The trend of ripping off safety features in local cars

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Before the Toyota Corolla 2014 was launched in Pakistan, there was a great urge among people that Toyota Indus offers immobilizer system. Unfortunately, as always, it didn’t happen, and even the top-of-the-line variant at a price around PKR 2.3 million, still comes without it. But is it just this immobilizer that we should worry about? What about other safety features? It’s 21st century and the automotive world is soaked into technology, every auto-related firm is offering newer and better safety system in its cars. Corolla, in US, gets following safety features:

-Vehicle Stability Control, Traction Control, ABS with EBD, Brake Assist and Smart Stop Technology.

-Eight airbags in total.

-Whiplash Injury Lessening seats.

-3 point Seat belts with Emergency Locking Retractors and Force Limiter.

-Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children.

-Energy absorbing collapsible steering column.

-Side impact door beams.

-Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

-Engine Immobilizer.

And now, lets have a look at what Toyota Indus is offering in the top-of-the-line variant:

-One airbag.

-ABS with EBD.

-Whiplash Injury Lessening seats.

-Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children.

-3 point Seat belts with Emergency Locking Retractors and Force Limiter.

That was Toyota Indus, lets take Atlas Honda, Honda offers these features in Civic:

-ABS with EBD.

-Six airbags in total.

-Vehicle Stability Control with Traction Control.

-Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

– 3 point Seat belts with Emergency Locking Retractors and Automatic Tensioning System.

-Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children.

-Brake Override System.

Atlas Honda offers following in Pakistan:

-Two airbags (front).

-ABS with EBD.

-Brake Override System.

-3 point Seat belts with Emergency Locking Retractors and Automatic Tensioning System.

See, you don’t get all the features even with the top-variants. Why is this attitude there? There are two reasons for that primarily: a) The price factor since adding these options will add into the cost and more importantly, b) The lack of a consumer protection agency like NHTSA in USA and other countries which continually tests vehicles for safety and road worthiness. NHTSA is who force recalls, people send in complain to NHTSA who then investigates their issues and if the issue is persistent in a lot of cars, a recall is issued.

Moreover, NHTSA type agencies are the authorities who push safety standards and make them mandatory to be available in all cars, and this is just one of the few of their responsibilities.

A lot of options that can be made available but they may not be of need in Pakistan since we don’t have freeways and our traffic speed is pretty damn slow, unless you’re traveling early in the morning like 2-3 AM.

The Pakistani automotive market isn’t a free one, it is controlled and protected and thus, people have limited options. The Japanese imported vehicles may have a lot safety features, many of which aren’t of use in Pakistan.

So tell us, what safety features are a must to be in Pakistani cars?!

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  1. Shafqat CH says

    Ahmed Hembel
    Please Update your information about corolla

    These feature available in corolla
    Driver Side Air Bag
    ABS with EBD, Brake Assist
    Whiplash Injury Lessening seats.
    3 point Seat belts with Emergency Locking Retractors and Force Limiter.
    Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children.
    Side impact door beams.

  2. Osama Saeed says

    Sir please aap update kerde aik airbag se kuch nai hota.. Safety lock wali seatbelts mehraan mein bhi hoti hein… For your information yaha USA nein 18000 dollar wali corolla mein 1.8 ke sath isse ziada features aur safety features hote hein… Waha 23 lac mein aik air bag de ke koi ehsaan nai kiya…

  3. Shafqat CH says

    Osama Saeed Main Nay indus ki favor nai ki main tu reality bayan ki hai
    or 3 point ELR seat belts mehran nay kab say day dain

  4. Osama Saeed says

    I’m pretty sure meri 2010 vxr mai tha.. Khair look I have nothing against the Corolla or indus motors.. My first impression for the Corolla was that I liked it a lot, but you have to look at the features they stripped you from and their importance. If people are gonna keep defending Indus motors than how are they ever gonna give you all the features you deserve for your hard earned 23 lac rupees.

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