I still draw cars…

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The love for cars has been with me as far as you dig into my past. The only toys i ever wanted as a child were cars. The second best thing after playing with cars seemed to draw one on paper or computer(Ms-paint).

Fortunately, I was good at the second thing too. I used to draw cars on daily basis after school and at the end of my text books. Initially, my cars looked more like a box on wheels but slowly and steadily my skills improved and i started to make nicer sketches of real-life cars in detail.

Friends, teachers, parents and relatives started noticing this skill of mine and also appreciated it. But as soon as my studies started to get tough, some of those admirers of my art started to say that its mere waste of time and nothing else. While I kept on telling them that this is art, this is how I express my love for cars. Today, there are education degrees offered in auto or product designing as car companies have full fledged auto design department handling the whole design of their line of cars and we have yet to recognize this as a form of art over hobby.

Inspite of all the criticism, I never stopped drawing cars and do that even today, randomly, when I find some free time. It hardly takes more then 3-5 minutes, starts with randomly flowing lines on a page which turn out to be a realistic sketch of a car. What I have learned in more then a decade of drawing, is that one needs to have a free mind while trying to portray his thoughts as images. Ones mind should be absolutely relaxed, tranquiled and not very much concentrated to have perfect blend of art and imagination.

So, thats how I go around with drawing, enjoying myself and amusing friends who like it. In the end, let me quote here what I read somewhere, ‘it is said that its only us, the humanbeings, who seperate art from science and architecture, because mother nature teaches us the other way around and thats the way it should be’.

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  1. amir baig says

    i’m alsoo love cars other than a girl4rnd

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