HASCOL Replaces All PSO Fuel Stations On Motorway

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For the past 10 years, we have been seeing PSO fuel stations on different service areas on the motorway. Whether it was Bhera, Sukkheki, Sial More or Kalar Kahar, the only fuel station on main motorway used to be PSO.

PSO had a 10 years contract with the National Highway Authority to run their fuel stations on the entire Motorway network in Pakistan. The contract expired this year in April and according to some sources, PSO showed no interest in extending this contract. As a result, NHA has signed a new contract with HASCOL Petroleum Limited and 20 PSO fuel stations on motorway have been acquired by HASCOL and has thus started renaming them whereas the remaining PSO service stations will also be replaced within a month. This goes as a real time bad news for PSO fuel card holders who will have to refill their tanks before entering the motorway. Or sometimes PSO card holders will have to go off motorway to use their fuel cards.

Prior to PSO, NHA had a 7 years contract with Shell to run their fuel stations on motorways. On the completion of 7 years, Shell did not show interest in extending their contract as well however, HASCOL has signed a 20 years term with NHA to run these fuel stations.

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  1. DJ says

    why its happening why no interest by 1st Shell than PSO may be Pumps are not getting revenue as per expectation what is the reason you able to dig it out?

  2. aliqadri says

    no interest … again no interest and then 20-year contract … I hope they sell good quality fuel

  3. X. says

    Majority of the people fill up their cars before getting on to the motorway. Most cars make it in 1/2 or 3/4 of the tank making it unnecessary to refuel mid journey

  4. Ehtesham ul haq says

    2 On M3 are still with total parco.

  5. Guest says

    Hascol is on par with international standards and have introduced some things never thought before. Their pumps have tuck shop, garage, restaurant, toilets etc. just like a truck stop/rest area in many other advanced countries.

    Plus they are easy to do business with, as they also maintain other conveniences such as credit card even when nearby pumps belonging to other companies avoid. If enough customers request, maybe they will come up with a method to use PSO/other membership card by installing such a machine.

  6. Shahbaz Ahmed Qaim Khani says

    How many pumps on M 5? Please inform about their locations.

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