IMC Recalls About 9900 Toyota Corollas in Pakistan

In a surprising turn of events, IMC has issued a recall for selective -mentioned below- cars from the Toyota Corolla lineup. The official recall statement highlights the possibility that the below mentioned range of vehicles:

  • 1.3L XLi/GLi
  • 1.6 Altis
  • 1.8L Altis & Altis Grande

may experience braking problems due to under-torque of the front caliper bolts. For this reason, the company has requested their consumers to have their vehicles inspected immediately at the nearest Company Authorized Dealership to ensure your, your family and your car’s safety. As a compensation for this inconvenience the company has reportedly offered ‘A complimentary Car Wash.’ Following attached image is a picture of the company’s official missive in this regard and it mentions the faulty cars with their respective chassis numbers.


It should be mentioned that the number of affected vehicles fall under 9,900. So, it is once more advised to get your 2016-17 model Toyota Corolla checked for this issue as soon as possible.

Notable Replies

  1. traxxx says:

    My Corolla Gli just completed its 8000 km. Toyota defence karachi told me brake pads are at 4mm thickness and will need a change on next visit. I drive my car sparingly with my family and kids. I never brake hard. I only drive it within DHA( narrow speeding). Tyres have never been screeched.

    My car does not fall in the above chassis is slightly before the stated chassis number. What's up Toyota?

  2. Abhi bhi kuch log toyota sur honda k pichey suzuki ki jan ko rotey hain pakistan mean

  3. [quote="pwuser148613792364, post:4, topic:448964, full:true"]

    I have a query that my newly purchased vehicle XLi LE falls under the same category of faulty brakes chassis serial but I didn't experience/feel any fault after a Meter reading/traveling of 1500 kms , is it mandatory to visit nearest toyota showroom to fix this issue, can somebody share it's experience having the same range chassis number corolla and facing the brakes problem is the same serial as quote by pakwheels?


    Get it checked just to be on the safe side.

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