Indus Motors to launch new Corolla by the end of 2014 and decides against launching a replacement of Coure

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Earlier we reported that Indus Motors is working towards expanding its plant for next generation of Corollas and is expected to launch it by the end of next year. Well, now it’s official; while talking to journalists, CEO of Indus Motors said that they will unveil the next generation of Corollas by the end of next year.

We already have seen the leaked images of the next Corolla which in its hatchback form has already been made available in Australia and some other countries, by the mid of 2014, it would launched in almost every country with Pakistan following to launch it to the local market by the end of 2014.

Moreover, we also reported that Indus Motors is working on three economy cars (possibly hybrids) to launch in Pakistan after the discontinuation of Coure but unfortunately, the feasibility working on the car did not favor the launch of them here.

CEO of Indus Motors said, “it is unfortunate that we worked on three models in the last few years, but owing to high cost of production we did not start assembling any of those economy cars in Pakistan.”

“Automobiles companies all over the world love to launch a new model upon the discontinuation of any older model, but we were unfortunate that we could not replace our Daihatsu Cuore despite all our efforts,” he said.

Looks like the masses would have to resort to imported cars as not everyone can afford a Corolla now and the next may just be a bit more expensive.

Click here to see the leaked images of 2014 Corolla.

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  1. Murtaza Yousuf says

    good work at last you are changing the shape.

  2. Kaleem Ullah says

    that's better shape than civic 13, would love to see in metallic colors.

  3. Mohammad Raheel Younus says

    m waiting.. this is some thing new…. like it…

  4. Azeem Uddin says

    Hope People of Pakistan will like this model!


  5. Abdul Rehman says

    At first, I took it as Honda City and after reading I was, no it is corolla.

  6. Hammad Rao says

    cnfrmd model?

  7. Muhammad Aamir says

    Ooooo I am suppose to buy Toyota altis 1.6 Sr 2012 soon but it seems like after an year or later by the end of next year tell me what should I do.

  8. Muhammad Aamir says
  9. Junaid Abbas says

    This is new, not a copy of Honda, Honda is fucking shit.

  10. Fahad Mahmood Rajput says

    I thought its a honda city, i hate corolla but i like this one because its again a copy of honda n i love honda…. 🙂 btw it looks cool, best of luch indus motors…. 🙂

  11. Tahir Usman says

    Bloody idiots selling junk, and this idiotic nation buying it too.

  12. Tahir Usman says

    Toyota needs to fire some of its designers!

  13. Umer Ashraf Sheikh says

    Damn man, are the just picking up current generation honda civics and gluing on the toyota logo, this looks too similar to the honda

  14. Tahir Usman says

    Yeah too much like the stupid City tinbox.Just imagine "will change in 2014.No bloody sporty models no hatchbacks no nuthin.On top of it that Ali Habib having an attitude!

  15. Aamir Sajjad says

    looking good

  16. Muhammad Usman Shamas says

    wait man m sure corolla 14 is gnna b fuckn hot!

  17. Asad Malik says

    CIty 1.5L version is also launching this may

  18. John Stevensons says


  19. TheLast Leaf says

    No doubt this corrolla.model.will must bring up the great revolution in pakistan ..its so beautiful I like It so much

  20. TheLast Leaf says

    Furthermore The Pakistani people are waiting with anxiously And every one has interest to take first.

  21. Ahmad Hayat Bhalwana says

    nice chang

  22. Umer Hamid says

    Looks like a blend of Toyota Camry and Corolla.

  23. TheLast Leaf says

    after the launching the Corolla XLi new model then a great revolution will come with the customer heavy demand in the society……and its so different than honda products and if am I not wrong that there will effect a bad impact in the cost of the Honda and Zuzuki Products and their products demand will come down in the society after lauching the corrola xli model……

    TheLast Leaf

  24. Waqas Ali Waqas says

    sir tahir add me

  25. Tahir Usman says

    Ok, people look at the US model.Very nice indeed compared to this.Usa1, rest of the world 0!

  26. Ashfaq Ahmad says

    Come soon plz

  27. Sara Mahmood says

    Dashing model in pakistan

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