A helmet a day keeps the doctor away

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I know wearing a helmet is pretty uncool and uncomfortable, but it does serve a higher purpose: it protects the rider’s skull from fracturing which could lead to severe brain damage. And yet, if we take a cursory look at the roads, we find that majority of riders are riding motorbikes without any headgear.

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To illustrate how important a helmet is for a rider, I am going to share a personal experience. One fine morning, when I happen to be waiting near Kalma chowk underpass for a friend to pick me up, a Diahutsu Mira which was going fast suddenly stopped. I believe the driver didn’t want to go under the pass. As a result, he stopped so that he could reverse the car and go the other way. Unfortunately, a bike rider who happens to be right behind him could not react quickly. As a result, he smashed his head straight on the windscreen glass at the back of Mira.

woman wears helmet backwards

Since he wasn’t wearing a helmet, his skull smashed open, blood gushing out. From the looks of it, some of the glass even went into his eyes. He was writhing in agony. But all of this could have been avoided had he wore a helmet. This shows that an injury that could be minor concussion turned into a horror story for the rider. Rescue 1122 had to be called to tend to his injuries.

Accidents don’t tell us when they will happen to us so that we can avoid them. They happen to all of us, but it is our job to ensure that we take the necessary precautions to save ourselves from the injuries or worse, such as paralysis or death. The statistics shows that most of the bike accident related cases result in treatment of brain or spine, both of which are sensitive areas. A helmet is the best measure to prevent that. Therefore, when next time you go out on the road on a bike, try wearing a helmet. You will save yourself and your loved ones from a lot of trouble.


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