Hyundai is bringing something new for its customers in Pakistan – What is it?

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Hyundai Nishat Motors is all set to introduce something new for its customers, and it seems like Hyundai Tuscon will make its debut in the local auto sector of Pakistan.

The Korean auto manufacturer returned to Pakistan after several years in collaboration with Nishat Group to introduce Hyundai vehicles in the country. Since last year, the company has already introduced two vehicles to its line up including the SUV Santa Fe and MPV Grand Starex. The automaker has now put up a countdown timer on its social media platforms, which states that Hyundai is bringing something exciting for its customers in the local market. It has also mentioned 8th October in its countdown teaser, which could be the launch date of whatever the company is all set to introduce.

Recently, the compact crossover SUV Hyundai Tuscon has been spotted on the roads of Pakistan, which gives us an idea that this could be what the hype is all about. Its pictures are attached below:

Hyundai Tucson comes with a 2.0-liter GDI 4-cylinder engine in the global market. Its powerful engine can produce a maximum output power of 161 hp and a maximum torque of 203 Nm. It also comes in a 2.4-liter GDI engine. Both engines are coupled with a 6-speed automatic transmission with SHIFTRONIC manual shift mode. The base variants in the Canadian market are Front-Wheel Drive (FWD), whereas the high-end version of Tucson is equipped with HTRAC All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system. It comes with a 5-year or 100,000 km warranty (whichever comes first). However, the company has introduced all its vehicles under a 4-year or 100,000 km warranty period in Pakistan.

Hyundai has so far introduced high-end cars in the country, which has also raised several question marks on the company’s return to Pakistan. Hyundai Nishat Motors entered the local market last year by attaining the Greenfield status under the Auto Development Policy (ADP) 2016-21. It’s quite surprising that no budget car has so far been introduced by the company. The introduction of Tucson could well bring a variety in the SUV’s segment but doesn’t support the uplifting of the auto sector in the current circumstances. The auto industry is facing a major setback as the sales have declined massively. The local auto manufacturers are struggling to sell even the budget cars as the unsold inventories continue to pile up across the country. Under these circumstances, the introduction of Hyundai Tucson won’t make a noise at all. KIA, on the other hand, has introduced the mid-sized 1000 cc hatchback Picanto recently. It’s also the company’s first budget car to its line-up, which was also previously dominated by high-end cars only.  In my humble opinion, it’s time now that the new players realize that the market needs more cars that could attain high sales volume rather than just high price tags and reconsider their future plans if they are here to stay. Note here that it’s just speculation that the company will introduce Tucson in the local market. We will have to wait and see what the above-mentioned date brings for the consumers.

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  1. Haris Ahmed says

    Pakwheels please hire proof readers. 1st its Tucson not Tuscon. 2nd when did hyundai launched Grand Carnival? i thought Kia launched Grand carnival and Hyundai launched Grand Starex. Poor mistakes on leading auto blog of country? not acceptible

  2. Zain says

    Its starex not carnival

  3. patriot says

    Dear kindly don’t advise to share our views because intellectuals like me will troll you in all your reviews. I always advice you to grow up and think like a mature person rather than explaining your thoughts like a car freak brat.

    Now in your title you say that Hyundai is bringing something new but on the contrary, in the body of your review you quote Hyundai of bringing something exciting instead. You then go on and try to impose your supposed thoughts that Hyundai will most probably introduce the Tucson model. The Tucson is neither new or exciting as I will explain below.

    My friend it is here where you start acting like a child again. Go and do the research before hastily writing reviews. There is a marginal difference in Tucson and Santa fe models so where is that something new or exciting in bringing the Tucson when you already see a similar type SUV on the road.

    Now what I suppose that something exciting will be either introduction of elantra (as competitor to corolla/ civic being in same wheel base category) or hyundai will introduce the budget model Hyundai accent which is a sub compact sedan as a competitor to the Honda city. Also 2019 version of both the above mentioned cars is welcoming change keeping in view the design and quality of both these sedans which will be an exciting and welcoming change to the stereotypes of civic/corolla prevailing in Pakistani society for long.

    This is how you interpret analysis and reach to conclusions based on the content of topic with sound logic and specific knowlege.
    But I think you will not learn and you will continue to behave like pampered child who always asks daddy daddy Ye konsi gari hai.

    Thanks and Regards,

  4. Fmirxa says

    Isn’t Carnival a KIA vehicle??? Do you people at Pak wheels even read or proof read your articles before publishing them??? Hats off to the knowledge waisay at pak wheels

  5. Johny Khan says

    Kia or Hyundai dont seem to b serious about car market. It has took both companies over three years to launch a vehicle. Kia has only launched Picanto at exuberant price (probably, Picanto can sell below 1.5 Mn tag only). Hyundai z yet to launch a budget car. Is it a joke with us?

  6. Jayy Khan says

    i was gonna comment the same.. he spelled it wrong few times. also its acceptable 😉

  7. Shahab Nasir says

    Say what? Carnival is a Hyundai? Santa Fe already launched?

    Quote Pakwheels: “Since last year, the company has already introduced two vehicles to its line up including the SUV Santa Fe and MPV Grand Carnival.”

    This is super careless. Pakwheels posts no more than 1 blog a day and they can’t fix silly mistakes like this. I really wish you guys can improve and can make these blogs exciting. Or at least can quote accurate information. Too much to ask?

  8. Shahab Nasir says

    Besides all this. Still excited to know another SUV/MPV coming in the market. Sedans just aren’t as practical

  9. Ishaq Dollar says

    This author keeps popping out articles with a pro-assembler twist. The quality of articles is self-evident.

  10. Mir Faizan says

    poor poor mistakes and again a substandard blog article on pak wheels. dont know about other but its worth visiting car spirit blogs then to read useless paid content here

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