a good car not just big three there time is up now…………. cu soon hearing the same words…………

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