PakWheels Infographic Compares Chinese Copy-Cars’ Price And Design

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China is still developing its auto industry and copying other popular models is often an attempt by Chinese automakers to make something good and be grand. We don’t know the effect that these copycats have in China, but they certainly catch some negative flak in the rest of the world for ripping out other people’s vision, design and engineering.

But there’s so many cars that have been copied by the Chinese that you can’t list them all down there and these are some of the most popular copied cars of some of the most easily recognizable cars by global automakers.

Copycat Cars

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  1. Haris says

    But everyone of them should be better than the new corolla GLi priced almost $20000 …lol

  2. usman niazi says

    more than that for the top variant…

  3. Ali says

    Its evolution… at one time ppl used to think the same way about japenese cars over European cars… that they japenese toys…u never know tomorrow chinese cars may be hot sellers… also even if they are not sold world wide china itself is around one third of the world population. ..

  4. Humza Aamir says

    GreatWall Sing more expensive than the original it copies, haha. There was also the CEO SUV that was ‘inspired’ from an X5 I think. And a Mini Cooper clone exists somewhere as well. Great Infographic.

  5. Ahmad Bilal says

    Dear Baber Khan!
    What about FAW V2? Don’t you think its copy of Vitz. But again I would like to add that we should give room to Chinese copies as they fit in with the low budget class of our society. Moreover, the incorporation of new companies and cars would lead to competition and we poor Pakistani people shall have fully loaded cars with competitive prices. Don’t you think so?

  6. wasted youth says

    First of all, every big company always copy some other big company, for example, Toyota always copy features from Honda, Kia right now copying Ford, Honda tend to copy BMW, Fiat copy VW so, it’s a common practice among big fish. Moreover all these big names get their spare parts and materials manufactured from China. Secondly, I appreciate China on slapping such big names in their faces by producing same specs in very less. So, cheers and enjoy.

  7. Alpha Bravo says

    Btw some ‘copy’ cars are more elegant than the original ones

  8. Shen Pingzhi says

    F6 not copy of BMW, if you say accord may make sense

  9. Shen Pingzhi says

    landwind X7 sale good , the others rare seen.

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