How to Get Duplicate Car File or Book in Punjab?

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The car file is the most important document because it proves your ownership. And losing it can be a very serious problem for you and car price. Without the file, it is almost impossible to sell your car because you cannot prove that this is your vehicle.

Same is the case with your car book because it has your car’s registration number, your name, and other important details of the car. In short, it is kind of a identity card of your car. And many of you have asked us, what should one do, if the file or book is misplaced or lost.

You do not need to worry because we are here to help you. Just follow these simple steps and you will be able to get duplicate of these documents.

How to Get Duplicate Car File? 

In case you have lost your car file, follow these steps:

  • Visit nearby police station and register an FIR stating that the book has been lost
  • Give an advertisement in newspaper about the incident
  • Visit the car company e.g., Toyota, Honda, Suzuki or others
  • The company will issue you a duplicate

What if Car is Imported?

If you have an imported car, then the process would be a bit different except initial steps.

  • Visit police station and register an FIR
  • Give an Ad in the newspaper
  • Visit Customs department and here you will face two scenarios
  • If your car is relatively recent import then its data should be available online and the department will hand it to you
  • But if, your import is older than few years then you will have a serious problem. Because you have to search for the exact Clearance Agent who cleared your car. After finding it, he will handed over to you but it will surely take time and it could be a big hassle.

How to Get Duplicate Car Book? 

And here is the process of getting a duplicate car book, if you lose it.

  • Visit nearby police station and register an FIR.
  • Give an advertisement in newspaper about the incident.
  • Visit Excise department, show them copy of FIR and advertisement and demands a duplicate
  • After due process you will get a duplicate car book

Important Note

As we all know the government has replaced the old registration book with smart cards. So, the whole process will be same but you will get a duplicate smart card now.

We hope that this article will be helpful for you in case of such incident. In case you need to verify a Car Registration, you can easily do so through our MTMIS Punjab Section.



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