How to Jump-Start A Car?-A Great Tip For Car Owners

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Today, we will tell you how to jump-start a car, when its battery is either dead or has very low volts. In the jump-starting process, you have to link two vehicles through high tension wire to start the car with a low battery.

In Pakistan, electric cars with ECU electronic Control Module are overtaking the market. Many of our consumers do not know how to jump-start these cars. PakWheels will tell you how to jump-start these cars correctly.

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Process of Jump Start: 

First of all, you should remove the broken car’s key from its ignition. It is pertinent to mention here that whenever you are doing electrical work of a vehicle, remove all the metal objects, i.e., watch and rings, from your hands. The metal can touch electric wires and can cause damage to your hands.

Before connecting wires, make sure that both terminals of the car are tight and clean. You should always remember that the bigger terminal is positive, while the shorter one is negative terminal.

Jump Start car

How to Connect High-Tension Wire: 

To jump-start a car, you need a high-tension wire. The red clamp of the cable will connect to the positive (plus) terminal, while the black side will connect to the negative (minus) terminal.

In the first step, you will connect red clamp of the wire with the positive terminal and black with the negative one of the  car providing current. 

Jump Start CarMeanwhile, take the other side of the wire and connect red clip with positive terminal, but do not connect its black one to the battery, you want to charge.  

The reason behind this advice is that the discharged battery starts to emit hydrogen gas, which is explosive and can cause an accident. Henceforth, connect the black clamp of the wire to shock-absorbing bolts or any other strong wire in the engine.

Jump Start Car

Now start the car with the low battery and keep the engine running for 8-10 minutes.  

How to Remove the High-Tension Wires: 

The removal process of the wires is totally opposite to connecting it. Remove the negative terminal of the dead battery, place it on some plastic cover/space. Then remove the negative clamp of charged battery, put it on the plastic cover too.

In the next step, remove the positive clamp of the discharged battery, do the same with charged battery and place the whole wire on the ground.

Additional Tip: 

In many cases, the driver of charged battery car gives extensive race to charge the other vehicle, which is not the right way. In fact, if the battery is not charging on normal race, you have to take RPM of the charged car to 2000, and then start the uncharged one, which will resolve the issue.

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