2014 Honda City facelift pictures leaked

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From the last few days, Pakistani variant of Honda City 2014 has been in the discussions. With initial news of Honda Atlas launching the international new model in Pakistan according to some sources, and then a Honda Dealer from Karachi sending photos of new model shape from Indian launch of the car to existing and potential customers. People were almost convinced that the new shape model is coming to Pakistan, but…

Unfortunately, all those news were merely rumors and Honda Atlas Pakistan is, in fact launching the facelift version with cosmetic changes instead of the new shape. A few hours back we received some photos from a Pakwheeler in Lahore, who took them at a local dealer of Honda in Lahore, confirming that there will be no new shape for Pakistan in 2014.


Honda City Pakistan 2014 (3)


Honda City Pakistan 2014 (1)


Honda City Pakistan 2014 (2)



Honda City Pakistan 2014 (4)



Honda City Pakistan 2014 (5)


Honda City Pakistan 2014 (6)

Photo credits: Muhammad Abdullah, Ehtesham Bokhari

Honda Atlas has invited Pakwheels Team to the launch event scheduled for tomorrow. Check back the blog in the morning tomorrow for detailed specifications and pricing of Honda City 2014 model.

Let us know how you feel about this in the comments below.

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  1. Abdul Akbar says

    disappointment … no change almost same ::(

  2. Tahseen Nasir says

    Almost same except the back light and rear reflectors in bumpers, not sure about the audio counsel and speedometer rest is like mine 1.5 aspire 2013. 🙁

  3. Warraich says

    like seriously ? Honda should have come with a bang !!! 1,3 GLI Auto is much better option !!! secondly toyota is planning to launch 1.6 GLI also 🙂

  4. Muhammad Junaid Sial says

    this not a face lift its just the same city. not the new one

  5. Sandtiger says

    least they have changed the back which was the worst part.

  6. Shujah says

    this is real face lift new city

  7. Saad says

    Pathetic…. These rear lights have been available in the market for quite sometime now. Other than that what, blue LED’s? Should have changed the shape. This is plainly minting 30-35k for the same shape. Unfair !

  8. Adil Maqsood says

    thanks to GOD that i have not sold my 2010 city 😉
    its all almost same. no BIG change 🙂 .

  9. raza says

    back light disgusting no change i am watching this shape since 2009 , corolla is better option than this city . i had seen international city brand having led back light and eagle lights if that model should introduce it will give tough time to new corolla . little change make increase price , they have tact to empty customer pocket hat off

  10. abbas says

    Total disappointment…..both Toyota-Indus & Honda Atlas…..are thinking that Pakistanis are foolish

  11. abbas says

    Just Buy bumbers and tail lights and fix them to ur city (2009 & above) u will have New Honda city 2014.

  12. Danish Sohail says

    Back lamps are ewwwwwww

  13. Ahsan Shahid says

    i agree increasing price would be stabbing honda fans

  14. Nabeel Shk says

    Disappointing and Horrible.

  15. Rahatullah Mallick says

    is it me or the chrome front grill looks a little cheap

  16. Dani Lurka says


  17. Ali says

    Yar it doesn’t matter wat they think……….the issue is that we have no other option as importing the new shape will cost much more! 🙁

  18. Abdullah Azkia says

    Honda is Offering very reasonable deal as compared to TOYOTA cuz Honda is offering evrythng WITHOUT ANY PRICE INCREASE….
    1. Front and Rear Bumper changed
    2. Chrome Grill
    3. New Improved Audio System
    4. Blue Dials
    5. Side Mirror Indicators
    6. High Mount Stop Lamp
    7. Keyless Entry
    8. Power windows
    9. ABS
    CAN YOU FIND ALL IN TOYOTA XLI which costs 1 Lac more..

  19. Hassan says

    importing??? Seriously?
    These cars are assembled in Pakistan and importing the products do not cost much of a difference

  20. Hadi Hassan says

    Honda launched next generation CITY in india….and here face lift after 5 years with pathetic tail lamps

  21. Suhaib says

    I wish iski Upgrade mein Shocks/Suspension and Seats Comfort and improve ki hoti toh ziada better tha :/

  22. Rizwan says

    It,s not a new model it,s just a upgrading of old one

  23. Umair says

    These are the old tail lights which are already outdated in dubai now. City has a new shape here so i dont know why they arent launching it in pakistan.

  24. Raheel says

    Oh yeah Abdullah bhai, Honda City prosmatic 1.3 (not aspire) with most modern electronic controlled compact 5 speed AT costs now 16 lacs and 49 thousands whereas New Toyota Corolla GLi (new shape) Automatic 1.3 with the same rotten old 4 speed Automatic Transmission (never used anywhere in the world now) is 18 lacs and 67 thousands. It even lacks the keyless entry, a standard with New face lifted city, u can see how loootu’s are these toyota indus people. This pathetic toyota corolla has not a single new feature in the new model and has got almost the same equipment. Only the meter has been changed.

  25. Raheel says

    New Toyota Corolla has been a total failure. Just see the sales statistics and you would learn, people have out rightly rejected this Dabba gari.

  26. Raheel says

    Autio Consul has been totally revised so as the meter which is the Blue LED lit one now. Impressive indeed.

  27. Raheel says

    Not pathetic bro, just see the price difference between city and corolla and the features simple city has as compared to toyota GLI (new shape) you would know better which car is offering the best value for money, its nothing but city! I have driven the new corolla too, its suspension now is on the harder side as city used to have, to give it better manoeuvrability . Overall new Toyota Corolla is nothing but a piece of shit for such a hefty amount of money.

  28. Raheel says

    yeah the same face lift of city offered in Thailand in 2012 and in india in 2013. Exactly the same.

  29. Raheel says

    Have you driven the new toyota corolla? Coz if you had , you would not have said that. New corolla has pathetic suspension, same old equipment and is priced almost 1,75,000 more than the city can you believe that Toyota Corolla 1.3 GLi Automatic even doesn’t have keyless entry>? Shame on Indus motors. All loootu and Chooors.

  30. Raheel says

    All of you my friends who are Toyota Corolla 2014 fans may kindly review this article….


  31. faizan says

    the honda city model which have been given to india this year is not given to pakistan. why???????????

  32. faizan says

    why this model is not given to pakistan????

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