Honda Atlas Records Triple Hike in its Sales

Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan have reported a triple hike in sales during the previous year (April 16′-March 17′). This hike owes its existence to a radical increase in the demand for Honda vehicles in Pakistan. With the ever steady Honda City sales coupled with a frantic demand for the new Honda Civic, the company has managed to achieve a milestone concerning sales figures.

In the above-mentioned period, Honda City registered sales of 19,712 units, whereas Honda Civic posted a record sales figure of 15,588 units. The total sales figure of both vehicles recorded a mighty sum of 35,300 units (first in the history of Honda Atlas). Considering the recent introduction of Honda BR-V in Pakistan, experts are predicting that Honda Atlas is on its way towards more growth and rapid expansion.


Notable Replies

  1. summary: honda atlas' situation is the exact opposite to the sh*t storm paksuzuki's going through :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. Thats all good except the delivery times - 6 months !

  3. A secret introduction of BRV. That I think would be secretly delivered to those who have pre-booked it, after which we might be able to physically examine the product that generally is an important prerequisite of a buying decision.

  4. time to further develop the production plant and increase production levels

  5. Undoubtedly Honda is the BEST as far as local car manufacturers are concerned. They give u quality unlike Toyota which is selling XLI and Grande same shape.....same interior and exterior .... except some cosmetic changes and airbags with an exorbitant price tag difference between the two extremities. Just making the people fool while vying to compete with Civic... but still in vain.....

    well done Honda ....keep it up but delivery to be expedited.....

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