Porsche 911 to receive 485hp hybrid PHEV upgrade

Porsche hasn’t confirmed nor denied the arrival of battery-assisted engines in some of its most significant car models. The CEO of Porsche Oliver Blume recently confirmed that we will be seeing the car manufacturer’s most significant car in a PHEV model at the Los Angeles Auto Show, reports “Automobile” magazine.

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Blume commented that the company has been researching ways to incorporate a plug-in hybrid engine to the iconic 911, but the company will bring such a model to the market when there is a market for it. Many analysts have concluded that such a market will be established by 2023. This new confirmation by Oliver Blume ultimately also authenticates the report released by Bloomberg a few months earlier about the matter. Bloomberg’s report about the mysterious vehicle started a chain of speculations by almost all of the automobile magazines and news websites.

The next-gen 911 model will be revealed probably by the second half of 29018. The PHEV model, however, is out of a question at a time like this. The final specifications of the PHEV 911 model may be revealed in 2021 or 2022, but we can say for sure that the model will house a 3.0-liter flat-six engine neighbored by an e-motor with 94hp and 229lb-ft of torque with a 1.8-kWh battery powering the e-motor. A forum post originating in the German language also suggests that the PHEV model will feature a special transmission with eight gears, recuperation, and freewheel.

Crunching the numbers we have at hand, we can deduce that such a rig would have a power of 485 hp and a torque of 561 lb-ft. The PHEV model would be able to have an acceleration of 0-60 miles in 3.5 seconds while the top speed would 197 mph. A number of other eco-related, tech-related, and luxury-related features have been speculated for the new model, but the world will only know for sure when Porsche is ready to take the model to the market.

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