Chinese automaker ‘Zotye’ to establish a joint-venture in Pakistan

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Chinese President’s tour of Pakistan may have been delayed for unknown reasons (presumably) however, interest of Chinese companies hasn’t subsided from investing in Pakistan.

Zotye Holding Group, who also builds copies of estabslished cars such as the Daihatsu Terious, under the name Zotye, is interested in establishing an export base in Pakistan to export its vehicles to South-East Asian markets. The export base will be set up as a joint-venture with a Pakistani company “Raja Group of Industries”, which is a bit of filmy name but it exists.

Zotye’s core business is manufacturing vehicle, new energy vehicle and key auto parts like engine, auto mould, transmission. And since auto sector is one of the promising sectors in Pakistan exports, TDAP is taking every step to promote auto industry exports and also promised any support which Zotye may need to set up the base in Pakistan.

It took about 5 years for Yamaha to set up shop here so it would be quite a while before you may see Zotye vehicles in Pakistan.

Zotye also makes Jiangan, or Mehran as we know it and claims it is cheaper than Tata Nano.

jiangnan-alto-base-002 jiangnan-alto-base-005 zotye-z100-1 5008NomadII


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  1. Awes Ahmed Khan says

    Mehran was bad enough, now we have to live with a chinese version of it !!!!

    Atleast we have to give them credit for changing its interior

  2. zain says

    must change the engine extrerior to
    and thanks for the intrerior

  3. Muhammad Yasir says

    lemme guess …
    it will take them a CENTURY to set up here SINCE the tri-poly of Toyota , Honda and Suzuki DONT like playing nice ?

  4. Muhammad Yasir says


  5. Ali Hafeez Azmat says

    Raja Group of Industries has a very poor track record – remember Fiat Uno Diesel!

  6. Khamosh Khattak says

    How it will be purchased. Is there specific dealer in Pakistan especially in Peshawar

  7. Suleman says

    I want to knw from where w buy these

  8. fed up says

    Any company who can break the monopoly of TRIO is well come. Zotye cars looks beautiful and featured .

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