How to maintain your car’s tyres?

A person who drives a car is very well aware of the fact that tyres are one of the important exterior parts of a vehicle, which are not only durable but also get most of the beating among all the other exterior body parts of a vehicle. However, they can last long if you keep a check on them and do proper maintenance on regular basis.

They will even maintain their good performance for a longer period of time until you finally think of replacing them. To determine when the tyre needs work can be difficult. But, however, you need to get a new pair of tyres if you start to observe that your car is not gripping as much as it used to grip before. You can change the tyres or ask an expert’s opinion if you start to notice that even after the wheel balancing is done, your car is still either vibrating at high speed or its braking distance has increased, at this point you seriously need to worry about your car’s tyres maintenance. I am sure that many of you are already aware of the tips to maintain your car’s tyres, but this article will particularly cater those people who are new in dealing with the cars or other vehicles. So, the tips for routinely tyre maintenance include the following key points:

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  • After every 10000 km or more than this limit get the vehicle’s tyres rotation done.
  • Make sure that the wheels of your vehicle are aligned properly. The proper alignment of wheels will not only prolong the lifespan of the tyres but it will also give a vibration free ride.
  • Correct “air pressure” maintenance in the tyres is not only necessary but it is also probably one of the most important aspects of the tyre maintenance.
  • Correct “air pressure” in the tyres has an acute drastic effect to decide the lifespan of the tyres, so any change in it can either prolong the lifespan of tyres or reduce it.
  • Over-inflated or under-inflated, these both are very hazardous while driving your car. Since they can not only make the steering input superfluous but can also blow tyres suddenly leading to severe accidents as well.
  • If you do a lot of travelling then you need to keep a proper check on the tread of your vehicle’s tyre. You have to make sure that the tyre tread is sufficient to help you get a proper control while driving.
  • At least 3 mm of tyre tread is recommended to be safe. However, you need to replace the tyres if they are below this limit. For all this, you don’t need any expert of technicians to help you. Instead, it’s an easy process; you yourself can inspect the tyres of your vehicle.

These are just some of the easy tips which you can do any time. It can be done while your trip to the workshop. You don’t necessarily have to do it daily or plan a proper schedule for this; instead, you can do this over a weekend while getting your car wash done. These tips may seem simple but are sometimes neglected as well, however, if you follow all the above-mentioned tips, not only you will save money but you can keep your tyre run for longer period of time.