How to Get Rid of Travel Sickness

Summers are here. Most of you will be heading for a vacation to one of your favorite places. Whether traveling by road or by air, travel sickness can be highly infuriating for a joyful journey. Travel sicknesses do not last for a long time but it can be a great turn off for your trip. I personally suffer from travel sickness every time I go on long trips. Over the years, I have explored a few remedies and tips to prevent and get rid of travel sickness.
First of all, you need to understand that a condition of feeling nausea and headache is referred to as travel or motion sickness. If you have had a history of travel sickness, it is highly recommended to consult your doctor to help you prepare a medicine box for your traveling. Your family doctor will recommend you a course of medicines keeping in consideration your body type, age and other ailments.

Over the years, I have found some highly useful remedies to prevent myself from travel sickness. Here are some of them:
1. If you feel any symptom of travel sickness, buy a pack of yogurt and take a nap after few minutes.
2. Buy a lollipop and keep slurping it until you reach your destination.
3. Buy some chewing gums and keep eating them one by one until you reach your destination.
4. Buy a fizzy drink, add 30% water and half lemon in it and keep sipping on it.
5. Try not to close your eyes. Rather, divert your attention by putting up some music in the headphones.
6. Rinse your eyes with fresh water and breathe inside out in fresh air.

Travel sickness may also occur in hilly areas due to bumpy roads and high altitude. To prevent travel sickness in a hilly area:
• Do not eat at your fill before traveling.
• Do not eat  spicy food before or during travel.

Tips for Travelling by Road:
• Do not sit at the back seats.
• Do not read, watch video/movies or use mobile phone in a moving car or bus.
• Every half an hour, open the window and try to breathe in fresh air for a couple of minutes.

Tips for Travelling by Air:
• Do not sit at the tail end seats.
• Eat small portions of a meal because they are easy to digest during long flights.
• Keep inhalers and acupressure wristbands with you.
• If Possible, wear massage rings on one of your fingers and keep massaging it every now and then.
Have you ever felt travel sickness during Air travel or road travel? What remedies do you use to get rid of it? Share your suggestions in the comment below.

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