What do you want us to test in the upcoming FAW Vizi hatchback test drive?!

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Al-Haj FAW Motors is slowly making ground in Pakistan. The first vehicles to arrive in Pakistan were the trucks and then in the passenger cars department, the XP-V and the Carrier followed by the FAW Sirius S80. A family van which we test drove.

FAW is perhaps the first automaker in Pakistan which has opened to the concept of automotive journalism and has provided us with cars to test drive just for you.

FAW V2 will actually be called Vizi in Pakistan and FAW, wants us to test drive the hatchback so bad, that they have agreed to lend us a press car for a couple of days so we can test it in every way possible and get you the best of information about it as we can.

But we’re frankly, quite new to this all and would like all of you to tell us what to check and test in the Vizi hatchback? So tell us in the comments about what you’d like to know.

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  1. Khawar Mahmood says

    Fuel Average.
    Parts Availability.

  2. HolierThanThough says


  3. Muhammad Khan says

    if i do test i will check with these

    Road test (Highway)

    Car grip on high speed
    Gear shifting with speed limit
    Engine performance /Torque
    Break with different speeds
    Deep round cut controls

    Road test (in City)

    Car grip on high speed
    Gear shifting with speed limit
    Engine performance /Torque
    Break with different speeds
    Deep round cut controls

    Seats Fabric /adjustments
    Dash board
    leg space with different adjustments driving seat and other seats as well
    Back space
    door open/close Sounds

    Child lock

    Fine Line
    Aerodynamic Shape
    Car structure Joints/Car Pressure Points
    Body Gaps (Like door and fender )

    and over all materiel quality that is used in all parts
    Colour Quality that how it handle a climactic condition
    Wet road drive

    so many thing can be tested

  4. saboor says

    a drag race with its competitors handling review brakes acceleration parts availability reliability comfortability build up quality how u feel when u drive it more than 500 kms in one go fuel tank efficiency does it worth the money built up quality

  5. Rohail Khan says

    Road noise, Cabin noise, dont forget to test the car on roads with potholes!! n test the car on mountain areas to see if car is capable of climbing with the four passengers easily or struggling!! mileage with & without Air Conditioning,
    Recent heavy rains in Punjab have caused the rain water to enter in da car, so check that as well if the car is properly insulated against water getting in! hard braking on normal roads to see the braking distance!

  6. Ali Ehsan says

    Below points are in no order what so ever:

    the quality of seats
    the steering position
    interior quality
    road noise
    does it feel like its going to break after a few miles?(very important)
    the paint finish
    put some strain on engine
    test the suspension(also check the type of suspension e.g independent or not)
    see if there are any rattles
    put 6 persons in the car and check the comfort level
    check the ac
    from 0-60 then to 0 time
    the tires that it comes with
    some comments on the looks(which frankly are not up to the mark)
    the sound of the engine
    comment on spare parts
    comment on price
    the feel of the steering and gear shift
    the feel of the whole car itself
    the Thug sound of the door closing
    the equipment that it comes with (sound system etc)
    the ground clearance
    fuel consumption
    comment on hp and torque
    high speed test
    nippiness test for city driving
    comment on gear ratio
    different models avaliable
    etc etc…

  7. Ahmed Bilal says

    Comfort level,Engine sound,Road noise, AC, and last but not the least can you tell what would be the expected price?:)

  8. Uzair Naveed Sheikh says

    Fuel economy and gear shifting…is it cvti or normal automatic because i heard the auto version was coming

  9. Fawad Hassan says

    Fuel economy!!!

  10. Sulaiman Lalani says

    when i scrolled up the page the moment i saw the car in less than a sec , you know what i thought in mind “ADAM REVO” Unleashed 😛

  11. Muhammad Noor rana says

    sulaiman Lalani, i respect your thoughts, but i believe this is the best Value for money comapred to any Hatch in Pakistan . it consist Dual airbags, ABS with EBD, Anti theft, Keyless entry, Alloy Rims, 1.3 VCTI engine Euro 4 and much more. its fuel average is 15.7 km/ litres. this car is too common in South Africa and South America now.!
    its invoice price is 1049000 . i have driven this upto 160km/h , trust me its a beauty,!

  12. Muhammad Noor rana says

    Like this page to know about Faw more > https://www.facebook.com/fawpaksitan

  13. Hadi Hassan says

    I would like you to test:

    Car throttle response
    Fuel economy
    Suspension (on bumpy roads/with weight)
    road clearance
    turning radius
    road grip (on highway)

  14. Ahmed Hembel says

    0-100 km/h time, and 0-100-0 km/h time.
    top speed
    cabin noise
    engine sound outside the cabin
    seating position for everyone, like those above 6ft too 🙂 (front and back seats, both)
    quality of interior plastic
    road grip with stock tyres
    fuel economy
    ground clearance
    performance while carrying 5 people

  15. kamran usman says

    1. Fuel economy
    2. Sales and Service network
    3. Can we have a stripped down version with no airbags, no safety, no nothing for less money? I mean, it will help us compare this vehicle with the rest of Pakistani vehicles more easily then 😉

  16. ahmar says

    I think you can get a check list from any international website who do test drives.

    Onething you must mention to V2 makers is that we hope they get success in selling their car but once they do they should not keep on selling same model for decades like we have mehran and cultus here. They must bring in new shape every 4/5 years (which is the normal life cycle for any model)

  17. Ausaf Ur Rahman says

    THE MOST important thing is ” what ever they provide either truck or car ” do provide the after sales SUPPORT, this is even a key factor for any low grade car model i.e. Mehran.

    Other things i.e. performance, reliability, safety etc came aside because we have Cherry QQ and in past it was ADAM’s car, all were flopped due to after sales support.

  18. Arsalan says

    I’m very much interested in knowing how it performs on the highway, i’m not talking about top speed, but what speed can it maintain easily, like can it maintain 100km/h without any noise, plus do also check the cabin noise and sound proofing.

    please do observe visibility, is the bonnet visible, for example if the parking space is small you need to have clear front and rear visibility to be able to park properly (unlike vitz and city which have extremely poor front visibility).

    Air conditioning, and how much load does it put on the engine, how much the acceleration is affected when the air conditioning is running.

    Leg space in the rear seats, please compare it with 2008 Mira. Plus the overall comfort level of the car.

  19. Muhammed Hassan says

    I’ll add
    Rear Seats leg space.

  20. Asad Iqbal says

    Nice car. However either by airbags there should be navigation system.

  21. Asad Iqbal says


  22. Hassam says

    Emphasis on the Fuel Economy Aspect

  23. Muhammad Talha Iqbal says

    dont do much just compare it with the low grade same priced Suzuki Mehran n you will know the difference….

  24. OJ says

    Build quality, recently I had experience with a V3, the features, design of the car were very good, but where it lacked was build quality, the quality of the interior and the finish of the car

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