IMC is Planning to Introduce Toyota Fortuner Diesel in Pakistan


Toyota IMC, which has a 28% market share in the new car market of Pakistan, is gearing up to launch a diesel variant of Toyota Fortuner in Pakistan, as confirmed by the sources in Toyota IMC. Details on its eventual launch are still scarce, however, sources have revealed that quite a few test units have already been manufactured by the company for this purpose.

Toyota IMC started the local assembly of Toyota Fortuner in 2013 and offered it in petrol variants. However recent growth in the local automobile industry has led to an exponential demand, and the requirement for a locally mnanufactured -diesel- 4×4 has grown alongside it. A diesel variant for Toyota Fortuner is nothing new, as this vehicle has been offered with diesel engines in India, Colombia, and Philippine. The 3.0L 1KD-FTV I4 engine remained dominant in Fortuner’ first generation, however with modern times and ever changing emission standards Toyota started offering the GD series engines with Fortuner’ second generation.

As mentioned earlier, it is hard to say when this diesel variant will be introduced in Pakistan, but the local 4×4 enthusiasts will finally be able to breathe a sigh of relief on the comeback of diesel vehicles.

Notable Replies

  1. Good step. I appriciate it and suggest IMC to introduce better and fuel efficient diesel engine in Corollas too.

  2. My Fortuner is arriving this week. I would have sold it and waited for the diesel version if it had rumored to be introduced with a 2.8L 1GD engine. Only 1GD has significant improvement over 2.7L Petrol engine. The horsepower and Torque difference between the petrol 2.7L version and Diesel 3.0L 1KD engine is 3Hp and 114 N.m respectively favoring Diesel. However the diesel comes coupled with a 5 speed automatic!
    So I am sticking with the petrol version. As the petrol version is much more refined than the diesel.

  3. I've already spotted D.4D Fortuners imported by enthusiasts. Anyway, what about introducing a petrol variant of Hilux Revo?

  4. Is it better to wait for the Diesel variant of just go for the Petrol one which is available?

    I am moving from a sedan to the SUV, have test drove both this and the reconditioned Prado. The drive of Prado is way better than Fortuner petrol however, the brand new car factor weighs in for Fortuner.

  5. You made the wise decision by favouring fortuner against prado, beside new factor aftersale service, parts and price are some other plus points of fortuner but better to wait for diesel variant that is the actual fortuner worldwide and this 2.7 is from old generation which is underpowered which means low power, slow speed but more fuel.

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