Honda and General Motors team up to develop batteries

The beckoning of the era of electric vehicles has changed a lot of aspects of the auto industry. With most of the heavyweights of the industry embracing this change, the others are soon to follow suit. It won’t be long when recharging pumps will be as abundant in major developed countries of the world as are gas pumps today. Just recently, Honda has also taken a step towards this new era by finalizing a partnership with General Motors to co-develop batteries for EVs.

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With General Motors on its side, Honda aims to develop batteries that can store more power in a smaller packaging and are capable of fast charging. Developing a single battery is one thing, but Honda is keen on developing a battery which will not only have the mentioned features but will also be easier to manufacture on a commercial scale.

Both, General Motors and Honda, have released official statements on the matter, both of which mainly point out that the teaming up of these two giants will result in scaling benefits and manufacturing efficiency benefits. This is not the only project shared by Honda and GM. Both the companies are also involved in another partnership that aims to develop ways to commercialize fuel cells and hydrogen storage systems.

The core foundation of this partnership is based on GM’s next-gen batteries which will be sold to Honda and the main market that will reap the benefits of this partnership is the North American market. This partnership also acts as evidence that despite being proactive towards the fuel cell technology, Honda is also ready to make efforts towards the battery electric vehicles.

General Motors’ executive vice president of global product development Mark Reuss said in a statement that this partnership demonstrates General Motors’ capability to up its electric portfolio even further than it is today. Mark Reuss also mentioned that the partnership in mention is a long-term collaboration between the two companies. Takashi Sekiguchi, chief officer for automobile operations in Honda, said in his statement that this battery component collaboration will help the company in creating means for a sustainable society.

General Motors’ is making quite an effort towards the new technologies and surely strives to capture a large portion of the market. This is the reason why the company is investing so much resource in a sector that hasn’t even reached its true potential yet.