Import Duty Structure On Cars To Remain Unchanged – Budget 2015

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There had been talks and banters  on the internet for the last couple of months about the changes of duty structure in the import of vehicles. One non-auto blog went on to even say that duties would be reduced  by as much as 80%. But we all knew that was not going to happen. Some analysts made some realistic assumptions that duty on used imported cars would be reduced by 5%.

But with the announcement of budget yesterday, all of that remained like a dream filled with rainbows and unicorn, a dream that we would have cheaper, more affordable cars.

With a heavy heart, I am bringing you the news that there has been no change in the duty structure of imported used cars and the duty structure from previous year will  be followed.

You can take a look at the duty structure below:

duty on cars in pakistan


So with that news, all our hopes for a “Sasti Gaddi” have basically gone down the drain. You can now change your car, which you were prolonging due to budget.

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Let us know what you think of this decision by the government in the comments section below.

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  1. KaKa is Back says

    Yet another victory by lame and sick minded owners of the deadly Suzuki-Toyota-Honda cartel. They successfully managed to buy Ishaq Dar. But I don’t think so they will continue to do some handsome sales, people have already realized that imported cars offer far more features, luxury and safety then these dumb assemblers 🙂

  2. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    I found this screenshot from an article here at PakWheels as I’m trying to understand how custom duty works as to be careful in the future while buying a foreign import. According to this, the duty and taxes on a 1.8L would amount to 117%.
    So does it mean 117% off the original price of the car? Say, if I import a 1.8L car worth 10 lacs so including duty and taxes (117%) it would cost me 21.7 lacs? If not, please explain. Thank you.

  3. Clive Dane says

    I have the same question. Can some expert answer this plz.

  4. Aamir Bashir says

    yep u r right, see thats the reason govt. allow on 3 yrs old car which still comes in new cars category so u pay more whenever in the world u buy 3 yr old car and 117% u pay tax

  5. Arghan Tahir says

    This is the updated one, changed were made on 24th Feb 2015

  6. Pete Jeferson says

    why they make such kind of budgets…..

  7. ZAMY XCOUP says

    i think, 40% still prefer to go for local assemblers, 30% seems to be interested in imported vehicles. REST 30% have no preference Whatsoever as they have both vehicles under there Garages.

  8. Fawad A. Khan says

    can anyone update whats the depriciation in import duty according to year. for example if a car of model 2014 is imported will its duty be more as compared to model 2012 or it stays the same for three years bracket like constant duty.

  9. Faizan Yousaf says

    AoA. can anyone knows about new taxation rules for 2.7L or greater? I mean what will be the tax percentage on 2700cc if it has price of US$25000 on invoice. 🙂 waiting

  10. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    only 40%? most of the people do not the worth of cars outside Toyota & Suzuki… a point was made in an article here at Pakwheels, people looks at the market value even before buying the car. Which proves people just buy a car for the sake of selling it.. Not for enjoying.. not many petrolheads in our country now..

  11. Furqan Khan says

    Which year’s car can be import into Pakistan?

  12. Anas Sakaria says

    If the car is v8 engine and is upto like 5000cc. So how much duty will be charged on that car?
    And its Lexus Is250 F sport 2015 Rwd.

  13. Anonymous Pakistani American says

    Hello everyone! I am currently studying in the United States, and plan on returning back to Pakistan after graduate school. I am ordering an Audi r8 2017 in a few months, the price is around $200,000 and 5200 cc I think. The information regarding import duties, seems to be quite vague on the internet really! I’d appreciate if you could respectfully just answer my question

  14. Anonymous Pakistani American says

    So my question is, how much would it cost for me to import it from abroad to Pakistan?

  15. Abdullah Khan says

    Brother the import duty on cars over 3700cc is 200%. That makes it over 600,000. And another thing is that it will be left hand drive. So if u really want to import one, u shud import one from England or Japan.

  16. Mashood says

    I am overseas Pakistani i want to import car in Pakistani is there any type of custom i have to pay? If i have to then how much it would be?

  17. Sarwar Hussain says

    Aslamalakum bhiy I’m from the UK I’m think8ing of bringing toyota hilux over can you give me latest accurate duty on an 11 12 13 model
    How much it would cost me to release it also if you no any good agents who can help me release my car at karachi port jzk allah

  18. Asadullah jamal says

    Assalamoalykum my name is Asadullah jamal. I wanted to ask a question. And i would appreciate if anyone could answer it. My question you see ia that i want to import a chevrolet camaro. Its price tag is usd25000 i wanted to ask how much duty would i have to pay to get this car imported to palistan
    Asadullah jamal

  19. SAHIL says


    Best Regards,
    Sahil Khan.

  20. sahil says

    2011 pkr 15 lacs to 15.50
    12 pkr 16 lacs to 16.50
    13 pkr 17.50 lacs

    Best Regards,
    Sahil Khan

  21. usman says

    what will be the duty on range rover 3000cc plus

  22. Hamza says

    Aoa what is the total cost of new imported dodge durango 2015 v8 5.7 in pakistan include taxes and duty.
    Price 45,000 usd

  23. Ahmad Waqas says

    i want to import Mercedez brand new from germany.
    can anyone advise the duties and taxes structure?>

  24. Ali says

    i want to import BMW 2003 model from norway. would u ppl plz tell me the duty and taxes in pakistan???

  25. Bilal D. says

    can you also do an artricle for importing above 1800cc vehicles into pakistan please. Thanks

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