Honda Accord 2016 Facelift Introduced In Thailand

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Honda Accord is quite an expensive car in Pakistan, and that’s its biggest let down here where people rather go for Audi, BMW 3-Series, Mercedes C or E Class, and a whole range of imported cars including Honda Vezel, HR-V, and Land Cruiser Prado among others. So what’s Honda Accord price in Pakistan? 10,667,000 Pakistan rupees which translate to one crore, six hundred and sixty-seven thousand rupees. You could get a Land Cruiser ZX in that money.

But globally, where the price is value for money. Accord is a total workhorse, a daily driver that just goes on to eat up the miles and never complain. One of the best selling and most reliable cars in the world, and now, it has received a facelift in Thailand.

The facelift Honda Accord has received small aesthetic exterior changes while a few new features have been introduced to strengthen Honda’s main battle tank against Toyota Camry. Perhaps the most notable change is given to its front; a new signature Honda grille has been added. The new grille is supported by LED headlamps which feature LED daytime running lights and LED foglamps. The rear of the car has also received a similar, but mildly redesigned chrome bar/strip that you can check out in the pictures.

The interior hasn’t received any changes except, a few new trims have been added including the combination of wood and piano black and silver.

The new features that the Honda Accord 2016 includes Engine Remote Start, which allows you to start the engine and the a/c through the key fob, a new 7-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay, 7.7 inch MID and something called MirrorLink for smartphones and Wifi hotspot.

The engine remains the same 2-liter that produces 155 HP and a 2.4-liter Earth Dreams engines producing 174 HP, but the Honda sensing suite (safety technology) will be available with the Honda Accord.

The Honda Accord 2016 prices start from 1.385 million Thai baht (4,063,584 Pakistan rupees) to 1.635 million Thai baht (4,797,083 Pakistan rupees).

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    And i thought cars in India are overpriced. PKR 1 crore is INR 60 lakhs..

  2. Smokingaces says

    Bro, you have no idea how brutally car sellers/distributors/retailers/assemblers are slaughtering common Pakistani car buyers.

  3. Ehs says

    The price of this car would have been 30-35 laks at most if it was assembled locally and local taxes was similar to India, Thailand etc. The duty structure in Pakistan for CBUs is just insane!.

    Pak government policies restrict CBUs and only used cars (mostly under 1000cc) are feasible in market. Furthermore Pak government is nuts that it actually categories cars over 1000cc as luxury.

    Duty structure in Pakistan is obsolete based on engine power CCs instead of safety, emissions, fuel economy and modern technology. Pakistan is sleeping.

  4. twister286 says

    The standard engine spec for Accords is 2.4L for the VTI-L and VTI-S trims, 2.0L for the SP-Hybrid, and a 3.5L V6 engine on the V6-L trim in Australia…

    Those 3 are made in Thailand. They range from US$30,000 for the VTI-S model, US$37,000 for the VTI-L and US$45,000 for the V6-L…the SP-Hybrid is US$52,000 (which is a stupid price) tbh. The taxes within Thailand are quite high, the cars aren’t that pricey ex-factory.

  5. Aqeel Zia Nayyer says

    you all are lucky to have so much options in less money.


    I realize we are lucky to have a wide palette to meet our hunger for new cars and bikes. But now we want 100% Indian designed, engineered and made cars to be available to the Indian consumer for affordable prices. One example is Tata Nexon

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