Here’s how to escape a speed camera on Pakistani motorways

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Maintaining a speed limit of 120 Km/hr is a true battle of nerves, especially when we don’t have cruise control in our cars. For people who have a vast experience of traveling on motorway; also know a handy bit of tips for escaping an over speeding ticket on motorway. Although we at PakWheels do not recommend law evasive behavior however, its no harm in giving people some friendly advice like people do all over the world by blinking to notify other drivers of a speed camera upfront.

• The set speed limit for LTV’s is 120 Km/h and we all assume that the one crossing 120Km/hr would be liable of an over speeding ticket. If you are driving around 120-130 Km/h or even 131Km/h, they won’t stop you. But as soon as you touch 132Km/h you will be stopped for over speeding if you are in range of a speed camera.

• Speed guns used on motorway detect your speed from a range of 95 to 100ft. And don’t think that if you have had a slight glimpse of speed gun from a distance, you are going to escape it. Your speed has already been recorded. One main reason behind this fact is that speed guns on motorway are usually set up on sharp turns which don’t give you enough distance to take evasive action.

• Two most common points of speed cameras are chakkri and Salt range. And majority of tickets are issued in salt range for violating the speed limit of 50 Km/hr.

• Use of radar gun can also help avoiding a speed ticket. I recently experienced it along with a friend who bought a radar gun from Dubai, radar gun detects the active speed cameras from a distance of 150ft so you can just slow down before you get into the 100ft range of speed camera. Radar gun gives you a beep if a speed camera is active ahead. But I have heard that such instruments to detect speed camera are illegal on motorway.

We do not advise people to be dangerous and a potential hazard to everyone else around you, but rather we publish such tips so those who get fined for unknowingly being over the limit with a margin of few kms, can be ready.

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  1. saadali90 says

    You should not promote over speeding on motorway… Nor on forum like this…. Plz drive safely…. Life is short…

  2. Yassir Arfat says

    100 ft???
    they detect over speeding more than 100 meters

    and they have now night vision cameras too

  3. Adeel Inam says

    who would go through all this trouble just to avoid speed camera :p

  4. Aqeel says

    Stop promoting this please!!! It’s better to be late..

  5. Amer says

    Can’t be 100ft….. No way…the range of these speed guns is a lot lot more…

  6. Fawad says

    U told every thing and then you are saying we are not recommending (hypocracy) at its best .Unresponsible and unethical article .promoting lawness

  7. Talha Malik says

    You need to understand how Speed camera works, they are Doppler radars which detects the speed by transmitting a wave and then measuring the change in frequency of moving target in order to determine
    the speed and then time stamps, records that on video the moment you were above the limit. Speed detectors can be helpful, but other tip is if ever you want to drive fast then drive within the speed limit till the time you don’t cross the speed camera or motorway police then you have a window of around 10 to 15
    minutes where you can over speed before coming back into the limits again to wait for next speed camera to pass. This is how I have avoided many speed tickets in past, hope that will help.

  8. Guest says


  9. Hadi Hassan says


  10. Farrukh Khan says


  11. Farrukh Khan says

    Dear pakwheels!! Do not approve these kind of articles which promotes unlawful acts like this one. I wonder what the writer was thinking…Fail!

  12. kamran usman says

    Pakwheels, please take this article down. This is irresponsible journalism. Why are you publishing shady tricks which can actually hurt the driver and his family. Please think!

  13. Sufwan Usmani says

    Now they have the latest speed guns which can detect the speed more dn 1100 meters

  14. Shahab Nasir says

    An irresponsible article with ridiculous facts. “Since the radar detects a speed gun from 150 ft range so you can just slow down before you get into the 100ft range”. the writer is definitely not a maths or physics student and has no sense of speed and distances. It is criminal of pakwheels to have content like this in their blogs.

  15. newcommer says

    Does anyone know the type of speed cameras being used by motorway police?

  16. newcommer says

    Does anyone know the type of speed cameras being used by motorway police? Are they using gps and laser cameras?

  17. Imran Javed says

    today i got fined for overspeeding at 131km/hr , they said that they can spare me if i were in 130, so just 1 freaking point and they fined me,

    the big important news and its latest by motorway police, that they set the camera consecutively, means, after 1st speed camera, then the next speed camera will be after 2 or 3 Km because they know the psychic of pkaistani drivers that they would speed up after they pass the speed cam , so that happened to me, after i pass the 1st speed camera at sukheki interchange then there was 2nd camera after 3 or 4 km and they caught 6 cars including mine. and after kalar kahar i saw 3 speed cameras withing a 4 or 5 km distance between each others.. kinda dirty trick they got now. so be carefull.

  18. Janbaz says

    its not 1 freaking point… its 11

  19. Janbaz says

    Am done with poor articles on PWs.
    the camera shown above can measure from a distance of over 1Km (not 100ft) and down to 15 m (50 ft aprox).
    2nd maximum range is not that important as is the minimum range, as it let them to place cameras right next to a sharp turn.

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