Honda N Series Taking 660cc Cars to an Ultimate Level

Kei cars or the 660 cc autos are in the spotlight because of their efficiency, hi-tech features and delightful drive. These compact hatchbacks have been quite popular in Pakistan as they match our conditions and expectations. But Honda took these kei cars to an ultimate level with introducing the N-series especially, the Honda N-One and N-WGN.

  1. Honda Earth Dreams Technology:

Honda N series is powered by the engines based on Honda Earth Dream Technology. These engines employ variable timing control which improves the fuel intake and ensures a more efficient and powerful drive. The performance of these engines is much more effective than other 660cc cars in town. Coming towards numbers, the Honda N series assures you 22 Km/ltr with a better driving experience, which is just amazing.honda_earth_dreams

  1. Cruise control:

Most of the cars in 660cc category do not come with this feature however, the N series is blessed with the cruise control. In our local line up, we have this feature only available in top of the line sedans. These cars offer great comfort on the highways as well as a really good fuel economy.Honda N One

  1. Traction Control and Emergency Stop Signal :

Traction Control and Emergency stop signalAll of the cars in N-series (latest one) are equipped with traction control and radar distance control. Traction control assists the driver to avoid wheel slippage and over spinning even on the wet roads. N-series are the first ones to bring Emergency Stop Signal to 660 cc cars. This is a very valuable feature, which assures a higher level of safety as it warns the drivers coming from behind, by flashing the hazards rapidly.

  1. City-Brake Active System:

honda n city brake systemLatest vehicles of N-series are also equipped with City-Brake Active system . This system is designed to avoid collision by warning the driver, when the car recognizes a risk of collision and if the driver does not stop the car, it will automatically apply brakes at extreme level. Previously this function was only seen in luxury cars like Porsche, Lexus, Prius, Vezel etc. But by offering this option in a 660cc car Honda N series will surely make it to the heart thrones of the people.


  1. Paddle Shifters:

I know it sounds a little to much but all the upper (sports) model of the N series are equipped with paddle shifters. Previously, these were only seen in cars that cost you a fortune like the new 2016 Honda Civic 1.5T or Toyota Altis Grande. But Honda has made this possible in a 660cc car.

Honda N

Honda N One

There is no doubt about the fact that Honda N series offer the most advanced and most equipped cars in the kei cars segment. And if you think that the parts would be an issue, you are wrong. We live in twenty first century and you can get anything from abroad with a single click of computer mouse. Honda has also made majority of the parts of N-Series available in all major cities of Pakistan and soon we’ll have all its parts available locally.

And I’m pretty sure that as Honda N series is slowly making its share in the Market, Honda Atlas may look into it as well. For those who think the parts are expensive, Yes they are. But just look at the quality of these parts, No one will sell you a Pizza at the price of a Kulcha.

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  • A.Waleed

    Are they launching these cars in PK?

  • Chacha Ramzan

    Kun Esay Sawal Poochtey Ho Mian

  • Aqeel Zia Nayyer

    can you name the list of trims this n one and n box have?

  • Umar Ashfaq

    No they are not but in case there market research is good they will surely consider this option and steal the market share from Suzuki Pakistan

  • Umar Ashfaq

    My friend N one has four trims,
    1. GA
    2. Tourer
    3. Premium
    4. Premium Tourer

    And N BOx has three trims,
    1. GL
    2. Splash
    3. G Custom

  • Bil

    ‘Honda has also made majority of the parts of N-Series available in all major cities of Pakistan and soon we’ll have all its parts available locally’

    Please explain how and when Honda itself did all this.

  • Umar Ashfaq

    You ask them for parts they import it for you…..if you dont know how to do that.

  • Guest

    Comical. Break some small thing in the car, then it sits duck in the garage waiting for the spare part to be imported. D’oh!

  • Guest

    If the market research is good, they won’t launch it here.

    The price of a 660cc Honda will be more than twice the price of a 660cc Suzuki.

    AND Honda will never compete with Suzuki in terms of price of spare parts. That’s all.

  • knightrider

    Well if the car is waiting in the garage than dude its not a small thing you broke :p

  • Umar Ashfaq

    No one will sell you a Pizza at the price of a Kulcha thats for sure. And if you think that suzuki can beat honda with lower price let me remind you of Suzuki Liana introduced against Honda city. And today we can see who the winner is.

  • Guest again

    Liana’s failure had many reasons. City was already successful when Liana came in 2006. The similar price for a lower brand name was asked by Suzuki.

    Liana spare parts were expensive than City’s. Liana had terrible problems with CNG, blowing coils and that famous backfire on CNG problem inherited from Baleno which resulted in torn (=useless) air filter. Liana had worse build quality than City at that time. 2007 City now would usually be spotted in a much better condition than a 2007 Liana.

    The difference between Liana and City was less than 1 lac rupees in good times, while the difference between Mehran and N-series is not going to be less than 1 lac. It is going to be around twice or even more.

    So, Suzuki challenged already established players City and XLi with something meagre, problematic, difficult to repair, costly to repair, nearly similar pricing.

  • Umar Ashfaq

    Just leave everything thing and come to brand reputation
    99 out of hundred people will chose honda instead of Suzuki even if they get to match the standard of honda.

  • Umar Ashfaq

    And plz understand Suzuki Pakistan has other vehicles also. Suzuki ka matlab Mehran ni hota.
    wagon R hae, swift hae, cultus hae they all cost you above 10 lac.

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    Baleno does not have a backfire problem. At least never occured in mine. It only occurs if there’s a problem with your air intake not being properly latched.

  • adnan syed

    If the honda pakistan market research is good they should launch brio in this market rather than N-one which is only made for JDM. Honda Jazz is the other option. Be realistic. Even honda pakistan marketing team doesn’t know about the fuel grades avaiable in Pakistan nd wrongly recommended RON 92 for civic 1.5 turbo.

  • Guest yet again

    And this is special situation. There are umpteen other cars (including those cars offered by Suzuki themselves) which do not require special care with the air cleaner box. Even if you drive the car without air cleaner it just runs.

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    Baleno and Lianas are infamous for their ECUs. Once their settings are disrupted you are screwed. Plus service stations ask esp when you have either of those two cars if you want the engine room washed at your own risk because it happened to me once, flashed the overhead coils and it cost me around 12k to get everything sorted

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    and im sure you mean the air filter not the whole box. because even a slight gap causes that backfire. I think that is due to map sensor not being able to function properly or maybe some other sensor on the air box hose.. idk if that is a maf sensor or a throttle sensor?

  • Gem

    Seems like a sponsored post.

  • Salman Ahmed

    Ugly design

  • Ahmad Nadeem

    Honda will never bring this car to Pakistan as some of features in these cars are not even available in top of the line honda civic so launching this car with all these features will be like “apnay paun pe kulhari marna”

  • Soccer Guy

    Well no one sells pizza at the price of a kulcha true, but our market will only spend for a kulcha either you offer kulcha or a pizza. One reason is cars and their spare parts are pretty expensive not only compared to their prices in other regions but as a matter of fact the disposable income of masses here and other regions is also not comparable. Market is driven by masses and not few ones having their pockets full of bucks, who can actually afford to venture and experiment. If you really want to make it a success, prices should be realistic keeping in mind the disposable income of masses in Pakistan AND value derived out of it for both car and its spare parts.

  • Hassan Arshed

    Well the 660 cc cars lacking these features are touching 11.5 Lacs mark already. It means Honda N-One will take it to 13 Lacs at least. In my opinion spending 1.3 million on an under powered engine is ridiculous even if it beats a Maybach in luxury.

  • mar222184

    Just saw V WGN on pakwheels and I am stunned to see that one can get so many features in a car in Pakistan for under 13 lacks. Its indeed a true value for money. For costly spare parts I would say that the amount of money that this car would save in fuel economy and passengers safety, it totally is worth buying.
    I dont know why we all care about selling our cars at higher prices than we have bought it for. People must perceive vehicles as source of transportation and convenience and these things loose their value with time. Its not a freehold property that one should expect their asset`s value to increase upwards only. smh

  • Sheikh Umair

    Is any N available in a shape like every wagon, hijet, clipper shape…mean like that capacity???