Hyundai Sonata Spotted once again!

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Hyundai-Nishat Motors has already launched a few vehicles in the local auto market, including Hyundai Ioniq and Hyundai Santa Fe.

The company is eyeing to launch new vehicles every six months, and this seems to be quite true as we have once again spotted Hyundai Sonata in Lahore making test rounds. See the picture below:

Sonata, a mid-size car, was first introduced by the South Korean automaker in 1985. The car is now in its eighth generation. Its seventh generation was introduced in 2017, in which the car got a facelift. It is not known which generation of Sonata will be launched in Pakistan.

Moreover, Hyundai Nishat Motor Private Limited (HNMPL) has started manufacturing the Hyundai Porter H-100 pickup at its Faisalabad manufacturing plant. Hyundai’s plant is fully operational, and it has the capacity of assembling 15000 vehicles per year in the initial phase. The Hyundai-Nishat partnership began in December 2017, and now after two years, it has started assembling vehicles in Pakistan. Models other than the H-100 pickup will be launched in the near future. The H-100 pickup is the first “made in Pakistan” vehicle of the Hyundai-Nishat Motors.

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  1. Waqas says

    A nice entry for the 2014, 7th generation Hyundai Sonata (in the picture the 2018 facelift model) in Pakistani Market, and i believe this large sedan, would be an affordable sedan, where Toyota camry and Honda accord are hardly sold.

  2. Tahir says

    This launch seems to be a way of dumping left over units previous generation model in the markets where competetion does not exist. Kia did same with Picanto, it is a globally discontinued car that came here and now sonata.

  3. Awais Yousaf says

    Yes exactly, you put it up very well. These so called new entrants from which we had high hopes are just going to eventually “DUMP” globally discontinued models in the country. Launch them as luxury statements. Trying to fool people into thinking that their cars is some sort of a luxury car when in reality its just a old gen model at a price which is 2-3 times the regular price.

  4. TheUndertaker says

    Hope its made here then it would be within reach of consumers and occupy niche mid-luxury market above corolla/civic.

  5. Faraz says

    Hyundai doesn’t seem serious to sell its brands as all launched vehicles so far are beyond buying power of a common man like Failed Santa Fe and Failed Ioniq ….. Sonata would follow same fate if price is not controlled……..

  6. Faraz says

    Hyundai is not serious to sell its products as Failed Santa and Failed Ioniq are witnesses. Price needs to be checked vis customers’ buying power, else Hyundai may follow same fate as of yester years

  7. Azeemloag says

    This is not dump. I can gurantee this 2014 shape will be equipped with lot of features which civic/Corolla don’t offer here yet. Moreover the build quality will far superior than Pakistani manufacturers

  8. Azeemloag says

    And this car still looks better than current corolla from back

  9. AbdulB1 says

    Another overpriced vehicle being launched and thus nearly all of the money will be sent back to Korea

  10. AbdulB1 says

    Affordable my foot. All these international brands or series are expensive due to licensing costs….. In India most of these companies are making platforms and designs in India to save vehicle costs and keep them cheaper.

  11. Waqas says

    You are talking about India Car market, you need to undestand is a different market from Pakistan, Pakistan is more like middle-east market in term of cars, India need small vehicle because them population is higly dense, there is a lot of circulation, the road width is smaller compare to Pakistan, so that’s why in India these companies like you said have to work and develop platforms and design specific to India car Market with Indians engineers.
    For Pakistan you seem to missing the 2016-2021 Pakistan automotive scheme, Kia as Hyundai are building Plant in Pakistan nearly completed, it will give to Pakistani jobs and the cars will remains affordable, Kia grand Carnival is a good exemple as a mini van is among the best report for price/quality and maybe the best car for a family in Pakistan.
    And where ever you will go in the world all the international brands are selling specific cars to each areas.
    And if you want to compare to chinese cars brands, first we have to boycott theme as they are killing our muslims brothers and sisters, and second the chineses cars brand aren’t selling anything in Europe, North America even in Australia, them precence are only in developing country of Africa or market like Pakistan, no history in realibility, no experience, the only is Geely owner of Volvo and Proton, Proton who’s coming to Pakistan and Byd.

  12. AbdulB1 says

    You don’t get my point. The point is lights, dashboard engine components are designed by developed countries and they sell them or license their production at a huge mark up. Suzuki India is making Indian designed vehicles so is Hyundai etc to save costs. Renault is also desinging cars in India for global or emerging markets to save costs and they come with EURO6 engines and have most safety features found in western countries at much cheaper price. Even cars like Nissan Sunny sold in UAE is Indian made however it failed in India. Corolla wasn’t able to compete in Indian market so they will not continue making it there due to price difference even it was 80 percent localised. Chinese brands are not bad as people in Pakistan think so. Cherry makes Land Rover in China in 50 50 partnership. So as FAW, GAC ,SAIC ,BAIC and brilliance etc. Most german component makers are in China and most Chinese brands are having german components like ABS, Brakes, powersteering etc. Many Chinese pick up and SUV have mitsubishi engines too. The fact is Chinese cars are now much more advanced that even GM imports them into USA from China. Pakistani maket is all owned by Japanese assemblers who send their revenue to Japan. They don’t want to allow second hand good Japanese cars on Pakistani roads because it kills their profit. Hyundai and KIA will mostly assemble cars in Pakistan from imported components it is not like India where localisation is more than 90 percent.

  13. Waqas says

    That’s exactly what i’am saying about India you are giving details when i’am talking globaly , the international cars Industry for Indian Market making cars specificaly for India Market even Suzuki got Maruti only in India and that’s doesn’t mean saving cost that’s mean more investment for the cars brands. And once again the indian market is different from Pakistan cars market.
    And no in USA car market they have no chinese cars brand in presence,no chinese cars are selling in north America, even in Europe or Australia, is like i said in the comment below.
    And for chineses cars only Geely and Byd got a good name all other brands don’t have any History and Pakistan has become a kind of testing ground for them cars.
    You are talking about Land Rover, owned by Tata right now, Tata want to break with them because Land Rover by History have a lot of reliability issues, and even today they are facing a lot of reliability issu, selling bad, can you imagine about the chinese Brand ?
    And they cannot have a lot of others cars company components otherwise they will be a lot of international suing cases. Stop fantasy.
    Of course they are a lot of outsider who’s making them components in China but in the same time the production is totaly frame by them, the germans have man from them company in China, that’s mean they are checking everythings in the production, chosing material, high security etc…
    And about Hyundai and Kia (selling only euro 6 and more cars in Pakistan) at least they will give job, teach mechanic to young pakistani make more job and maybe with the future the activity will change , like Proton who’s gonna built a factory in Pakistan and export in other market from Pakistan that’s mean logistic job, communication job etc
    Finaly as a muslim we must boycott chinese product since they are killing Uyghur a muslim tribe in China.
    For the japanese cars brand you have no idea how international business is done, and how a country economy is working : when a country is importing more than is exporting in will make a deficit in it’s economy and take a look in the Pakistani economy, japanese don’t want to sell them second hand cars to Pakistan, who doesn’t want to sell they old cars, when they are buying new cars ?
    Pakistani government of Imran Khan are protecting Pakistani economy today that’s why they are limiting the import of second hand vehicles.

  14. topgear says

    I cannot see any of the company is serious about introducing small practical car which our people can afford. especially electric, hybrid cars or smaller version, nor they are interested using local part industry to lower the cost of manufacturing.

  15. Iqbal Malik says

    Upto 999CC, is there any car?

  16. AbdulB1 says

    Wrong and wrong on many levels. Haval is sold in Australia even MG which is owned by SAIC is sold there. Volvo’s are made in China for EU. Chinese car brands have not yet been to North America that doesn’t mean they wont be able to reach there. Quality of Chinese cars have improved a lot so much that 3 cars of 800cc launched in Pakistan are from OEMs NOT from a big or medium brand in China. FAW launched a trash car in Pakistan which was desinged in 2005 so don’t say Chinese car are bad. Government just collect taxes on assembled cars which does not help in anyway to increase foreign reserves. Government should force car makers to have minimum local component otherwise they will only continue to assemble. Japanese car imports was all tained by stupid import policies like no ban on accidented cars and stupid elite’s choice to import luxury cars from Japan (every one wanted Land Cruiser) which was the reason of high import bill. However most revenue of assembled car is sent abroad which is also putting strain on dollar reserve. Regarding Uyghur problem in China yes it is severe but you have never met them those people are jahil people and do all kind of violence and then cry they are hunted because they are Muslims. Chinese economy is vey powerful and even rich arabs couldnt talk against them about concentration camps. I dont agree with Chinese on concentration camps but most car component being imported for assembly in Pakistan is also imported from China so your idea of boycott China cant work well if you dont talk about component in local cars. Do you know how much cheap cars in the UK or Japan are when they get even 3 years old? there is a reason why local mafia is against them.

  17. Abdul khaliq says

    bhai ye corolla ya civic ka competitor r nahi hoga ye in se ooper k ghari hai. Hyundia Elentra civic corolla ka competitor hoga. is ka price 5 to 6 million hoga. ya shayed is se bhi zyada.

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