Honda Atlas To Revise City’s Colour Range in Pakistan

Back in October 2016, PW reported that Honda City received a revision in its color pallet by dropping the bold beige color from its options and the inclusion of Ralley Red, which replaced the Habanero Red. Now though PW sources have confirmed that the company is introducing the complete color range of Honda Civic among its entry level sedan, Honda City.
In this regard the company’s official dealers have admitted that company is bringing or in some cases revising Honda City’s colors, which comes at an awful convenient time of the Suzuki Ciaz’s launch, which has recently take place on February 8th 2017. Experts remark that this step could potentially indicate a marketing tactic from Honda Atlas to sustain its sales by introducing new colors amidst the launch of a highly anticipated entry-level sedan. Add to the fact that Honda Atlas isn’t planning to launch the facelift of Honda City in Pakistan in 2017, the afore-mentioned reason is quite plausible.


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  1. Ager ciaz ki sales ziada Honda shooro hui to phir Honda atlas forced ho jaye gi new city Lanae ke Lia

  2. Well I am going to book red colour city next month.but I agree a new model would had done more good.

  3. Carn says:

    Actually a new City model wouldn't have helped Honda financially. The newer model did not receive good acceptance in the international market, it had some nice bits, like interior etc. but the overall car was going to suffer the same bad reception that 2012 Civic did.

    Couple that with how even 2014 Corolla XLi is more expensive than a City Aspire, introducing the newer model would have likely bumped City's price higher that would make a lot of people just buy Corolla instead of City like what happened from 2009-2014. Honda made a smart move, it kept the popular model and managed to sell it much cheaper than Corolla XLi/GLi while offering better specs.

    While I agree that we all want the new City, and frankly the 2017 facelift makes it a much better looking car than its 2014 ugly sibling (just look at the imported Honda Grace Hybrids from Japan), from a financial point of view it makes no sense for Honda to upgrade its molds and assembly lines for a 3-year old generation when 7th Generation is going to be revealed in less than 2 years. They will likely go for 2019 City 7th generation instead. This isn't Suzuki that buys old assembly lines of discontinued models for cheap and introduces them as "new models" in Pakistan, e.g. Swift and Liana.

    Lastly (I know this is getting long) how on earth is Honda refreshing City's colors?! City already has the exact same colors as Civic, they changed beige, alabaster silver and habanero red to urban titanium, lunar silver and ralley red. The white, black and grey are already common among both models. The only color City doesn't have is the blue one. It's going to be very anti-climatic if they only introduce the blue color after such an announcement. :joy:

  4. Carn says:

    Spoke too soon I guess:

  5. [quote="Carn, post:6, topic:453042, full:true"]

    Spoke too soon I guess:

    Maybe they will add orange and yellow

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