Inquilab on its way in a Land Cruiser

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Whatever our stance be on the Azadi and Inquilab March, it is of no relevance to us since this is a car site and we’d like to know about the vehicles involved in this air-conditioned freedom fight against the government.

Mr. Tahir Ul Qadri is going to use a Land Cruiser which was owned by Vision Developers, and then transferred (donated) to Minhaj Ul Quran’s name. It probably is a bomb and bullet proof Land Cruiser like the container from which the relentless Mr. Tahir Ul Qadri would again try to bring inquilab.


Meanwhile, PakWheeler Fahad Mehmood posted these photos of PTIs vehicles. Azadi comes in Japanese vehicles brah!

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  1. Fouad Hafeez says

    “This is a car site and we’d like to know about the vehicles involved in this air-conditioned fight”. What absolute rubbish. I saw the vehicle details of one car (LEJ 07-101), and absolutely nothing pertaining to anything (mods, comforts, ergonomics, etc) that’d been done to the car to ‘equip it’ for the “freedom fight”. Absolutely nothing that’d be of any sort of interest to a car enthusiast from a purely car enthusiast’s point of view. In your fact sheet, LEJ 07-101 is registered as White, and in the picture it’s clearly Black. This is simply shoddy journalism. Period. Face it, Pakwheels…if your quoted line was REALLY true – and not just a cheap shot at getting in on the Long March season – you’d offer your readers something a little more substantial. This sort of stuff abounds on Facebook, Twitter and the social media. No wonder you’re losing out to them, of late.

  2. Usman Ul Amin says

    This Black Land Cruiser was launched in 2010, how was it registered in 2007 ? The mtmis details show that the car is in white color and it actually is Black, Lol something obviously fishy 😀

  3. Sheharyar Khan says

    LOL…This liar person is going to bring INQALAB.. who in his own lyf doesn’t obey the rules and also going in that car whose no. plate is Fake… and did u see the car price in the MTMIS detail Rs 5795000… IS LAND CRUISER ZX is available in this Price in Pakistan??… 😀 Even non coustum ZX is also not available in this price…

    He is only the fake man… he just wants to ruin our Beloved Counrty… All the Peoples obeying him are totally Maid,Blind…

  4. Sabeeh Ur Rehman Tariq says

    nothing wrong even if they use it.I mean rich people so………. its there thing they may use it as they wish.Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri well i dont know about but Imran Khan he as cricketer and also won the world cup so dont expect him to be poor.So even if he comes in a RR no big deal to be honest its their money and we should not be talking about it or intervene with it.

  5. Awais Malik says

    This is an issue with all of the punjab and mmtis registered vehicles, the color of the car is not mentioned properly. Even if you check the newer Red books, color is not mentioned on it….

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