Indus Motors accepting orders for the new Corolla on partial payments

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The idea is quite simple, you put down a fraction of your total bill and the rest on a post-dated cheque to Indus Motors’ dealership and they will book your order, and will take the rest of the money once the vehicle is being delivered to you.

The scheme, ‘Partial Payment’ was introduced last year in July, and has been quite a success and why not so, everyone would like to pay the full price of their new car upon receiving it. And Indus Motors has announced the Partial Payment scheme for the 2014 Toyota Corolla as well.

So you can book the new Corolla by paying 500,000 rupees up-front and the rest in a post-dated check in favor of Indus Motors which the dealership will keep it with them and the post-dated check will be encashed once the vehicle is delivered to the customer. We couldn’t make much sense but the partial payment applies on the vehicles which aren’t available for immediate delivery, and payment of one million rupees.

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  1. Zohaib Khan says


  2. Abbas Khan says

    is dabbay k liye to 5 lac dena bhi ziadti hai… just different dabba, same 10 year old interior features. Keep the pak awaam busy.

  3. Talha Ali says

    not only in Pak international model has same interior

  4. Zaryab Faisal says

    daba ?? or jo MEHRAN hai phir wo kiya hai ??

  5. Gul Khan says

    Xli sy grand tk aik hi shape ka kuch difrance nahi…rim bhi old model waly hen aur color bhi old waly

  6. Ahmad Mahmood Pirzada says

    its the same thing. check is also used.

  7. Javed Iqbal says

    DEARS,, Inspite of all these things, it has good shape and its
    good car by specs, as compared to all the local manufactured cars.

  8. Mohummed Ibraheem Ibn Jalal says

    Cheque agar bounce hogaya tu??????????

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