Now you can park your Luxury Car right in the Living Room

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There are a lot of things we come across on the news, internet and social media where one can easily say that “Luxury Has No Limits”.  Like a fellow blogger, the other day shared about getting a free Aston Martin on purchase of a luxury property in Dubai. Some cities are so congested and dense that it cost more to park than the price of the car itself. Like in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, London and New York City where people have bought a single parking spots worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. A Hong Kong executive paid $640,000 for a single parking spot a couple of years ago.

Cities like Singapore are growing at a fast pace with a lot of new luxury residential towers popping up on the congested ground. Recently a property developer KOP Properties inaugurated a new tower which lets the owners park their luxury cars right across their living rooms. Well, it gets interesting here for the reason that you can take your car to the whatever level you live on. The tower named as The Hamilton Scotts has 30 floors and a parking garage on every level.  According to the CEO of KOP, the design idea is making expensive cars a part of the home decor.  Yes, it will also be so satisfying looking at your expensive car all the time rather then having an anxiety of car being in the basement garage. The single unit at Hamilton costs from $9.4 million to $23.5 million.  Below you can find a video about the parking mechanism




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