Indus Motors to launch new Corolla by the end of 2014 and decides against launching a replacement of Coure

Earlier we reported that Indus Motors is working towards expanding its plant for next generation of Corollas and is expected to launch it by the end of next year. Well, now it’s official; while talking to journalists, CEO of Indus Motors said that they will unveil the next generation of Corollas by the end of next year.

We already have seen the leaked images of the next Corolla which in its hatchback form has already been made available in Australia and some other countries, by the mid of 2014, it would launched in almost every country with Pakistan following to launch it to the local market by the end of 2014.

Moreover, we also reported that Indus Motors is working on three economy cars (possibly hybrids) to launch in Pakistan after the discontinuation of Coure but unfortunately, the feasibility working on the car did not favor the launch of them here.

CEO of Indus Motors said, “it is unfortunate that we worked on three models in the last few years, but owing to high cost of production we did not start assembling any of those economy cars in Pakistan.”

“Automobiles companies all over the world love to launch a new model upon the discontinuation of any older model, but we were unfortunate that we could not replace our Daihatsu Cuore despite all our efforts,” he said.

Looks like the masses would have to resort to imported cars as not everyone can afford a Corolla now and the next may just be a bit more expensive.

Click here to see the leaked images of 2014 Corolla.

Baber K. Khan

An auto enthusiast trying to bring car media mainstream.