Let’s join Honda BR-V as it takes us on a 14-day Pakistan-wide tour

Honda Atlas Pakistan is doing something new, something exciting for the first time. The company is taking its BR-V on a country-wide trip; from Karachi, all the way to Khunjarab. And we will be bringing you live updates of the rally, from the start all the way to the end.

It is going to be a 14 days campaign starting from today, 28th April 2018, where the renowned personalities like Mr. Hanif Bhatti, Iqbal Ghangla, Taha Ansari with nine other drivers are taking part in the event. Starting from Karachi and traveling through 12 different cities and other areas of Pakistan, the final destination is Khunjerab.

The purpose of the campaign is to bring attention and light to all the beautiful far-flung areas of Pakistan, as well as to show how capable the Honda BR-V is to go on such adventures.

Honda Atlas is promoting the tourism in Pakistan with this campaign, which as a result will encourage the people of Pakistan to take out their vehicles and go visit the beautiful and serene areas of the country.

Now, let’s enjoy the live coverage of the event and stay tuned to PakWheels for all the updates, news and photos of the campaign.

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  1. Itinerary?
    Looking forward to a thread of this new country-wide trip from Karachi to Khunjarab by Mr. Hanif Bhatti. This time on a SUV.

  2. Nothing more than a marketing campaign

  3. Esssssass youuuuuu veeeeeeee




  4. BRV
    be ready vehicle
    not SUV at all

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