Honda is the brand with least warranty claims amongst all

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England’s warranty specialist, MB&G has compiled a list of automotive brands which have least warranty claims. According to MB&G’s list, Japanese and Korean car brands have generated the fewest claims over the past years with Honda taking the top spot with lowest number of warranty claims over the years while Toyota came in at 4th position overall.

MB&G said that it is no coincidence that Japanese and Korean manufacturers have scored the top spots as they have always enjoyed a reputation for reliability however, in Pakistan, Honda and Korean cars have not been considered as good as Toyota in terms of reliability but the latest analysis of data compiled reveals otherwise.

The top ten brands on MB&G’s list with the least warranty claims were as follows:
1. Honda
2. Lexus
3. Mitsubishi
4. Toyota
5. Suzuki
6. Kia
7. Hyundai
8. Subaru
9. Mazda
10. Nissan

With more and more car owners, including companies, extending their cars’ life into their fourth, fifth and sixth years, many drivers are for the first time coming to terms with the costs associated with running an older car.

“Modern day cars are reliable, but if something starts to go wrong, it’s more likely to be in the fourth or fifth years, or when the mileage reaches 70-100,000 miles,” explained Kevin Pearce, a director of MB&G.

“Cars are packed full of electronic equipment that control everything from the engine management system to the automatic gearbox and a small software glitch can often create issues, in addition to the other components that can fail simply through wear and tear,” he added.

The average age and mileage of cars being handled by MB&G is increasing, but the corporate/SME market generally resists extending warranties beyond the one provided by the manufacturer.

“We administer tens of thousands of warranties each year and generally we are seeing the average age of those cars increasing quite dramatically, mirroring the extended ownership cycle. Currently we are seeing more drivers considering buying a warranty for extra peace of mind, some for the very first time, but the sector which is still to manage the risks associated with many older cars, is the corporate sector,” added Pearce.

Toyota in Pakistan enjoys a tough image whereas Honda doesn’t, but if we really sat down to see what data from the past years say than this might change our perception towards buying cars especially the Korean which are steadily becoming alarming competitors for the international big brands but could not survive few years in Pakistan due to the false and manipulated perception of the consumers.

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