3 types of bike tires you should know about

In the previous article, we told you guys about things one should know about a bike tire and its difference from a car tire. We went into the details to offer our viewers a glimpse of how much it was different from the car tire. So, with the same aim of enlightening you guys, once again we are discussing bike tire; however, this time it’s about different types of bike tires being used in the world right now.

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There are many different types of bikes tires being used globally, but here we will be discussing only three; namely, Sports Tires sometimes refer to performance tires, Sports Touring, and Off-Road Tires.

  • Sports Tires: The tires are made for solely one purpose, and that is to be embedded in a sports bike and run on tracks. The tires give a high level of grip but may not last long. As they are used excessively in racing, and due to heat which they bear while racing, they wear quickly. It is advised by the experts not to use these types of tires on streets.


  • Off-Road Tires: Same as off-road car tires, the off-road bikes provides best grip off-road. Basically, off-road bike tires have deep treads which give it an edge over other types of tires. One can smoothly run through mud, sand and different kinds of terrains using off-road tires; however, it is recommended not to use off-road tires on regular roads as it will not provide excellent stability to the bike.bike-tyres-(3)

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  • Sports Touring Tires: The sport touring tire is neither used in racing nor on off-road track as it will not give stability and agility on both tracks. They are specially made and designed for people who love to travel long distances by road. The sport touring tires are good for cross-country trips, as they provide excellent grip on regular roads.bike-tyres-(2)

That is it from our side; we will be back with other types of bike tires. Moreover, if you want to mention other kinds of bike tires, do mention them in the comments section below.

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