Here’s how to know which oil is right for your car

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Engine oils have a great impact on engine performance, fuel efficiency and engine life. Car owners in Pakistan usually do not consider this fact on every oil change. Car owners in Pakistan usually prefer certified and renowned oils regardless of their engine compatibility with oil. All certified and renowned engine oils are not suitable for your car. Here’s a summary of which oil grade is suitable for your engine in what type of climate. In an article on PakWheels; Here’s what “engine oil grade represents”, we had explained the meaning of engine oil grades, now we’ll talk about their compatibility.

These oils are usually for cold climates and possess very low viscosity. They usually do not have the ability to withstand hot engine temperatures.

0W-40 oils being very fluidity flow easily towards the engine. Also helps on cold startups. They are compatible with new engines and within cold climates.

These oils are the most used oils in Pakistan. Havoline Formula 10W-30 is one the most preferred oils among the Pakistani Car Owners. This grade of oil is used for normal wear and tear engines. It has the capability to withstand normal temperature of engine. Well maintained engines up to mileage of 70k to 90k are best lubricated with this oil in all weather conditions.
• Well maintained normal mileage engines.
• All weather conditions if the car does not heat up on long routes with A/c.

oils are mostly available with synthetic and semi-synthetic capabilities. ZIC manufactures, and also the most preferred ZIC A semi synthetic 10W-40 with environment friendly minerals. Typically, 10W-40 is used for engines that are initiating to experience some wear and tear changes. This oil also produces best results with oil solutions to prevent oil burning, smoke emissions and knocking sounds. But there is just one disadvantage of this oil that it is not beneficial for cold startups.
• Engines with mileage around or above 100k
• All weather conditions if the car does not burn oil.
• All oil solutions to prevent oil burning and smoke emission.

is a thick oil as represented by its viscosity; i.e. oil grade. Havoline 20W-50 Motor Oil and Kixx 20W-50 are the most widely used in this category. Kixx 20W-50 is specially made to prevent oil burning and smoke emissions. These oils are relatively cheaper as compared to other but they are not recommended for new and moderately older engines. Nearly all engine oil manufacturing companies are producing 20W-50 oils. If the mileage of the car has gone above 150k even if it does not burn oil, 20W-50 oil becomes a recommendation.
• Older Engines
• Engines with excessive wear and tear
• Engines that burn oil
• Hot Climates
• Engines that heat up on high rpms and long routes
• Engines that surface timing chain clattering noises

As a matter of fact, knowing which oil is right for your car is really important. Engines do tend to increase their performance and age life if lubricated with the right engine oil. Not only this, getting your oil changed on due time is also an important step of car maintenance activities.

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  1. Usman Shah says

    Misleading Article, facts provided are wrong. Author does not knows what 5w and 40 stands for and says that 5w-40 does not have capability to stand hot engine temperature.

  2. Guest says

    can you guide me what W stands for?

  3. I am a Student says

    I am totally confused after reading this article. I have a JDM Honda Life 2007 and currently using 5W-30. Someone has suggested me to use HAV/ZIC 20-50. This article hardly helped me any further.

    I will greatly appreciate if anyone guide me which one is suitable for JDMs. Keep in mind they are coming from JP but now running in PK.

    Plz see attached image of car manual which is in JP and has some info. I could hardly figure out what it says.

  4. haseeb says
  5. Raheel says

    yes no issue…..5w -30 or 10w-30

  6. Usman Shah says

    this is simply telling you that you can use any of the 0w-20, 5w-30,5w-40,10w-30 oils based on weather.

  7. Sam says

    I have a Suzuki Wagon R 2004 (3rd Generation- Japanese) and i it’s driven around 150000 kilometers… Which oil should I use for it?

  8. Dude says

    That was the most crap article ever. You seem to have zero knowledge of engine oils. Moreover kindly do research about the Viscosity grades before trying to write an article. 5w40 means its a viscosity range of the oil. Classifying as being only preferred for low temperatures is utterly wrong. Infact for new vehicles demanding a high performance this grade is highly recommended.

  9. Kami says

    Totally wrong information. Author knows nothing about engine oil. My humble request if you don’t know something try not to enter your nose in that. It is a very sensitive topic many people will mislead just because your bullshit information.

  10. faizan says

    my 82 charade(throughout petrol) is around 60k mileage(from 1982 till today) and was overhauled almost a year ago(50% parts were damaged according to my mechanic). Performace was on the mark before overhauling and after in the means of speed, and better overall now. it can touch its topspeed (140km/h) and i use havoline 20w-50. what grade should i use for my car?

  11. Bil says

    The best oil for your car is what is recommended by the car manufacturer. Moreover, when you want to educate people about oils you start by the very basic differentiation bw Synthetic, Fully Synthetic & Mineral oils ; having done that you move on to the numerical & alphabetic figures present in a certain grade , say 5W 30 , what exactly 5, W or 30 represents?
    A simple google search can reveal everything about it.
    What you , sir have written is not very helpful for the common man out there ,infact incomplete information always leads to a biased decision.

  12. usman says

    So you are saying that 5w-40 cannot withstand hot temps but 10w-30 can?

    Do you realize that the significance of the second number? Essentially what you are saying is the opposite of whats true.

  13. usman says

    And the choice of oil depends less on the temperature and more on the car manufacturer’s recommendation. e.g. you would not put thick oil in your Prius even if you live in hot temp.

  14. usman says

    Hi, You looking at the chart and the temp of pakistan you can use any of these {0w20,5w30,5w40,10w30}. But go for 10w30(preferred) or 10w40(although not in the chart) or 5w40.
    0W oils are meant for easy startups in less than 0C temperatures, which you never see here, they are also expensive.

    Also NEVER EVER use 20-50 oil unless your car is very old and reducing oil. They are not meant for modern engines because 1) they are too thick and 2) they usually have obsolete API grade e.g. SG which means that they can ruin your engine, sensors and catalytic converter. They will give bad fuel economy too.

  15. Ahsan Hussain says

    I have used 20W-50 in my 2.8 kva generator . Is it better for my generator or not?

  16. Taque says

    I have Prado 1991
    Which oil is best for my car..

  17. Shift Car Studio says

    Exactly. He should know that it is multigrade oil and at higher temperature the viscosity index goes upto 40. This is the most important characteristic of an oil. The viscosity should be low in low temprature and vice virsa.

  18. Shift Car Studio says

    You should know that these (5w/30 & 5w/40) multigrade oil and at higher temperature the viscosity index goes upto 40. This is the most important characteristic of an oil. The viscosity should be low in low temprature and vice virsa.
    According to car manufacturers at the starting point, the viscosity should be at its lowest. Hence best oil for temprature is 5w/40 and 5w/30 in some cases.

  19. MAH says

    I have Vitz 2013 model, 51k mileage. Which grade engine oil should I use? Any solid answer?

  20. sherry says

    I have vitz 2001with mileage 131000 . I am using havoline . Which oil suits my car

  21. Waqas Ahmed Khan says

    Hi there,
    Plz tell me which oil is best for my car right now?? I have Civic Exi 2001 model withe mileage 211,000…..
    Thanks & Regards,

  22. Khalid Mahmood says

    Nice and informative article.

  23. xeb khan says


  24. adi says

    this arcticle have very less information. There are huge varitiy available in oil. they did not mention 0-20 which is mostly use in hybride cars. also Havoline oil very bad for car there are much better oil, if you rate 1 to 10 then Havoline note be more then 4 or 5 and also not mention the difference between normal, synthetic , sami synthetic or super synthetic oil.

  25. imran says

    Hy i have honda civic 2004 model mileage 128000 which oil is best for my car right now…plz suggest

  26. Absar says

    Hi Pak Wheels team, could you please suggest me oil which is best for my cultus 2007 EFI model.

  27. Fozaan says

    Group3 oils(hydrocracked synthetics) are:

    All brands 10w-40,5w-30,10w-30 &
    5w-40 of shell helix ultra, havoline5w-40, total5w-30/40..
    These are all not 100% sythetics.. they are either semi synthetics or hydro cracked synthetics..but the bottle mentions semi synthetic or fully synthetic..

    In contrast

    Group 4 oils are:
    Kixx Pao5w-40, molbil 1 5w-40 are actually fully synthetics which are rebulit molecules through precisely made carbon chains of oil..
    Group 4 oils are much much better than group 3 oils.. so feed your engine accordingly…

  28. Umair Ahmed says

    Please also do something about the tyres specification In Pakistan.

  29. Kashif Khan says

    Sir my meter reads around 50,000 km. I have toyota Passo 2013. Which oil should I use?

  30. Taimoor Khalid says

    Use shell helix hx 5.

  31. Muhammad Hamza Tariq says

    What a terrible article propagating those usual paindoo mechanic advices. Seriously, anyone reading this, don’t take any advice from this article, use the oil grade recommended in your owner’s manual and only go for higher grade oils if there is significant oil consumption. Changing oil viscosity after 100k kms or 150k kms is a stupid myth which no one should believe. I used 5w30 in my corolla till 195k kms without any issue.

  32. Muhammad Hamza Tariq says

    There are multiple versions of kixx pao according to the kixx website and the ones available in pak are mostly group 3 and about 5 or 10% pao group 4. Also there are many versions of mobil 1 and most are group 3 with a small percentage of pao. The euro versions usually have more pao but they’re rarely available in pak.

  33. Daniyal says

    you didnot mentioned anout 0 w-20 in your article???

  34. Omer Siraj says

    What a ridiculous blog coming out of Pakwheels. Ladies n Gentlemen pls strictly follow the Manufacturer’s recommended grade and viscosity chart according to ambient temperature where one resides. In general Synthetics offer better engine protection from the second u crank the motor compared to mineral base oils.

  35. Mian SB says

    please tell me about dillo ultra gold 15w-40w

  36. Sami Khan says

    Which oil to use in case of a newly built / overhauled 1600cc engine?

  37. Muhammad Shahrukh says

    AOA ! please guide me
    i’ve hond civic 2005 d16 1.6vti total milage 180k . which oil nd filters are best for this condition .

  38. Aijaz Ahmed says

    which engine oil is best for Pak suzuki wagon R 2018 for best road mileage.

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