Pakistani Rickshaws Make their way to Japan

Japan has traditionally been a major market for international and domestic car buyers, renowned globally for their impeccable automotive auction houses aimed to provide added benefits to car buyers.A recent news of Japan importing three wheeler rickshaws from Pakistan  came as a surprise to the automotive world as Japan is not known for importing auto-vehicles .

A Pakistani company, Sazgar Engineering, has been exporting its rickshaws to foreign markets. Despite a strong industrial base and one of the biggest exporter of automobiles , Japan is importing three-wheeler rickshaws to shift its focus towards a cost effective transportation solution with an added benefit of providing a fun and leisure experience to its citizens.

Auto rickshaws are a popular mode of transportation in a lot of countries around the world namely Pakistan, India, Nepal, Thailand, and Bangladesh. This vehicle is aimed to provide economical transportation for traveling short distances within cities. Thus their increasing presence on Pakistani as well as some foreign roads should not come off as a massive surprise.

Sazgar Engineering, is a manufacturer of CNG 4-Stroke Rickshaws and automotive wheel rims. The company started its journey in September 1991 as a Private Limited Company, later converted to a Public Limited Company in 1994 under the Companies of Ordinance of 1984[1]. At this point, the company’s manufacturing facility spans over an industrial estate of 5 Acres and is offering a myriad of products. Over the years, Sazgar Engineering has sold more than 0.11 million units of three-wheeler Rickshaws[2]. The company conforms with the manufacturing policies of Pakistan Standards[3].

Due to the improving economic conditions of the country, the local three-wheeler market is all set to continue its upward graph of growth and sustenance.


Abdul Hanan

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