Honda Atlas launches the new CR-V in Pakistan

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Honda was in the process of launching the new CR-V in different regions of the world and Atlas – which has the assembling rights for Honda vehicles, launched the newer, more aggressive looking CR-V in Pakistan.

The CR-V is priced at an exorbitant 7,100,000 PKR and will come with a 2.4 Liter engine producing 180 HP powering the 4 wheels of the car.

The CR-V has a lot of competitor worldwide however, very few of those competing vehicles are available in Pakistan. While most of them are imported by local dealers but none of them are new although they are priced much lower than the CR-V which makes the used SUVs worth the buy.

Indus Motors also have begun to assemble the Toyota Hilux Vigo and Avanza locally and they are priced better than the CR-V. It will be quite a rough a journey for new CR-V in Pakistan due to its insane price and better competing vehicles by Indus and importers.

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  1. aamir says

    its good as a cuv not as an suv

  2. Qasim says

    It’s awesome.

  3. salahuddin says

    the price was 58 laks 2 years back, now its 71 laks. few can buy this in pak. I think Hyundai Santa Fe and Kia sportage are better cars in this segment but their availability and future market value is doubtful in paki Market.

  4. Tahir Khan says

    Not a good offroader and going to not do well..

  5. speedy says

    a stupid launch..Pakistan is running in so much crises where it has almost gone impossible to purchase gasoline.while these people are launching such things to mentally destroy suffered people..such niche market people don’t even bother to bring up some change or such technology or things that can be afforded by lower class people…

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