How the Pakistani 40 kmpl water powered car actually works and might just save the world

Water Car Invention by Pakistani Engineer Agha Waqar

Pakistan throughout the world had been known for a lot of things from its birth to today, once it was a part of the hippie-trail, than it was known for sports good (well, a bit but yes), and…well, err, Pakistan was known for Pakistanis, and than our country went to the dark side; terror, bombs and bullets became our main identifiers, and still are but there are those as well which have forever been recognized in the world, the unparalleled natural beauty our country has to offer which has been blocked by constant security threats so they haven’t been able to provide much help unless we assure peace and stability across the country.

Today, there just might be one thing which can become the most positive identity of Pakistan as the whole world is constantly innovating to find the fuel of the future. The majority doesn’t agree on Electric Vehicles as the future but what we do agree is that soon, we will run out of oil but before that, oil will become too expensive to extract. Therefore, we need to have an alternative now.

The alternative – the solution lies in water, it is hydrogen. Honda has already gone there by making a hydrogen powered car (Honda FCX Clarity) but majority of automakers had so much exposure in researching and developing electric vehicles already, that they’ve turned a blind eye towards hydrogen cars.

Now though, things might change thanks to a Pakistani as the water fuel system developed by engineer Waqar Ahmad will run a 1000cc car 40 kms on a liter of water and a bike would give around 150 kms on a single liter of water.

But how does this system works? We’ve seen a lot of scams products (including water power fuel kits) in the market (mostly foriegn) claiming, that plug this in your lighter socket and you’ll start saving fuel. They’ve all been scam but this one, given government’s enthusiasm and support, and how it actually works – may just be it!

Well it runs just like any hydrogen powered car, this system, gives your engine hydrogen through extracting it out of water which you fill your tank up. So the engine is hydrogen powered but, which extracts hydrogen from water instead of you filling it up with hydrogen like we have to in Honda FCX Clarity.

It is interesting to note that the water fueling system is simple in its technical nature in which the `hydrogen bonding’ present in distilled water will be an acting agent and the hydrogen gas propels the engine.

And auto pundits have long been of the view that hydrogen is the future but there’s a small problem. The most noisiest and popular voices in automotive journalism, the trio from Top Gear have also demonstrated how hydrogen is the future which you can see in the video below.

Although taking Top Gear seriously is just like taking a bunch of noisy junior school crazy kids seriously but, what’s true is true. In the video above, Jeremy Clarkson says that filling outlets and storing hydrogen in the car is a problem right now and whoever cracks that riddle will eventually become the richest person in the world.

And, Mr. Waqar’s car uses Hydrogen to run the engine and the hydrogen is stored in water!

We just might be the next Saudi Arabia if government’s able to execute and support this project wisely and with zero corruption.

It is indeed quite good to see government’s support towards the project and let’s hope that it’s sincere and we get all patents stick within Pakistan and not sell this technology to anyone because if it works…just watch the above video again to know that Pakistan’s debt could possibly be waived off.

Baber K. Khan

An auto enthusiast trying to bring car media mainstream.