Past revisited: Mazda’s folding suitcase car

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We all have seen the Jetsons cartoon show on the Cartoon Network, and we’ve also wondered about how it would be like to actually have a car that would folk into a suitcase. This is partially the question that made an engineer at Mazda curious as well back in 1991, he wanted to improve personal transportation with increased mobility.

They made a three-wheeler that could be folded into a suitcase and could reach 43 km/h (27 mph).The assembly takes about 15-20 seconds. For a minimum safety it was equipped with turn signals, brake lights and even headlights to see and to be seen on the road.

With a fuel tank large enough to provide fuel to its 40cc two-stroke engine so it can be able to run for around two hours, the three-wheeled suitcase never saw production. Who knows,Mazda might be waiting for the right technology to be developed and build the real folding flying car from the cartoons and actually solve the problems of your car being stolen or someone nicking it. It could be revolutionary.


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  1. Ali Saifullah says

    awesome invention

  2. Mubashir Butt says

    ala <3

  3. Ammar Hasany says

    excellent innovation by mazda.

  4. Sultan Haider Malik says

    pak suzuki will steal this idea and sell the suitcase for 6lacs.

  5. Majid Ali says

    great car..

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