Great News: Pakistan can now have cheap domestic flights, for 663PKR only per person.


Yes, for as little as 5 GBP(663 PKR) only. If the Pakistani Airline operators decide to buy the new standing seats designed by the Italian Aircraft interior design company,’Aviointeriors’.

These new seats which are named ‘SkyRiders’, are a Stand-up design, which create more capacity on board and ofcourse, cheaper fares.

The following images were released after Ryanair Boss Michael O’Leary said that he had plans to introduce standing-room on his flights, with tickets expected to sell as low as 5£(663 PKR).

After all these years standing in our local mini buses for as long as 1.5-2 hour in a much more suffocated and humid atmosphere with armpits on my face and that horrible brushing of something on my shoulder if I get to sit, along with our trains shutting down everyday, I approve this design for our airlines, which will also enable the poor to afford Air Travel and avoid our failed train networks.

The “SkyRider” occupant’s posture permits a comfortable overall longitudinal space of 23 inches, or less with a partial overlapping between rows, compared to conventional, high-density seating with 28” to 30” pitch.

Aviointeriors representative said,“The SkyRider is intended as a new basic class. The passenger’s seating position is similar to that of a touring motor-scooter rider.

“This posture permits that the overall longitudinal space occupied by the seat with the seated passenger is far less than that of a conventional, very high density 28-inch economy class seat.”

SkyRider concept will be presented at the Long Beach Aircraft Interiors Expo Americas 2010 from September 14th to 16th.

Airline operators from around the globe have shown great interest in the new concept, I hope that global interest includes Pakistan as well.

Airlines are expected to introduce a new ‘SkyRider’ section, under the economy class as the basic section for Air travellers, if the concept is approved to be implemented by the CAA.

SkyRider will allow Airline operator’s  more room on board thus allowing cheaper fares.

Yahoo Via Airportwatch.

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